Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Learn Kinergetics Kinesiology?

Learn To Correct Hydration, TMJ Imbalances & Chronic Fatigue

Kinergetics Kinesiology Balances Your Body & Relieves TMJ Jaw Stress And Pain

· Every new client requires the Kinergetics Hydration corrections to be completed.

· The manuals in Kinergetics are very clearly written and consistent – amoungst the very best in Kinesiology.

· Kinergetics has lots of really good techniques that work – it truly gets results.

· Kinergetics is so diverse – from Structural, Emotional, Metaphysical to Mercury, Candida and Sabotages.

· Supervised practice and repeat demonstrations where needed.

· Excellent value for money – you can repeat anytime, anywhere for 20% of the course fee.

· The best workshop to integrate other systems of Kinesiology and Healing.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Visit To John Of God - The Miracle Man - Brazil

The Amazing Healing Powers Of John Of God

Roosters crow at 5:00am, hens cackle over fresh laid eggs, a cow moos outside my window and children play in the street… this is rural Brazil, where John Of God is location, and was certainly the highlight of my year long travels in 2001.

In Abadiania, Central Brazil, there is the most Miraculous Healer who works for free three days per week. I had heard many stories of Joao de Deus or John of God, and after reading an article in Nexus, I just knew I had to go there to see what this was all about. 

I arrived there after 21 hours of bus travel from Rio de Janiero, without speaking a work of Portuguese! Even the others staying at the Posada (Guest House) when I arrived were surprised at my journey and how I managed to get here alone, only speaking English!

John Of God Channels A Group Of Entities

John Of God is a medium for a group of entities he channels. 

Thousands of people flock to see him every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and line up before him for miraculous cures for ailments that the medical profession has given up on or deemed to be incurable. John Of God prescribes them with herbs, recommends “spiritual surgery” or simply asks them to sit in meditation, in his country style hospital there in Abadiania.

On my first day there, I joined the line-up and was required to undertake surgery the next morning with a group of around 20 others. I was also requested to take a Crystal Bath first, which in itself was amazing, and then headed for my operation. 

After the surgery, I filled my prescription of herbs and headed back to my Posada for bed rest. The options for surgery are visible or invisible. I opted for invisible, and even though it may have been invisible (performed by the many entities), it felt as though I had had visible surgery, as I really did not feel very good for quite a few days afterwards. 

The entities continue to work on us all the time, well past the time of surgery and into the night. One day, when I got to John Of God’s centre in the morning, I was taken by surprise when I started to feel faint and thought I was going to pass out. Someone lead me by the hand to the “Recovery Room” where I spent two hours, while the entities worked on me. Maybe I needed to be convinced into believing what was happening! 

 An incredible amount of energy was surging through me and I was totally out the whole time I was in “Recovery”. Rest is about all we did while we were there as there is not much else to do. There is a beautiful waterfall nearby and we were recommended to bath under it regularly. It is so refreshing, cleansing and invigorating, and truly feels as though it has magical powers to it. It is so certainly refreshing on hot days.

Crystal Beds, Healing Waterfall And Hearty Bowls Of Blessed Soup

The centre called La Casa de Dom Ignacio, named after the main entity. This is where where John Of God freely gives his time. 

 We only paid for prescriptions and for the Crystal Baths – everything else is free – including a hearty bowl of “blessed” vegetable soup and bread every day after the morning session. People travelled from all over Brazil to be there, not to mention all over the world, as we met people from nearly everywhere. 

What has been the most amazing has been talking to the other people and hearing their stories. So far, I have met Drew from New Zealand who was totally recovered from Leukemia. Chris from the UK who was cured of Bowel Cancer (see a year ago after a visit to John Of God’s centre. Glenys from England who had recovered from Liver Cancer. Monica from Vermont, USA who is totally clear of Breast Cancer. These are just a few of the people I met when I was there.

Miracle Stories Heard And Witnessed Every Day With John Of God

You really have to see it for yourself to believe it. One day, I saw an old man walk in hunch over with a walking cane. John Of God took the walking cane from the man, touched him, and then ordered him to walk out of the room. The man stood up straight and walked out totally unaided. John Of God threw the cane on the floor and went on to work on the next person. 

This was so amazing, so I planned to stay there for a few more weeks. I felt as though I really needed to get this information out to the rest of the world as the only way people know about this is through word of mouth. 

For anyone with incurable health problems you might want to look into a trip to visit John Of God for yourself, or for those of you who know people with incurable diseases you might like to tell them about this. 

For more information about this amazing place, there is a book about John Of God’s Centre called “The Miracle Man” by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich (ISBN 0-646-33767-X). November 2001 

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia