Saturday, October 30, 2010

WiFi Laptop And Phone Radiation Shields

You offer two types Shields: Computer Laptop WiFi Shields and Phone Radiation Shields. Do they work differently or are they the same?

Actually several years ago we streamline out stick on and not stick on Mobile Phone Radiation Shields into one product that covers all small electronic devices.  These items are all the same item, and work exactly the same way.

Using A Mobile Phone WITHOUT A Mobile Phone Protection Shield 

My wife uses a Blackberry. Do we stick the Phone Shield onto her device?  How would we then change it, if she wants move it to the new phone?

That would depend on if the Blackberry has a battery compartment to place the Phone Protection shield into.

If you do not wish to place an Adhesive Mobile Phone Radiation Shield on an iPhone or Blackberry that you cannot removed later, you can buy a plastic cover that protects the iPhone or Blackberry from the manufacturer.

That way you can then place your Mobile Phone Shields between the protective cover and the iPhone or Blackberry. When your wife gets a new phone, she can transfer the Mobile Phone Radiation Shield to the new phone.

Using a Mobile Phone WITH A Mobile Phone Radiation Protection Shield 

My daughters use Nokia phones that have integrated Wi-Fi modems which they sen and receive emails and navigate the web. What type of EMR shields could be used for them ? 

Once again, depending on whether they have a battery compartment to place their Phone Radiation Shields into, or a if they can place protective cover over their phones, so that they can transfer it over later to another phone.

If not they would have to peel their Phone Radiation Shields of the protective backing and actually stick them onto the backs of their phones.

We have now improved our technology on all of our WiFi And Mobile Phone Radiation Shields to provide protection from dangerous Digital Radiation that comes off iPhones and Blackberrys to provide better protection. Also read our article on why our Orgonium Orgone Energy products are different to all others on the market at:

We all use laptop computers, and I would like to buy Laptop shields so they can be used on new laptops in the future.  Can the the Laptop Radiation Shields be used inside the battery pack of a laptop?

Yes.  You can place your Laptop WiFi Radiation Shields for all your laptop computers by placing them inside the battery compartment.  This way you can change them over every time someone upgrades to a new Laptop computer later on. 

How do we protect from the radiation generated by our wireless internet router? Just using EMR shields in each laptop ? Or is the Geoclense EMR Harmonizer the correct tool to use to eliminate these radiations?

Our WiFi Computer Radiation shields will protect you while you are using your computer and WiFi, however if you have several people in the house using computers at the same time, then there are hazardous energy beams going in all directions.

The best protection for  your home and family would be a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer plugged in at all times and switch on, especially if you have other harmful energy emitters such as refrigerators, digital televisions or a Smart Meter in or around your home.

How about other electronic devices, like IPod, IPodTouch which has Wi-Fi connectivity. Do these also need an EMR Shield?

All of these electronic devices require a WiFi iPhone Radiation Shield placed on them if you use them away from home with a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, or do not have one of these. This is because they emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation during their usage.

However, if you have many devices in your home or office that use wireless technology, then the best way to harmonize and neuralise all of these noxious energies is to have a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer plugged in and switched on at all times. See details below of what the Geoclense EMR Harmonizer does, or for more information go to:

Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

My wife is a very light sleeper. She normally wakes up around 4 or 5 am and can’t go back to sleep… what is the best solution here?

The best protection for your wife would be to have a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer plugged into your home and switched on at all times, as there may be other energies that are affecting her.

It would also be recommended that she wears an Orgone Energy Pendant at all times to strengthen and heal her Aura, and to protect her when she is out of home, and away from the Geoclense EMR Harmonzier.

If you would like to request a Free Research Report showing how these Orgone Products work, please go to:

For last may I know where these products are made and if they made by you ? How can I be sure that they work? Do you offer a guarantee?

All of these Orgone products are Australian by our team members.

We can guarantee that our products actually do what we claim they do 100%, and that our products are are the most effective Orgone Energy Protection products on the world market.

If you do not get the results that you and your family desires, we will work with you to completely eliminate any noxious energies that are affecting you and your family, so that you get the results you are looking for.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orgone Energy Water Bottles

Turn All Your Water Back To Enegized Water

The Orgone Energy Water Bottle has been energized with healthy Negative Ions which turns ordinary tap or commercially available water into healthy living water with energetic qualities similar to that found in mountain spring water.

