Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can Orgone Devices Heal Me?

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

These highly effective Orgone Energy products can do a huge amount of healing, especially in the first 90-120 days, as this is how long your body takes to rebuild your bloodstream. In fact, Orgone Devices are the most powerful energy healing products available.

Some people may experience agitation, emotional purging, restless and/or detoxification in the first few days of using our highly effective Energy Healing Orgone products. This affects everyone in completely different ways.

Before And After Aura Images Show Energy Healing Effects Of Orgone Products After Only 24 Hours Exposure

What About Healing Candida And Mercury Toxicity?

This can particularly occur when you have systemic health issues such as when you have Amalgam fillings in your teeth leaching Mercury and Heavy Metals into your body, parasites and / or Candida Yeast infections.

These Orgonium Orgone Products are infused with energies to clear Mercury, heavy metal toxicity and Candida out of your aura and energy fields.  Then it is up to you to get your body cleaned up!

Dome Orgone Generator Made From Biocompatible Non-Toxic Resin Suitable For Anyone With Allergies Or Extreme Chemical Sensitivities

What Are Orgone Products Made Of?

These powerful Orgone Products are made from Biocompatible Resin is not affected in any way, shape or form by heating, dropping, chipping, cracking or by water. Often defects or faults actually improve the way Orgone Products work, as effectively, nothing in nature is perfect either!

The bio-compatible resin which make these highly protective Orgone Chi Accumulators is totally non-toxic, does not have any smell to it, nor does it emit any toxic odours, therefore our Orgone Devices are totally safe for anyone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Porphyria, systemic health issues and allergies.

The Team

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Powerful Are Geoclense Orgone Generators With Chemicals?

Regarding the Geoclense Orgone Generator in relation the Chemicals, since it disperses away Contrails and Chemtrails, if it is effective against the chemicals in the air coming from a chimney stalk of a localincinerator burning the dregs of the city. I suppose this process to be similar to the chemtrails and that is the reason I was asking you if the Geoclense Orgone Generator is effective against air chemicals coming from the local incinerator?

Chemtrails operate as a conductors for latent radio frequency (RF) created by HAARP which causes stress on our body's organs. This is done by producing unhealthy "positive ion" imbalances in the air. The Geoclense Orgone Generator will balance the unhealthy "positive ion" created by the Chemtrail, but not the chemtrail chemicals or anything else they contain.

However, this does not render harmful toxins harmless. We suggest that you protest against this noxious practice and have them stop this!!! This book "Invisible Killers" will give you all the evidence you need to stop them spewing Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC's): http://www.invisiblekillers.com/

Secondly do the Orgone Energy Pendants and all the other Orgone accessories do the same job as the Geoclense Orgone Generator or are they limited in the protection respect it ?

Please refer to other posts on this blog in relation to these matters. Our Full Product Descriptions (click on blue Product Headings to open) explain the coverage of each our our highly effective Orgone Devices, as they are designed to do different things. For example, Orgone Pendants and Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generators provide fantastic Personal Space protection.

Further information about The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator can be found here: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer

Thirdly how could I protect my small 4 kg dog when we are outside the house. I thought about an Orgone Pendant but he might try to eat the Orgone Pendant since he eats everything he gets in touch with. Do you have a solution for him ?

Your dog is completely covered while he is on your property, both inside and outside of your house in your garden or yard, as long as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged into an active power point, right to your property's boundary fences.

However, if you take your dog walking off your property, then we highly recommend that you wear an Orgone Pendant or an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator to protect you, while you are away from your property where your Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged in and operating.

Some customers get Orgone Pendants to place on their dog's collars.  If you yourself are carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you, these provide 30 meters of Personal Space Protection, so as long as your dog is within 10 meters of you when you take your dog walking, you and your dog will be both protected.

Fourthly does the Geoclense Orgone Generator protect against bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other pathogen micro-organisms ?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator or any of your Orgone Products will protect you against these to some degree. However, the best way to deal with these would be to use The Ultimate Zapper which is designed to "zap" and eliminate these from your body, and we all need to do this on a regular basis.

As bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other pathogen micro-organisms like the unhealthy "Positive Ion" environment, your Geoclense Orgone Generator and other Orgone Products will bring about a healthy "Negative Ion" state which they do not like.


However, as we ingest bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other pathogen micro-organisms in every meal and in the air that we breathe, we all need to do something to eliminate these on a daily basis, and The Ultimate Zapper is the best option to do this.

