Friday, January 10, 2014

Fukushima Radiation Has Spread As Far As New Zealand And Scandanavia

Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Power Disaster Can Be Harmonized and Neutralized

Harmful radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear electricity plant catastrophe that occurred recently due to earthquakes in that region, continues to be pouring massive quantities of radio-active wastes into the sea. This radio-active nuclear radiation has been detected all throughout the entire planet, including as far as Scandinavia and New Zealand.

Now many people, women especially, are exhibiting numerous Thyroid disorders due to the Thyroid Gland being extremely vulnerable to absorbing radiation in all forms. We are especially susceptible and vulnerable to this form of nuclear radiation.

How I Can Protect Myself From Nuclear Radiation? 

Among the best methods to protect yourself from nuclear radiation poisoning would be to place Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance generators around yourself every where you go, as well as around your home, your office and your workplace.  

These healing Negative Ion generators will provide you with the best protection possible, for both you and your family from harmful nuclear radiation.  As they are constant beneficial Negative Ion Generators, they will constant harmonize and neutralize the harmful Positive Ions from the radio-active Nuclear Radiation

The Geoclense Orgone Generator The Best Solution To Harmonize Nuclear Radiation

What If I Am Sensitive To Nuclear Radiation? 

In the event you become adversely affected with health issues caused by Nuclear Radiation, which may have happened since this incidence occurred, is highly advisable to take Lugol’s Iodine daily.  

Seaweed and seaweed related products are higher in iodine, such as Kelp, particularly if you are particularly having issues with your Thyroid gland. Please make sure that any seaweed products you are using have not been harvested from the Pacific Ocean since this disaster occurred.

If you are experiencing intense sensitivity to other forms of radiaton because of this majorly significant nuclear radiation fallout, please ensure that you seek the advice of a Complementary Medicine practitioner, such as a Naturopath.  They will need to assist you to address oral (dental) issues such as heavy metals in your teeth and body, ensure that your gut is working optimally, and that you do not have a Candida yeast infection prevalent.

Additionally you may be required to remove other environmental exposures to other forms of harmful toxicities such as electromagnetic radiation from Phone Towers, Wireless devices, digital televisions, computers and smart meters, as well as other areas which may all contribute to, and trigger thyroid disorders such as food that is not organic. Otherwise, set Orgone And Schumann Resonance Negative Ion Generators around you and your home, office and place of work to provide you with the much needed protection from these harmful energies.

For Complementary Medicine practitioners, additionally you are required to insure that your daily every day intake of iodine or seaweed related products is highly recommended to prevent the effects of radio-active iodine, cesium and strontium-89 and strontium-90, as well as eating foods high in Iodine and Tyosine. 

Foods High In Iodine And Tyrosine Are Important To Protect Your Thyroid