The energetic qualities the Orgone Energy Ener-Bottle reduces the surface tension of the water which enables better cell penetration and hydration, a
llowing water to deliver more vital nutrients into our cells at a deeper level of hydration.

Correcting your pH Balance

The energizing or ionizing process takes place within seconds of being filled with water typically has an alkalizing effect on its pH balance. Many of us require to help our pH balance of acidity from food and other liquids we may consume daily. A lot of people are to some degree permanently dehydrated, simply because they do not drink enough, or water that the body can easily assimilate.

Due to the unique energetics,  Orgone Energy Water Bottle neutralizes toxic ingredients and bacteria found in tap water, which is commonly known as 'dead water. The Orgone Energy Water Bottle improves the taste of the water or other liquids significantly. At the same time, the Orgone Energy Water Bottle gently energizes the internal organs which helps to increase overall energy levels and well-being. To people who are in tune with their bodies, or those with developed their energy sensitivity, can be a very enjoyable and energy balancing experience as the water flows down the throat, and then into the digestive system organs.

BPa Free Plastic

These Orgone Energy Water Bottles are manufactured from Lexan Poly-Carbonate which has been scientifically formulated and tested to NOT produce or leach the harmful chemical Bisphenol-A (BPa) after constant re-use. 

These  Orgone Energy Water Bottles are infused by with both Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance frequencies using some of our own unique Negative Ion infusion Orgonium technologies. This is what makes them so efficient.

Orgone Energy Water Bottles are durable, reusable and dishwasher safe

The energetics of the  Orgone Energy Water Bottle will not run out or reduce in its strength as other so called energized products may do. These  Orgone Energy Water Bottle energized water has tested to be superior in its energetic qualities that magnetized, or magnetite water.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Smart Phones And iPhones Work?

Smart Phones and iPhones are really just radio transmitters emitting signals through radio waves. These waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. 

When the Smart Phone or iPhone is turned on it locates itself by broadcasting a series of signals to your phone carrier or provider’s closest phone tower. The carrier then relays that information to the nearest telephone switching office.

When making a call the phone sends its data to the carrier’s nearest tower, to the switching office and then to the switching office in the area code of the number being called. Once the connection is made the Smart Phone or iPhone’s transmitter packages your voice or text data onto a second radio wave that is created for the purpose of transmitting the information. This second wave is called the Information-Carrying Radio Wave, or ICRW.

What Happens When I Get A Call?

When the call is received by the recipient’s switching office a connection is made through the nearest tower that connects the call with your phone. Through a processor in the phone the digital information signal is converted into an analog signal so a voice can be heard. All this occurs in an average time of four to eight seconds.

Each Smart Phone or iPhone contains its own transmitter. The purpose of the transmitter is to encode information onto a radio wave. This radio wave radiates out from the phone’s antenna evenly through space. 

The information being encoded, for example, could be the sound of your voice, the data from your text message or a photo. The transmitter will then send the encoded wave, with your information or voice, to the antenna and the antenna will then send the signal. The function of the antenna is to propel these radio waves out into space so that a receiver in a nearby cell tower will pick them up. This makes the antenna the most dangerous part of the phone.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself From Phone Emissions?

These transmitters emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation.  Did you know that protection from these high volumes of electromagnetic radiation from your Smart Phone or iPhone to the tower and back, is available?

Phone, Computer WiFi Radiation Protections can be placed on your phone, WiFi or small electronic devices to provide you with protection from the harmful radio transmitter or radio frequencies that come off you phone all the time when it is switched on, regardless of whether you are using it or not.

Harmonize these noxious electromagnetic frequencies and radio transmissions coming off your iPhone or your Smart Phone today, by placing Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protection shield on your devices.

 For more information, please see   and

Protect yourself and your colleagues, friends and loved ones today.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Kinesiologist and Health Professional
Orgone Energy Australia


The Dangers Of Smart Phones and iPhones

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quan Yin And Buddha Schumann Generators For Best Protection

What Is The Best Solution For Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Inside My Home?

The Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator figurines are designed for use as a Feng Shui placement to neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RF), and to assist in harmonising the Earth’s Geopathic Grids, and to free them from deadly Geopathic Stress frequencies.