Please also refer to the attached information regarding The Ultimate Zapper which is specifically for addressing bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other pathogen micro-organisms at:http://www.beatingchronicfatigue.com/the-ultimate-zapper/

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Use Cell Phone Radiation Radiation Shields

Using Cell Phone Radiation Shields

Recently we streamlined our new Cell Phone Radiation Shields so that it can be used with all small electronic devices no matter what size, shape or form, to protect you from the harmful energy of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices.

ALL the information about how to use our highly protective Cell Phone Radiation Shields are now at:https://www.orgoneenergy.org/pages/phone-computer-wifi-shield-faq

Place One Between Under The Battery Cover

You Can Place Your Phone Radiation Shield Inside Your Phone Battery Cover

These highly effective Cell Phone Radiation Shields are now BOTH Adhesive (Stick On) and Non-Adhesive (Non-Stick On) therefore they can be peeled off to stick onto a device, placed inside any device under the battery cover, or placed in between the device and its protective cover.

Stick Them Onto The Back Of Your Phone

You May Peel Your Radiation Shield Off And Stick It Onto The Back Of Your iPhone, iPad, iPod , Blackberry, Cell Phone Or Mobille Phone

Place Them Between The Cover And The Cell Phone

Or You May Place Your Cell Phone Mobile Phone Radiation Shield Inside Your iPhone's Protective Cover so that is is in between your iPhone And Its Cover

Your Cell Phone Radiation Shields can now be transferred every time you get a new phone, we suggest you place your EMF Radiation Shield either underneath the battery cover if you have one, or in between your cell phone, mobile phone or iphone and its protective cover.

This way, every time you get a new electronic device, you can transfer it over and never have to purchase another Cell Phone Radiation Shield ever again. However, if you peel it off and stick it onto something, then you would need to get a new Phone Radiation Shield new time you get a new device.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, October 29, 2012

What Is The Difference Between An Aircraft Harmonizer And A Car Orgone Generator?

The Aircraft Harmonizer EMF Protector

We have attached an image of the Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator so you can see what it looks like. This amazing Personal Space protector provides 30 metres of Personal Space Protection where you go with it see :https://www.orgoneenergy.org/products/aircraft-harmonizer

The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator will harmonize an entire large aircraft and will also do vehicles. However, we do not believe there are 12 volts plug points in Aircraft as our Product Developer has a Pilots Licence for small planes, hence we developed the Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator product that does not require being plugged in.  Works great in all vehicles too!

The Car EMR Harmonizer

The Car Orgone Generator, it is also designed to harmonize and neutralize large vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains and recreational vehicles too, and will harmonize and neutralize an entire bus, one entire train carriage or a large truck. The most noxious part of any vehicle is the dashboard which holds all the electronics and electrical wiring which is the most harmful energy. For further information please see: https://www.orgoneenergy.org/products/car-harmonizer

The Car EMR Harmonizer Orgone Generator

When I was in New Zealand recently, I was with family in my brothers truck towing horse back from an event. They had just purchased a new horse, that day who was not used to being in a Horse Float and was having difficulties finding its balance!!! I saw my brothers Car Orgone Generator on the dashboard, and immediately plugged it into his cigarette lighter 12 volt socket (as he takes it out to charge his old style cell phone). The Car Orgone Generator also reduces your fuel consumption and saves petrol.

What amazed me, was immediately I felt the new horse relax within seconds of plugging it in!!! Obviously the Car Orgone Generator had taken much of the stress off their new horse in the float, while it was learning to find its balance in the float, being towed by the truck. I was totally amazed!!!

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chemtrails! Chemtrails! Chemtrails!

What Can I Do About Chemtrails I See In The Skies Above Me Daily?

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator has been absolutely "Chemtrail tested" as the most effective Orgone Energy Devices on the entire planet to counteract these nasty and dangerous chemicals and pathogens.

We see these on a regular basis when we go outside and see them being dispersed away in the sky away from us!!!

Does This Look Familiar Over Your Home 

Chemtrails in conjunction with HAARP create a nasty resonance below the trails which create organ stress in humans, animals and affects the vitality of crops such as bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.

Geocleanses use Negative Ions To Drive Chemtrails Away

The highly protective Geocleanse Orgone Generator totally protects you and your entire family from this toxic resonance, along with all the animals and your crops. 

Highly Protective Geocleanses Disperse Chemtrials Away From Your Property

Chemtrail busters do not do this, because they all produce Dead Orgone Resonance (DOR) or harmful "Positive Ions" due to the nasty old style and out-of-date Orgonite technology, and do nothing with the chemtrail resonance nor do they harmonize or neutralize any of them, reducing their effects on you.

