Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Will The Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator Assist With Pregnancy?

The Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator covers your entire property (including the and surrounding any buildings) right to your property boundaries based on your Property Title.  Therefore, it does not matter where your Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator plugged in on your property, as Negative Ion Resonance will easily penetrate walls,solid structures, furniture and more.

In fact, it is best to plug your Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator into a power point plug behind furniture as there is less likely chance that someone will come along and unplug it, not know what it is doing. It does not have to be plugged in anywhere there is open space in front of it.

Will The Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator Cover My Pregnant Daughter's Apartment?

As your daughter's apartment building is most likely on one Property Title, then every other apartment on the property is being completely harmonized and neutralized on all forms of harmful energy.

Your Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator and other Orgone Products that you have will only ever resonate healthy, healing, beneficial Negative Ions which is what is found in Nature when it is unspoiled.

Being up in the mountains, being at the seaside, or a beautiful place in nature would not be detrimental to a pregnant mother. The Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator is resonating the same natural energy frequencies of Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies, therefore would be doing a great deal of energy healing, as well as providing total protection from harmful energy, electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Your pregnant daughter has the best protection possible with these high efficacy Orgone Products providing her the necessary protection she requires while she is pregnant.

One of the world's leading Health Professionals in this field, has clearly proven that pregnant mothers sleeping in where there are high levels of electromagnetic radiation and harmful energy, states that this is the leading cause of Autism as you will see in this You Tube link below:

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia


Thursday, July 9, 2015

What Range Of Protection Do Domes And Geocleanses Provide?

Do the Dome Schumann Orgone Generator and the Geoclense harmonize the same harmful energies and the same range of energy protection?

Yes it is correct that they cover the same forms of harmful energies, however the field of energy protection is much greater with the Geoclense. The Geoclense is much more powerful Resonance Generator and works quite differently as follows:

"It takes two of the Dome Generators to do what the Geoclense Negative Ion Resonance Generator does. The Geoclense is a way more efficient product as it provides much great protection. This is due to it's ability to magnify the Negative Ion resonance that it generates by the way it connects to your electrical wiring and Earth or grounding stake, to cover your entire property, providing energy protection for an entire office tower, an entire farm or your 1/4 acre suburban block."

Will putting the Dome Generator on hard plastic have the full effect for energy protection, and will the material of some surfaces work better than others such as wood, cement or metal?

Plastic is not that hard enough, nor is it a natural substance to produce a really good field of energy protection.

You would be better off placing your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on either metal, ceramic, cement, glass or wood is much harder and will provide a greater field of energy protection. This is due to the effects of placing the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on harder services are more powerful than placing these on plastic.

Will the height of the Dome Generator and the floor make any difference to the field of protection such as being nearer to ground vs higher from ground? Is using one Dome Generator is enough to provide protection for an entire room?

Height will not make any difference to the size of the field of energy protection created.

A Geoclense would be far superior energy protection. This would also depend on how the extent of the energy field it creates, where the room is and what is affecting that particular room.

For example, it may not be enough to provide your entire apartment for energy protection if it is in an apartment block where you have many imprints from your neighbours digital televisions when they are turned off; many smart meters there; where everyone leaves their wireless devices on all the time; and everyone is using a lot of hand phones or iPhones constantly, for example.

Does Geoclense when not plugged have twice the energy protection of the Dome Generator?

No. It only has a very small area of energy protection of around 50cm (20 inches) when not plugged in. This why it is not designed to be used when it is not plugged in nor for travel as the technology for this Orgone Device is quite unique.

When plugged how does the Geoclense cover the entire property based on property deed and does it not provide protection for neighbouring properties in apartment blocks?

This is based on the Law of the Universe and principals of Radionics, as tested by our Technical Advisor and Product researcher using Kinesiology and Dowsing for the energy protection it provides.

Most apartment buildings are all on one property title, therefore the entire property to the boundary of the land has energy protection from these Orgone products including all the apartments of your neighbours. See: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/blog/post/3491452

Also see our Geoclense Frequently answered questions page at http://www.orgoneenergy.org/geocleanse-faq.html

Does turning the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator upside down decrease its strength?

No, placing the Dome Orgone Schumann upside down may reduce is field of effect or the area it covers, however, this would not reduce the Negative Ion count.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Healing