Place your Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator as required for its Feng Shui aspect, or on a predetermined Geopathic Grid Line or Negative Acupressure Point.   Use your Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator as a coffee table pieces to raise the etheric state of a room, or your office, on your refrigerator, on your Television set, on your computer or near your laptop computer to harmonize these frequencies throughout your entire home or work environment.

How Does The Schumann Generator work?

Each Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator contains highly energetic materials and energies, broadcast an energized “Negative Ion" life–giving” field of around nine (9) metres for forty (40) feet in radius.

The Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator with Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz.  Schumann Resonance provides harmony within the bodies chakra systems, and is used by Monks to attain Spiritual clarity, as well as being well know for its DNA repairing abilities.

Each The Buddha Schumann Generator and Quan Yin Schumann Generator is around 19.8cms or approximately 4 inches in height and come with very healing qualities, that actually balance your internally and external energy fields. They have a harmonizing effect of around 40 meters, and are perfect for that place in your home, office or workplace where energetic vibrations need to be raised.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Asians Do Not Commonly Get Breast Cancer Or Prostate Cancer‏

Is Consuming Milk and Dairy Products Causing Cancer?

Here is something I found very interesting that I felt I just had to share with you!

By Prof. Jane Plant, PhD, CBE " Why I believe that giving up milk is the key to beating breast cancer..."

I had no alternative but to die or to try to find a cure for myself. I am a scientist - surely there was a rational explanation for this cruel illness that affects one in 12 women in the UK ?

I had suffered the loss of one breast, and undergone
  radiotherapy. I was now receiving painful chemotherapy, and had been seen by some of the country's most eminent specialists. But, deep down, I felt certain I was facing death. I had a loving husband, a beautiful home and two young children to care for. I desperately wanted to live.

Fortunately, this desire drove me to
  unearth the facts, some of which were known only to a handful of scientists at the time.  Anyone who has come into contact with breast cancer will know that certain risk factors - such as increasing age, early onset of womanhood, late onset of menopause and a family history of breast cancer - are completely out of our control. But there are many risk factors, which we can control easily.

These "controllable" risk factors readily translate into
  simple changes that we can all make in our day-to-day lives to help prevent or treat breast cancer. My message is that even advanced breast cancer can be overcome because I have done it.  The first clue to understanding what was promoting my breast  cancer came when my husband Peter, who was also a scientist, arrived back from working in China while I was being plugged in for a chemotherapy session.

He had brought with him cards and
  letters, as well as some amazing herbal suppositories, sent by my friends and science colleagues in China.  The suppositories  were sent to me as a cure for breast cancer. Despite the awfulness of the situation, we both had a good belly laugh, and I remember saying that this was the treatment for breast cancer in China , then it was little wonder that Chinese women avoided getting the disease.

Those words echoed in my mind. Why didn't Chinese women in
  China get breast cancer? I had collaborated once with Chinese colleagues on a study of links between soil chemistry and disease, and I remembered some of the statistics.  The disease was virtually  non-existent throughout the whole country. Only one in 10,000 women in China will die from it, compared to that terrible figure of one in 12 in Britain and the even grimmer average of one in 10 across most Western countries. It is not just a matter of China being a more rural country, with less urban pollution. In highly urbanized Hong Kong , the rate rises to 34 women in every 10,000 but still puts the West to shame.

The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  have similar rates. And remember, both cities were attacked with nuclear weapons, so in addition to the usual pollution-related cancers, one would also expect to find some radiation-related cases, too.  The conclusion we can draw from these statistics strikes you with some force. If a Western woman were to move toindustrialized, irradiated Hiroshima , she would slash her risk of contracting breast cancer by half.

Obviously this is absurd. It seemed obvious to me that some lifestyle factor not related to pollution, urbanization or the environment is seriously increasing the Western woman's chance of contracting breast cancer.  I then discovered that whatever causes the huge differences in
  breast cancer rates between oriental and Western countries, it isn't genetic.  Scientific research showed that when Chinese or Japanese people move to the West, within one or two generations their  rates of breast cancer approach those of their host community.