Our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products actually harmonizer and neutralize the harmful chemicals and pathogens in the chemtrails, whilst dispersing them away.  We occasionally see them but not ever over our property.  And if they are close, we can actually see how the Geoclense is dispersing them away.

The Team,
Orgone Energy Australia

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Can I Best Protect Myself From EMF, Radiation And Harmful Energy Everywhere I Go?

EMF Protection Everywhere You Go
Shell Orgone Pendant

You would be better off with one of our Shell Orgone Pendants which will not deteriorate like our standard resin Orgone Pendants as they are made of Shell and are much strong and longer lasting.  The resin Orgone Pendants are only designed to last around 2 years.  For these Natural Shell Pendants see: http://www.orgoneenergy.com/pearl-shell-orgone-pendant

Orgone Energy Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector

There is no other effective Orgone Product on the world market for travelling like our Aircraft Harmonizer, as you can carry this product around in your purse or pocket and it provides an incredible 30 metres of personal space protection where ever you are!  

I don't go anywhere without mine! See why at: http://www.orgoneenergy.com/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer

Geoclense Orgone Generator Memory Card Upgrade

We have done a recent Orgone Energy upgrade, so we would highly recommend that you quickly purchase a Geoclense Orgone Generator Memory Card upgrade to stick onto your existing Geoclense Orgone Generator.  This will protect you from the new energy attacks we have been under recently. 

Our most recent Memory Card Upgrade was done in December 2014.  See: http://www.orgoneenergy.com/geoclense-memory-card-upgrade

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II
Orgone Energy Australia

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Is Orgonite Superior Or Is It???

Take this test and see for yourself!

If you are Energy Sensitive you can feel the difference by just looking at images of Orgone Devices to feel if they work well, produce a lovely feeling of Orgone Energy and if they are going to do the job they are required to do.

For this test to work the best, ONLY have one image in view on your screen at a time by scrolling up or down so that you see only ONE image at a time:

Look at the first Image of an Orgonium Orgone Schumann Dome and notice how you feel.
Then have a look at the Orgonite Pyramid (further down the page) and see if you feel the same way, or if something else happens?

You will notice that you feel a difference looking at the image of the Orgonium Orgone Schumann Dome, which makes you feel nice, warm and energized to look at. Wouldn't you agree?

Test The Orgonite Pyramid Image And See If You Get The Same Feeling

Then do the comparison by looking at this image of an Orgonite Pyramid.

What happened? Did it makes you feel like someone gave you a hard kick in the stomach, nausea, dizzy, unwell and generally not a nice feeling at all.


Orgonite Pyramid 

If you can feel the difference, then you are "Energy Sensitive" enough to tune into Orgone Products, or any other energy healing products for that matter, and determine yourself if they are any good, if they work or not.

For a further explanation of the difference between Orgonite and Orgonium Orgone Energy technology please see this article: http://www.orgoneenergy.com/orgone-articles

Please refer to other postings on this blog, explaining why our Dome Orgone Generators are more superior to old style and Orgone Chi Pyramids, which are out-of-date technology.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quantum Pendants Provide You With Total EMF Protection

Personal Body EMF Protection

Quantum Pendants provide you with EMF protection, as well as protection from all forms of harmful energy, including all of these: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

All Quantum Pendants provide you with 10 metres of personal space protection. Quantum Orgone Pendants are made from biocompatible resin, which is an amazing substance for holding the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies and are designed to be worn 24/7. 

More recently we designed the Harmony Wear range of Orgone Pendants, as our research showed us that Glass and Shell has the same abilities to hold the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies well too.

Glass Quantum Pendant - Great As A Pendulum For Dowsing

Please see below further information about our Quantum Orgone Pendants, including what some of our happy customers say about them, at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/emr-protection-pendants

Quantum Pendants Improve Sleep And Dreaming

The best protection for people who do not sleep well, would be to have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into your home and switched on at all times, as there may be other energies that are affecting her. This will greatly improve her sleep. See our Orgone Reviews and Testimonials at Orgone Reviews and Testimonials

Quantum Pendants Are Great For Energy Healing

It is highly recommended that you wear these Quantum Pendants, if you do not sleep well, as at all times to strengthen and heal your Aura as well as you physical body, and to protect you when you are away from the home, and away from the Geoclense Orgone Generator. For more information on our Orgone Energy Protection Pendants, please see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/emr-protection-pendants

Quantum Pendants Can Be Worn Day And Night 

You can wear your Quantum Pendant every day and you can wear your Quantum Pendant whilst you sleep for extra protection, if you wish. Many people with Sleep Disorders find they actually sleep much better when they wear their Quantum Pendant, or place it near their bed.

