Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Ways Can I Heal Faster By Correcting My Jaw?

I plan on getting the book for the RESET as I find it so fascinating how its related to adrenals, and mine really unhappy, will it help with this?

Yes the sooner you start doing the TMJ treatment on yourself, the faster you will recover. You jaw is out of balance because your Adrenals are unhappy.

The main muscles that relate to your jaw are the Sartorius muscles which directly related to your Adrenals in Chinese Medicine.


My dentist wants me to do orthodontics due to the clicking in my jaws.  I have read in Kinesiology philosophy is related to emotions. I truly, believe a lot of my issues are related to trapped emotions.

Yes you are absolutely correct there. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are often the cause of much illness, disease and Health issues.

In the meantime, save money by purchasing a soft Sports Mouth Guard from a Sporting Goods store to use at night to take the tension of your Jaw. This will assist you to break the habit and will be cheaper than the one your Dentist will make for you.

The RESET Jaw Correction Technique assists you to release deep-seated emotional stress:

The Kinergetics system of Kinesiology has some of the best TMJ Corrections of any Healing Modality that I know of and have worked with and I have trained in a few of them. Kinergetics identifies your emotional imbalances and clears them effective.

The RESET Jaw Correction Technique will help you immensely and speed up your recovery. The sooner you get this the better!

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Can We Do About Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Our Orgone products, particularly our Geoclense Orgone Generator is 100% effective for harmonizing and neutralizing harmful radiation from Nuclear fallout.  

In fact, the more people that have these highly protective Orgone Devices in Japan at present, the more effective they will be!  If everyone in Japan had one the country, then the nuclear fallout from Fukushima would be completely harmonized and neutralized.

Plug In EMF Blocker For Home

To see a complete list of all the harmful radiation that our Orgone products provide protection from, please see:

Our Orgone Generator are fabulous for energizing all food and water before consumption. This will also deal with irradiation, and all forms of harmful radiation.  These, and our Dome Orgone Generators can also be placed in gardens and other places where food is grown.

In fact, many of our customers in USA are having their Geoclenses programmed to cover their families homes back in Japan especially.  To do this please see:
Everyone there also requires to either wear an Orgone Pendant wherever they go, or carry an Aircraft Harmonizer with them where ever they go to remain protected!

We do know that our Orgone products actually neutralize the imprinting which nuclear fallout imparts on all matter within 60  miles of the disaster.  We have proven this by putting one of our Car Harmonizer Orgone Generators into a post-Fukushima Toyota which had been imprinted with the nuclear radiation, and which was dissolved by the installation of the Car Harmonizer Orgone Generator.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II
Kinesiologist Orgone Energy Healing

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Geoclense Reviews Customer Orgone Testimonials Progress Report

Bad Stomach Craps and Terrible Headaches Went Away With Orgone Energy

12 March 2013

Hi. I got my Geoclense Orgone Generator and Orgone Pendant yesterday morning, and plugged my Geoclense Orgone Generator in first thing. I had had bad stomach cramps whenever I have any bowel movements, and I have been getting these recently. Anyway, these stomach cramps they vanished. I had been experiencing terrible backaches too, most likely from the same cause and they went too.

All day I felt very relaxed. I noticed that it was almost like after I had taken a strong drug, because I was sleepy all day and so was my boyfriend Randy. Anyway, he did not suspect that the cause may have been the Geoclense Orgone Generator, as there is never enough proof for him. He said that there was not enough research for him, so he is still sceptical, although I am not though!

We have freshness in the air quality and things are more vibrant - like the grass. Randy swears he does not notice, but it its! I usually have a hard time getting up in the mornings. When I lived in Wn State, I never had that trouble, but then again, we never had antenna towers all over the place as they do here in Texas. For over a million plus people in Dallas, we had 25,000 antennas.

Anyhow, I got up at 9:00 am instead of 12 noon. Last night a bomb could have gone off and we would not have woken up. Lol. Anyway, thank God for your Orgone Products! I intend on getting the Dome Orgone Generator soon, as we just have to so many people here using cell phones, laptops, etc.

No Long Gets Big Bruises

13 March 2013

This is my update for the 13th. Okay! I went to sleep late and noticed that I had many cold sweats, but sleep deeply. I woke up at 10:00am exactly. I have a few bruises as I run into the edge of the bed. I have always bruised easily since I have epilepsy, and they usually get very huge no matter what. However, this time these bruises are now very small and I really like that. I know that this is due to your Orgone products. I just wanted to keep you informed about my progress.

No More Pain In Wrist From Broken Bones

14 March 2013

When I was 35, I broke two bones in my left wrist, and I was told that I would suffer from arthritis later in life. Well I am 60 now and since I moved to Texas, my left wrist became almost useless. I found that within just six months of living here, that I could not put any pressure on it such leaning on it to get out of bed, or opening a simple bottle or anything that required the least bit of pressure. These things would cause it to throb like a bad headache if I even tried.

Well tonight at 10:45pm, I was tired so I got into bed- ex "insomnia member". Therefore, I now take advantage of what the Geoclense Orgone Generator and my Orgone Pendant are doing for me by allowing me to go to sleep, and without thinking about it. I leaned with normal weight on my left wrist so that I could slide out of bed easier. To my surprise, there was "no pain in my wrist or even slight discomfort" I am almost afraid to mention it in case it is not 100% real and I am imagining it!

Randy seems to be sleeping now. He says he sleeps like the dead and sleeps less than he would, which is a "good thing" as he took six-hour naps. Now he only takes two-hour naps. Anyway, I am more pleased then you can imagine.

Bowel Movements Now Normal, No More Cramps, No More Hot And Cold Sweats

15 March 2013

I have some more to share with you - remember the issues with my bowel movements. Well doctors put me though all those unnecessary tests and wasted thousands of dollars, and they still are without any answer as to why after over 50 tests, and very invasive tests too. Well I did as you suggested and now I drink 9 to 10 glasses of filtered water a day.

But before, without my Geocleanse Orgone Generator and Orgone Pendant, I had a lot of high blood pressure, numbness on the side of my face, tongue and along my throat. I would be dizzy, to the point of almost passing out. I used to have hot and cold chills and sweats, threw up a lot, and then I would be lethargic and in bed for two days.

Now I put my Orgone Pendant on the areas that get affected, and have had almost normal bowel movements, and the best of all, no cramps, no hot and cold sweats, and I am not lethargicwhatsoever. I just cannot believe that these Orgone products are doing so much for me. I pray that this helps give people hope in these Orgone products, because I know that they work.

Lazy Eye Totally Gone - Birds Nesting Outside Home And More Wildlife Around Home

1 April 2013

My Orgone products has done something I never expected, and I am sure you would not expect this either. When I was 23 years old, I got what an Eye Specialist called "Lazy Eye” in my left eye. In short, it drooped a lot and the skin bunched up and sagged, and it was hard to see out of. In one week from getting my Orgone Products, my Lazy Eye was totally gone and now it is as if it was never there.

I have talked other people into giving these Orgone products a shot, as they have a lot of stress in their lives. One is in Mn state and he is 30. He got the Dome Orgone Generators, and he has one on his desk in his office and one at home. He is noticing that he has a lot more calmness, and that the birds are nesting outside his home when the never did before. Lol Another friend, who is closer to my age, has more peace in their life, and is noticing that the animals are coming around their home now. I told them you guys Rock! I just wish everyone would try your amazing Orgone products – they will notice a huge difference. Samera K., DallasTexas, USA

See for yourself...

Yours sincerely,
Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.Kinesiologist