The same thing happens when oriental people adopt a completely Western lifestyle in Hong Kong . In fact, the slang name for breast cancer in China translates as 'Rich Woman's Disease'. This is because, in China , only the better off can afford to eat what is termed ' Hong Kong food'.  The Chinese describe all Western food,  including everything from ice cream and chocolate bars to spaghetti  and feta cheese, as "Hong Kong food", because of its availability in the former British colony and its scarcity, in the past, in mainland China.  So it made perfect sense to me that whatever  was causing my breast cancer
  and the shockingly high incidence in this country generally, it was almost certainly something to do with our better-off, middle-class, Western lifestyle.

There is an important point for men here, too. I have observed in my
  research that much of the data about prostate cancer leads to similar conclusions.  According to figures from the World Health Organization, the number of men  contracting prostate cancer in rural China is negligible, only 0.5 men in every 100,000. In England , Scotland and Wales , however, this figure is 70 times higher. Like breast cancer, it is a middle-class disease that primarily attacks the wealthier and higher socio-economic groups, those that can afford to eat rich foods.

I remember saying to my husband, "Come on Peter, you have just come back
  from China. What is it about the Chinese way of life that is so different?"  Why don't they get breast cancer?'  We decided to utilize our joint scientific backgrounds and approach it  logically.  We examined scientific data that pointed us in the general direction of fats in diets.  Researchers had discovered in the 1980s that only l4% of calories in the average Chinese diet were from fat, compared to almost 36% in the West.  But the diet I had been living on for years before I contracted breast cancer was very low in fat and high in fibre.  Besides, I knew as a scientist that fat intake in adults has not been shown to increase risk for breast cancer in most investigations that have followed large groups of women for up to a dozen years.

Then one day something rather special happened. Peter and I have worked
  together so closely over the years that I am not sure which one of us first said: "The Chinese don't eat dairy produce!  It is hard to explain to a non-scientist the sudden mental and emotional   'buzz' you get when you know you have had an important insight. It's as if you have had a lot of pieces of a jigsaw in your mind, and suddenly, in a few seconds, they all fall into place and the whole picture is clear.

Suddenly I recalled how many Chinese people were physically unable to
  tolerate milk, how the Chinese people I had worked with had always said that milk was only for babies, and how one of my close friends, who is of Chinese origin, always politely turned down the cheese course at dinner parties  I knew of no Chinese people who lived a traditional Chinese life who ever  used cow or other dairy food to feed their babies. The tradition was to use a wet nurse but never, ever, dairy products.

Culturally, the Chinese find our Western preoccupation with milk and milk
  products very   strange. I remember entertaining a large delegation of Chinese scientists shortly after the ending of the Cultural Revolution in the 1980s.  On advice from the Foreign Office, we had asked the caterer to provide a  pudding that contained a lot of ice cream. After inquiring what the pudding consisted of, all of the Chinese, including their interpreter, politely but firmly refused to eat it, and they could not be persuaded to change their minds.  At the time we were all delighted and ate extra portions!

Milk, I discovered,  is one of the most common causes of food allergies . Over 70% of the world's population are unable to digest the milk sugar, lactose, which has led nutritionists to believe that this is the normal condition for adults, not some sort of deficiency. Perhaps nature is trying to tell us that we are eating the wrong food.

Before I had breast cancer for the first time, I had eaten a lot of dairy
  produce, such as skimmed milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt. I had used it as my main source of protein. I also ate cheap but lean minced beef, which I now realized was probably often ground-up dairy cow.  In order to cope with the chemotherapy I received for my fifth case of  cancer, I had been eating organic yogurts as a way of helping my digestive tract to recover and repopulate my gut with 'good' bacteria.

Recently, I discovered that way back in 1989 yogurt had been implicated  in ovarian cancer . Dr Daniel Cramer of Harvard University studied hundreds of women with ovarian cancer, and had them record in detail what they normally ate. wish I'd been made aware of his findings when he had first discovered them.

Following Peter's and my insight into the Chinese diet, I decided to give up not just yogurt but all dairy produce immediately. Cheese, butter, milk and yogurt and anything else that contained dairy produce - it went down the sink or in the rubbish.
It is surprising how many products, including commercial soups, biscuits and cakes, contain some form of dairy produce. Even many proprietary brands of margarine marketed as soya, sunflower or olive oil spreads can contain dairy produce I therefore became an avid reader of the small print on food labels.  Up to this point, I had been steadfastly measuring the progress of my fifth cancerous lump with callipers and plotting the results. Despite all the encouraging comments and positive feedback from my doctors and nurses, my own precise observations told me the bitter truth.

My first chemotherapy sessions had produced no effect - the lump was still
  the same size.
Then I eliminated dairy products. Within days, the lump started to shrink.  About two weeks after my second chemotherapy session and one week after giving up dairy produce, the lump in my neck started to itch. Then it began to soften and to reduce  in size. The line on the graph, which had shown no change, was now pointing downwards as the tumour got smaller and smaller.  And, very significantly, I noted that instead of declining exponentially (a graceful curve) as cancer is meant to do, the tumour's decrease in size was plotted on a straight line heading off the bottom of the graph, indicating a cure, not suppression (or remission) of the tumour.

One Saturday afternoon after about six weeks of excluding all dairy
  produce from my diet, I practised an hour of meditation then felt for what was left of the lump. I couldn't find it. Yet I was very experienced at detecting cancerous lumps - I had discovered all five cancers on my own. I went downstairs and asked my husband to feel my neck. He could not find any trace of the lump either.  On the following Thursday I was due to be seen by my cancer specialist at  Charing Cross Hospital in London . He examined me thoroughly, especially my neck where the tumour had been. He was initially bemused and then delighted as he said, "I cannot find it." None of my doctors, it appeared, had expected someone with my type and stage of cancer (which had clearly spread to the lymph system) to survive, let alone be so hale and hearty.

My specialist was as overjoyed as I was. When I first discussed my ideas with him he was understandably skeptical. But I understand that he now uses maps showing cancer mortality in China in his lectures, and recommends a non-dairy diet to his cancer patients. 

I now believe that the link between dairy produce and breast cancer is  similar to the link between smoking and lung cancer. I believe that identifying the link between breast cancer and dairy produce, and then developing a diet specifically targeted at maintaining the health of my breast and hormone system, cured me.    

It was difficult for me, as it may be for you, to accept that a substance  as 'natural' as milk might have such ominous health implications. But I am a living proof that it works and, starting from tomorrow, I shall reveal the secrets of my revolutionary action plan.

Extract from Your Life in Your Hands, by Professor Jane Plant

Yours sincerely,
Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin, AKA, KNA
Orgone Energy AUSTRALIA

Friday, October 8, 2010

Orgonium Orgone Energy Protection Is Far Safer

Introducing The Dome Orgone Schumann Generator Dome 

Orgonium technology is much safer and much more effective in eliminating Geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) than Orgonite.

We recently released the Dome Orgone Schumann Generator Dome which is a fantastic area neutralizer. This product has been found to have far better harmonizing and neutralizing specific areas or locations which have stress as it is a more targeted Area or Space Neutralizer.

This highly protective Dome Orgone Schumann Generator is capable of protecting you not only from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and all other forms of Geopathic stresses that our Geoclense EMR Harmonizer covers, but on a smaller and a much more targeted scale.

The Dome Orgone Schumann Generator even compensates for any Orgonite devices which you may left around your home, and may have forgotten about. It is capable of harmonizing a three bedroom home.

For larger homes, we recommend that you install multiple area neutralizers. The Orgone Schumann Generator Dome is ideal for your office, workplace or holiday home to keep you protected at all times, or even to take with you when you go on holiday to protect you whilst flying, travelling or to use in your hotel room or wherever you are staying while you are away.

You can even carry your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator in your purse, handbag, briefcase or backpack while you go shopping, so that you are you protected from all hazardous energies in supermarkets and shopping centres.

If you would like to know more information regarding the difference between Orgonium technology and the harmful effects of Orgonite, please read the attached article or you can read it at

Or subscribe to our newsletter at and receive a Independent Free Research document.

Yours sincerely,
The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iron On Clothing And Sports Garment EMF Protector

Renee Added Iron On EMF Protectors To Her Clothing Range With Great Success!

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector is an Orgone Generator which is ironed onto the inside the back any garment.  Renee Walsh from Chakrohm Clothing Range, has had amazing success using adding the Orgone Iron-on EMF Protectors to her entire clothing range (read her testimonial above).