You do not need to take a break from wearing these Quantum Pendants at all, as your Quantum Pendant will constantly work to keep your Aura sealed and protected at all times, as well as do healing and repair work of your energy fields, while at the same time improving your health, well-being and energy levels.

Some people prefer to take their Quantum Pendants off whilst showering, bathing or swimming, but this is not necessary, although they may last longer if you do this.

Shell Harmony Wear Quantum Pendant 

Cleaning Your Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendant

You do not need to clear harmful energy from these Quantum Pendant on a regular basis or ever. Our Quantum Pendants do not ever accumulate noxious energies, as they work by providing a protective energy frequency of Negative Ions around you, which is a solid state and will not ever change.

These amazing Quantum Pendants work by providing a 10 metre stand-along dome of Negative Ion Energy Protection around you whilst wearing one.

Quantum Pendants seal your Aura, balance and harmonize your Chakras, which in turn will heal your physical body.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Car Orgone Generators Provide Everyone In Your Vehicle With Protection

How Can I Protect Everyone In My Vehicle  From Harmful Energies?

The Car Orgone Generator is designed to plug into the DC or 12 volt point in your car, truck, bus or recreational vehicle. Some refer to this as the cigarette lighter point so that it can protect your entire vehicle with Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies, harmonizing all forms of harmful energies.

If you have a mobile phone, cell phone or electronic device that uses a USB port such as your iPod, then you can the USB cable into your Car Orgone Generator to charge your device. The Car Orgone Generator now comes with two USB ports, so that you can charge your iPhone, GPS or other electrical device in your vehicle while you are travelling in you.

CarOrgone Generators Have 2 USB Ports To Charge Your Electronic Devices

What If I Still Have An Old Style Phone?

If you still have the old style mobile phone or cell phone phone that does not use a USB port, and has the old style cable that needs to be plugged into your 12 volt DC point to be charged, and you still want the benefits of your Car Orgone Generator whilst driving.  All you will require is a 12 volt or DC point Double Adaptor from an electronics store. 

This way, you can still charge your old style mobile phone or cell phone, and use your Car Orgone Generator at the same time. The reason you would want to do this, is that your Car Orgone Generator reduces stress on all occupants of your vehicle, as well as reducing travel sickness.

EMF Is Dangerous Therefore Never Use Your Mobile Phone Or Cell Phone While You Are Charging It

Can I Use My Phone While I Am Charging It?

Please note that it is not safe to use your Cell Phone or Mobile phone when it is charging or while it is plugged into our Car Orgone Generator with the ignition on, as this is very dangerous. Lots of phones have exploded whilst people have done this.

Always unplug your cell phone or mobile phone if you need to make or take calls it while it is charging, otherwise all the electromagnetic radiation going into your phone to charge it is going into you head, making this a very dangerous situation.

If you have your Car Orgone Generator operating while your vehicle's ignition is on, then everyone using their cell phone, mobile phone or electronic device in your vehicle will be protected by the Car Orgone Generator.

Phone Radiation Shields Protect You From Brain Tumours and DNA Damage 

Use a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield when not in your vehicle so that you are still protected where ever you go.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are Food Scanners In Supermarkets And Health Food Stores Safe?

Can I Protect My Food From Food Scanners?

We recently had a customer ask us if it is safe to have all our our food scanned in the Supermarket or in the Health Food store, or do Food Scanners emit harmful energy and EMF.

Yes food scanners are harmful to foods but in a sneaky way, and emit a large electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiation. Is this a deliberate attempt to interfere with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as all of our food, and to reduce their vitality level and affect our health and wellness?

The best way around this (if the Check Out operator won't key your articles in manually!) is to place all your bought and packaged food, as well as all your fruit and vegetables on top of your Food and Water Ionizer Plate

Large and Small Food And Water Ionization Plates

What is the best way to remove EMF from Food Scanners?

When you place all your food and drinks on your Food and Water Ionizer Plate, you will remove the harmful energy and the noxious imprints which these food scanners place onto our food, which are basically vitality sabotages, along which the food has been subjected to irradiation, gassing to ripen bananas and kerosene to wash your carrots, etc.