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector gently energizes the garment  with beneficial negative ions, which in turn raises the vibration resonance the wearer's auric field and chakra system.  This then reduces the stress placed upon the nervous system created by hazardous energy fields.

By energizing the garment with these Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector, the wearer is less affected from noxious energies such as:
Aura WITH Iron-On EMF Protector

*  Electromagnetic Radiation from electrical appliances

*  Smart Phones, iPhones and Cordless Phones

 *  WiFi Wireless Internet devices and routers

*  Radio Frequencies and Earth Magnetic Radiation

*  Geopathic Stress and all forms of energies

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protectors are designed as an alternative to Orgone Pendants, where wearing an Orgone Pendant may not be practical such as in a industrial, work, swimming or sporting environments.

Aura WITHOUT Iron-On EMF Protector

The  Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector will increase :

+  Strength

+  Flexibility

+  Endurance

+  Energy levels

+  Intuition, skill and creativity

Iron these Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector onto all the clothing you where while you are engaged in any type of physical activity, sporting event, swimming or working out at the gym.  Iron one onto your swim wear, gym clothing, sporting team uniforms and even your work clothing or work uniform keep you protected from harmful energy where you are working.

The  Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector is approximately 30mm in diameter and can be ironed onto any fabric.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,  (Kinesiologist)
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, October 4, 2010

Leading Edge Orgone Energy Technology

Why is Orgonium Different?

Many people ask us why our Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance products are different, why they work better, or why do they notice such an amazing difference in their home or workplace, when they put our products in place compared to other Orgone Energy products they have used before.

Many people also ask use how our unique Orgonium Orgone Energy technology is make or how are our products put together to make them so unique.  Unfortunately, we cannot give out this information, as our Orgonium formulation is proprietary information.

However we can say that our unique Orgonium Orgone Energy technology contains the true frequencies of nature, being that of the Negative Ion which is emitted naturally by Ley Lines in their natural surroundings, and these orgone products means that they are able to harmonize all fourteen (14) different types of Positive Ion fields that can be available in a given space.

How does Orgonium Differ From Orgonite?

Orgonium totally differs to Orgonite because it is not bi-polar in its energy field and is able to achieve large fields of effect. Something which Orgonite currently available cannot ever do.

Orgonium Orgone Energy products have been tested by with Kinesiology and on various Bio Feedback technologies which most good naturopaths currently use.  If you would like a copy of some of these independent Research Reports, please go to:

How Is Orgonium Tested And Proven?

The testing in our Orgone Research reports shows, beyond doubt, that the Orgonium Orgone Energy products removes stress from the nervous system and heart, which means that it is in tune with the heart, which is most important.

The same testing done with various types of Orgonite shows that it increases the stress on the nervous system and heart, and that Orgonite does not harmonize to Negative Ions, nor does it harmonize Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), Radio Frequencies (RF) or standing waves from earth magnetic grid lines.

In fact, from the intensive research we have done recently, we have found that Orgonite makes the resonance from such fields more dangerous to the human nervous system and may cause unhealthy cell growth.

Can I Feel The Difference?

The best way for you to feel the difference would be to try our products out for yourself. If you are energy sensitive, you will notice the difference right away and feel the immediate benefits.  For more information about Orgonium Orgone Energy products and where to purchase them, go to 

We know that you will be more than impressed with the level of improvement in your health and well-being, using our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products, made using our unique Orgonium technology.

Karen Winter
Orgone Energy Australia

Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Minimize Your Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation

How Can I Reduce My Exposure Risks To Harmful Energy?

1. Whenever possible avoid using any type of wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones, and WiFi connections, or ensure that you have Cell Phone Wireless Protectors in place to harmonize and neutralize these noxious energies.

2. When purchasing a mobile phone | cell phone purchase one that has a ‘speaker phone’ feature. Use the speaker phone whenever talking and keep the mobile phone | cell phone away from your head and body whenever the phone is on or in standby mode. Never use your mobile phone | cell phone without a Mobile Phone Cell Phone Radiation Shield.

Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protector

3. Use an “air tube” hands-free headset if your mobile phone does not have a speakerphone function. Not just any hands-free headset will work. It must be an “air tube” headset. Ensure you have a WiFi Radiation Shield on all devices with Digital Screens as these all emit extremely noxious energies.

4. Turn the mobile phone | cell phone off when it in use and NEVER sleep with a mobile phone on or near the bed. The mobile phone emits a signal in stand-by mode even when you are not using it. Never sleep with a Digital Alarm Clock beside your bed either. One customer recently found her husband stopped snoring when she place a Mobile Phone Radiation Shield on their Digital Alarm clock!!!

5. Keep the mobile phone at least 20 centremeters (6-7 inches) away from your body at all times. Never carry your mobile phone close to the body such as in a pocket, purse, handbag or on a belt clip, unless it has you have installed a Phone Radiation EMR Protector.

6. Don’t talk on a mobile phone or cordless phone when pregnant or while carrying a baby or small child, without a Phone Radiation Shield installed in you phone or unless you have a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer installed in your home.

7. Avoid Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications, or DECT technology. This is often the strongest source of radiation in the home. DECT phones emit radiation continuously, not just while the phone is in use. Digital Televisions emit the most obnoxious energies in your home. If you have one, do not switch it on unless you have a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer installed (your neighbours Digital television pointing towards your home are also doing harm!).

Aircraft Travel Harmonizer

8. Do not talk on a Smart Phone or iPhone whilst in a vehicle, on a train, bus, plane, or subway. The entire vehicle becomes your Phone aerial and then you are sitting inside it. Ensure you have a Aircraft Travel Harmonizer with you in your vehicle when you use your Smart Phone or iPhone in your vehicle – it also reduced Fuel consumption!

Enclosed areas trap radiation and consequently exposure becomes higher in these enclosed metal surroundings. They also impede the signal so your phone and WiFi, which must use more power to maintain the connection. Try carrying one of these Aircraft Travel Harmonizers with you to protect you when traveling on planes and on other forms of public transport.

9. Use wired and corded telephones. Eliminate cordless phones and WiFi equipment in your home and work environments, or install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, or a WiFi Radiation Shield or a Mobile Phone | Cell Phone Radiation shield to harmonize and neutralize so that these noxious energies not longer cause you and your family harm.

10. Use wired Internet connections instead of wireless routers. If you must use a wireless router always turn it off at night or when it is not in use, and install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer and / or a WiFi Computer Radiation shield for protection.

Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

11. Pay attention to the signal bars on the phone display. Never use your Smart phone or iPhone when the signal is weak. The weaker the signal the more power that is required to maintain the connection and the more your brain is being affected by this. Only use your phone in open areas and when the signal is strong – I always go outside to use mine due to the signal bars being too weak inside!

12. Keep your laptop computer away from your body and never operate a laptop while it rests on the lap (especially men as it reduces your Sperm count!) Sit back from computer monitors and screens as much as possible. Place a WiFi Laptop Radiation Shield on your computer, especially if you are using it in WiFi cafes.

13. Keep all electronic devices like alarm clocks, radios and cordless phones at least six feet away from your head during sleep. Install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer in your home from protection or a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield on your Digital alarm clock beside your bed (especially if you husband snores!) or on your cordless phone.

14. Avoid waterbeds, electric blankets and beds with metal springs in the mattress or with metal bed frames. These all emit noxious electromagnetic radiation and then you sleep on them. Otherwise ensure that you install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer.

15. Encourage use of fiber optic cable in place of wireless networks in your local municipalities. Encourage them to install Geoclense EMR Harmonizers in their buildings and offices.

16. Wear a personal protection device such as an EMR Protection Pendant to strengthen your body’s biofield and increase your resistance to the radiation around you

17. Install intervention technologies and prevention technologies that will harmonize and neutralize the Information-Carrying Radio Waves that are all around us. A Geoclense EMR Harmonizer installed in any home, office or workplace will harmonize and neutralize all electrical and electronic devices, electrical circuits, appliances, wireless technology, mobile phones, cell phones and cordless phones in your home, office and business areas.

Wireless technology is perhaps the greatest convenience of our time. Yet it is proving to be the greatest toxin we have ever created. Educate and protect those close to you, and please join us in informing those in your circle of influence.

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself a master of others and still remains a greater slave then they” Jean Jacques Rousseau

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin

Orgone Energy Australia