Your Geocleanse Orgone Generator will also harmonize and energize all water and food in your entire home, so it is your choice if you wish to also increase the efficiency of the water you drink or the food you eat by placing it upon a Bring Alive Food & Water Ionizer. You may wish to place all your skin care products and make-up on your Food and Water Ionizer as well.

Ionizer Plates Can Be Used Clean Crystals

What about the EMF from my refrigerator?  Can I remove this too?

Once way to get the most benefit from your Food and Water Ionizer on top of your refrigerator (or even inside it!), so that it will harmonize and neutralize the effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of your refrigerator, keeping you food much fresher for longer.

 Did you know your refrigerator has the most amount of harmful EMF than any other electrical appliance in your home, due to the size of the extremely large electromagnetic field it resonates?

Before And After Research With Water Rejuvenation Plates

All of these highly efficacy Orgonium Orgone Energy products are constant Negative Ion resonance generators; hence they will not ever accumulate harmful Positive Ions as Orgonite products do. Therefore you will not ever require to be "clean or clear" these Orgone Generators in any way, shape or form whatsoever. Some people mistaken Orgone Products as harmful Positive Ion Accumulators, such as crystals that need to be cleaned.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Effectiveness Of Geocleanse Orgone Generators

The Geocleanse Orgone Energy Generator

There is no limit to the effectiveness of the Geocleanse Orgone Generator, as it can balance all known forms of harmful energy, earth radiation and all forms of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and all these other forms of harmful energies listed here:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

Cell Phone Transmission towers 10km away will not interfere because they are too far away to be causing you any issues whatsoever. If they were less than 100 metres away, then there would be an energetic issue, however the Geocleanse Orgone Generator would 100% balance the radiation from these highly noxious phone towers.

Geocleanse Orgone Generator For Canada And USA

What Is The Difference Between A Geocleanse And Orgone Energy Domes?

Many people ask us what is the difference between the Geocleanse Orgone Generator and the Dome Orgone Energy Generator?

Basically, you would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geocleanse Orgone Generator would do.  However, they would not be as effective as a Geoclense Orgone Generator as they do not cover an entire property to the boundary of your property title, whereas the Dome Orgone Energy Generator only covers the energy field that they reach to depending on how hard the surface is that they are placed on.

Dome Orgone Energy Generator

How Are Orgone Energy Domes Best Used?

 Orgone Energy Domes are better for specific situations such as a Clinic Room, Meditation Rooms and small offices. They are great for targeting specific forms of harmful energy such as smart meters, digital TV's, phone towers, fault lines and other specifically noxious energies.

Orgone Energy Domes work much like the old style Orgone Chi Pyramids, however, they are way more effective than Orgone Chi Pyramids, as they put out a better Sphere of energy that is much smoother.

The Team

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are Wearing Crystals And Sleeping On Magnets Safe?

Magnets, Just Like Crystals, Have A Positive And Negative Polarity

Many people ask us if wearing or sleeping on magnets is safe or beneficial. In fact, having magnets on your body or sleeping on them may actually switch off many of your organs, glands and chakras, due to their polarity.

It would be far more beneficial and energy balancing for your body to sleep on a beneficial Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Blanket than to sleep on magnets, as Orgone Blankets do not a positive or negative side, nor polarity.

Crystals Are Negative On the Sides and Positive At Their Tips Just Like Each Side Of A Magnet

How Do Magnets An Crystals Work?

Magnets work exactly like crystals, as they have a positive side and a negative side. If you have the negative side of a magnet or a crystal over a muscle, organ, gland, acupuncture point, for example, this will switch each of these off. Hence reduce the level of your health and well-being.

A good example of this is wearing a crystal on a chain around your neck, sitting right on top of your Thymus Gland which is very important for your Immune system, and that crystal around your neck may be doing just that, stopping it from functioning properly. This is the reason we do not use crystals, coils or aluminium filings in our Orgone Products.

Crystals can produce a negative polarity or resonate negative energies back to you, interfering with your energy fields. Crystals actually accumulate negative energies or harmful positive ions.

Orgonium Orgone Products Do Not Contain Crystals Or Magnets

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel a great deal pain and discomfort in your body whilst wearing crystals on your body, or sleeping on top of magnets.

The Orgonium Orgone Pendants that we produce have no polarity nor a negative side, as we have engineered these Quantum Orgone Pendants so that they have two positive sides.  Therefore they only strengthen you and your energy fields as shown below.

How Happens When I Wear Crystals Or Sleep On Magnets?

As Kinesiologists, we have spent many sessions putting clients back together who have been wearing Orgonite Pendants with negative sides, crystals or sleeping on top of magnets.  These caused a lot of muscles in people's bodies to become over-facilitated or jammed up, and these people were in a lot pain. 

Once they were aware that the Orgonite Pendant that they thought were healing them, nor were the crystals nor the magnets they were sleeping on, and the removed the source, they felt a lot better. Sometimes this took several Kinesiology sessions to get the person back into balance again.

Your Aura Before And After Wearing An Orgonium Orgone Pendant

Benefits Of Wearing Safe Orgonium Orgone Products

Because these highly effective Orgone Pendants have two positive sides, there is absolutely no risk of these Orgone Pendants switching your glands, organs or merdian points off. In fact, these Orgone Pendants heal your body, balance your Chakras and strengthen your Aura.

For a free copy of our independent Orgonium Orgone Energy Research Report showing you how these Quantum Orgone Pendants actually work, please subscribe to our newsletter at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/newsletter

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, August 27, 2012

Orgonium Orgone Technology And Orgonite

What Is Orgonite And Is It Safe?

Over the years, we have been sent many bad testimonials and complaints come in from customers who have been severely and adversely affected by Orginite.

An Orginite Pyramid - Do You Feel Sick Just Looking At It?

To find out why, please read the explanation on the difference between Orgonium Orgone Energy products and Orgonite, if you are not aware of the differences: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles

People Making These Orgone Devices Cannot Feel What They Do

Unfortunately, many of the people who are making Orginite are not "energy sensitive" enough to feel the harm that it does, as we are. 

 Originally we were also making Orginite products but they were making us feel unwell, tired, fatigued, drained and stressed. Upon doing further research into the Orginite products we were making, we found that they initially generated healthy Negative Ions.

We found that over a period of time they accumulated unhealthy Positive Ions, which then caused them to become unhealthy Positive Ion Generators which is why they are making so many people ill.

Safe Orgonium Orgone Devices - Feel The Difference By Just Looking At Them!

We have included some Testimonials from customers about Orginite below and you will find some of these testimonials on our website at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-reviews

The Team

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dome Orgone Generators Versus Geocleanse Orgone Generators

Why Is The Difference Between A Geoclense And The Orgone Domes?

You would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geoclense Orgone Generator would do, as long as they are placed strategically, however, they would not be as effective as one Geoclense Orgone Generator which works differently.

 If you are affected by a great deal of harmful energy where you live, especially if you live in an apartment building, or in a city, then the Geoclense Orgone Generator would provide far greater protection due to all the Digital televisions, Smart Meters and WiFi which are so hazardous these days.

Geoclense Orgone Generator

Is An Orgone Pyramid Just As Protective?

You can still use your old style Orgonium Orgone Pyramid by placing it in any area that you feels needs more clearing, or take it to work to protect your there.  See further information on this blog as to why Orgone Pyramids are not as effective as Dome Orgone Generators

The other option would be to get one Orgone Energy Dome and use it with your Orgone Energy Pyramid, however we are no longer making Orgone Energy Pyramids, as the Orgone Energy Domes are way more effective producing a better energy dome or sphere of protection that an Orgone Pyramid ever could.

Dome Orgone Generators Are Far Superior To Old Style Orgone Pyramids

Would Agrihotra Provide The Same Protection?

We are familiar with Agrihotra but as far as we are aware it is more for cleansing the mind, body and spirit, and is a very useful practice. However, Agrihotra may actually remove harmful energy affecting your property, as they are a constant source of bombardment, and need to constantly harmonized and neutralized.

What Are Death Imprints?

Death imprints are what is left behind on a spot where someone has died. 

These Orgonium Orgone Products actually remove the effects of negative energies. It is not unusual to have had people pass away in homes that have been around for a long time. The Geoclense Orgone Generators designed to remove these Death Imprints.

The Team
Orgone Energy AUSTRALIA

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Underlying Cause Of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Why Do I Suffer From Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

Electromagnetic Sensitivity is commonly caused by systemic health issues such as a Candida yeast infection, bacterial or viral infections, and other underlying health issues that you may or may not be aware of.

A Candida yeast infection in itself will cause Electromagnetic Sensitivity.  However, just following the Candida Diet does not fix it - you just stop feeding it so much and will reduce the severity of your reactions.  No diet alone will ever completely fix your Candida yeast infection!

This only reduces the symptoms when you stop feeding it, and this will reduce your Electromagnetic Sensitivity so that you can feel better, but will not stop it altogether until you completely resolve all of your health issues. Not even a liver cleanse will also fix this although it would make some difference.

You can also take all the supplements in the world, and still never fix Candida yeast infection that way either.  In fact, you are wasting your time taking any supplements until your get the Candida back into correct balance in your body, as taking them only puts excess stress on your already overloaded liver, and is only product expensive urine until you get these other issues address.

Candida Yeast Infected Viewed Under A Microscope 

What Is The Best Way To Address Candida Yeast Infections?

Find out by reading this amazing eBook series...

Yours sincerely,
Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is There A Device That Can Detect All Harmful Energy?

How Can I Test Harmful Energy Affecting My Home?

We are often asked about devices that may read or measure EMR or other noxious energies the we read. Unfortunately there are no testing devices available that you use to test harmful energy, although there are some devices on the market but they only read a limited range energies.

There are absolutely no measuring devices available that can test or measure all forms of harmful energy, as there are some many of them and they are increasing on a daily basis.  If you find one let us know as we have been looking for one for a long time!  

There are some devices available that either read EMF, EMR, Radio Frequencies (RF), or Radon Radioactive Gas, for example.  These are a very few of the other forms of harmful energy affecting us all on a daily basis. And to be honest, you would be wasting your money purchasing any one device that would only measure 1/3000% of the noxious energies that are surrounding us constantly! 

The best way to test harmful energy, and to even test how effective Orgone Products or any other type of Radiation Protection products is to actually are, is with Kinesiology, Dowsing, Divining, with a Pendulum or on Medical Biofeedback devices. 

Test For Harmful Energy With Divining, Dowsing, A Pendulum Or Kinesiology

What Is The Best Way Then To Test Harmful Energy?

Please read our Test Harmful Energy page for all the Questions to ask when testing for noxious energies, at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies

These highly performing Orgonium Orgone Energy products are actually been Medically tested through Kinesiology (Biofeedback), Chinese Medicine Pulse Points, Medical Biofeedback machines (that doctors or naturopaths may have), with Divining or Dowsing, with a Pendulum, with a Heart Rate Monitor, or by simply taking your Resting pulse reading before you get your Orgone Products, and then after you placed them.

One thing to note (which does confuse a lot of people) is that these noxious energies do not disappear and go away! You will find that they are still there when you dowse or test for them, even when they are being harmonized and neutralized by our highly effective Orgone Devices

That is why the questions you need to be asking is, have they stopped putting stress on your body, health and well-being??? Have they now stopped affecting my family? In order for you to understand this concept better, please refer to all the information on our Dowsing Questions at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies

What Then Is The Best Way To Protect My Home From Harmful Energy?

Geoclense Orgone Generators are solid state "Negative Ion" resonance generators which constantly generate healthy, healing negative ions longer than your entire lifetime. The completely harmonize way more then just your electrical wiring , electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Please see the list below of everything our Geoclense Orgone Generator does at:http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

The Geoclense Orgone Generator will completely protect your entire dwelling, residence, office building, workplace or farm, including inside and outside of all the buildings including all the land surrounding them.

Our Geoclense Orgone Generator covers our entire 40 acres of property at home, our office in town, and one of our neighbours covers 611 acres of his farm.  We also have a customer who has one plugged into their office in the Rialto Towers in Collins Street, Melbourne, and we gave found to protect all 50 floors of this office tower!

Geoclense Orgone Generators For USA, Canada, United Kingdom And Europe


How Long Does The Geoclense Orgone Generator Last?

The Geoclense Orgone Generator would last your entire lifetime, and the lifetime of the next generation and for much longer. There are no parts to wear out out, as there is nothing that moves in the Geoclense Orgone Generator, other than the energy it generates.

When you move to another home, you simply plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator in at your new home and it will do its work. Hence you do not need to do anything other than move your Geoclense Orgone Generator to your new home and plug it in. Some people take their Geoclense Orgone Generator to work with them each day and plug it in at the office, and then they take it home at the end of the day and plug it in at home.

The Team
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Friday, June 8, 2012

What Other Orgone Devices Do I Require To Protect My Home?

I have Organite in my yard for protection from Chem-trails. When I threw them out in the trash, and they were taken away, I felt immediately better! Would I place one of my Dome Orgone Generators are in my yard for protection? Does it work snow covered? Does it need to set on concrete or could I set it on a flat slab of rough face granite?

Yes getting rid of the Orgonite will immediately improve how your environment feels. This is because Orgonite initially generates health "Negative Ions" however, then it accumulates the unhealthy "Positive Ions" which it then generates back.

 This is harmful to your health. The Orgonite was not doing anything beneficial, and in fact, the Orgonite is adding to your electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) problems there.

Placing your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on either concrete or granite would both work. Snow will not affect them at all, even if they get completely buried.  You Dome Orgone Generator would completely protect your yard, as on a hard surface it will expand out to 100 metres.

Dome Orgone Schumann Waves Generator 

With my Orgone Energy Water Energizer Bottle, will I hurt any of it's functions if I add some type of ring collar around the top for easy grabbing and to hook my keys on to it?

No not at all. Whatever you add to your Orgone Energy Water Energizer will be automatically harmonized and neutralized by the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies.

Orgone Energy Water Energizer Bottle 

With my Geoclense Orgone Generator I am now abandoning my current whole house protector from envirohealthtech, though I feel it works to some degree. I feel that my Geoclense Orgone Generator does much more. My building is a duplex, with another the same on the other side on the same property. There is a basement, 1st floor, second floor on each side. What is my Geoclense Orgone Generator covering?

The environhealthtech product is working well for the electrical system only. It not covering any of the other Geopathic stress or any other forms of harmful energy. 

Whereas your Geoclense Orgone Generator is harmonizing and neutralizing both of the Duplexes, as well all the yard of both Duplexes to their boundary fences for all forms these forms of harmful energy:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

USA  Canada Geoclense Orgone Generator 

I bought one Dome Orgone Generator for my second floor, do I require a dome for my first floor office and also in basement? Will these Dome Orgone Generators help my next door neighbor?

You will not need further Dome Orgone Generators, as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is already covering everything, including all the land surrounding your house. 

As your two properties are both on the same Title, your neighbour is automatically covered. If you each had separate titles for each property, and not two duplexes on one title, then your neighbour would not be protected.

I sleep better now with my Geocleanse Orgone Generator? However which of the above would I try under bed or next to? 

Do not put anything under the bed, unless there is a particularly harmful energy field that is affecting where you sleep. Otherwise you will be over-energized and will have issues sleeping.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is already covering everything in your home, and your Geoclense Orgone Generator is assisting you to clear old emotions and past stresses, so you will really begin to feel a whole lot better.

The Team,
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to Manifest Your Desires Using Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance Products

Should the piece of paper that my desires I wish to manifest are written on it, be placed on top of my Orgone Schumann Generator or underneath it? And should it fit exactly beneath my Orgone Schumann Generator?

You would be best to place the piece of paper that you have written your desire on top of or beneath your Orgone Energy Schumann Generator, and have the paper facing upwards. This will amplify the desire that you have written on the paper.

It does not matter if the paper you have written your desires on is bigger than your Orgone Schumann Generator or if  it does not need to fit neatly under it.

Write What You Wish To Create And Place It On Your Orgone Generator Plate

For manifesting my desires, should the words be written in present or past tense, such as "I have" or "I am", instead of future tense, such as I will?

The fastest way to open up the energy of the Universe to provide whatever it is that you desire is to always write and ask everything as a "Question".

For example, keep asking "What Else Is Possible?" or "What Are The Infinite Possibilities?" or "How Does It Get Any Better Than This? As you ask these questions, you can actually feel that there is far more energy available to you, and the Universe can deliver what you desire faster this way.

As an Access Consciousness Practitioner and Bars Facilitator, I have found that "Being The Question" and always "Being The Question" opens up the energy and far more possibilities for the Universe to give you what you desire much faster. In fact, I find manifesting this way almost instantaneously.

To find out more about Access Consciousness. To understand this better, we highly recommend reading the book:"Being You, Changing The World".

When we place something on or under your Orgone Schumann Generator for "manifestation" we only write on the paper exactly what we wish for, for example at present we have a piece of paper under our Orgone Generator that simply states: "Perfect Health, Well-Being and Vitality".

Why does rubbing my Orgone Pendant between your fingers help with the manifesting?

Rubbing your Orgone Pendant on both sides between your thumb and fingers, increases the energy through your entire energy fields. This also assists with clearing any harmful energies around you. Rubbing your Orgone Pendant regularly boosts your manifestation powers and desires.

Let's say I desire to get myself a new car. Will placing a picture of the car I desire under my Orgone Schumann Generator, and on top of my written desire work, as the photo of the car is printed and wasn't written by me?

Yes, this would still work. Images as well as hand written or typed notes will all work well by placing them all beneath your Orgone Schumann Generator to assist you to manifest your desires.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin
Orgone Energy Australia

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