Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is Geopathic Stress, Fault Lines And Earth Magnetic Radiation?

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is when the vibrational rate of the Earth’s natural magnetic energies and underground water causes a lower vibration, which in turn creates stress to the human body.

What Are Earth’s Magnetic Energies Anyway?

The Earth’s magnetic energies consist of gridlines know as the Hartman grids and Curry grids which are generally life giving in natural surroundings, but become harmful when a building is constructed on or over them, or if the land that has been poisoned by toxins, chemicals, fertilisers, landfill or other contaminants. Water Veins represent where water runs in underground streams.

Where three of the grids or water veins cross a natural vortex is formed and these are known as Acupressure points of the earth. These Acupressure points, again in natural surrounds are life-giving but become harmful when contaminated by the construction of buildings or other man-made structures. These then become a danger to human health, especially if you are sleeping or spending a lot of time over them, as this can lead to physical or mental health problems and other serious health disorders.

What Are Fault Lines, Fissures And Fault Zones?

Geopathic Stress can also be caused by Fault Lines and Fissures, known as Fault Zones. These occur with the rising or falling of the Earth’s crust. This can cause a lower than normal vibration of the Earth’s magnetic frequencies, which can then create severe physical and mental states in the human body.

Metropolitan cities around the world are affected by major Fault Lines, which they have been built upon. Geopathic Stress caused by Fault Zones lowers melatonin levels causing sleep disorders, mental instability and depression. These then create other related issues such as alcohol abuse, pharmaceutical drug use or recreational drug addiction.

Unfortunately a lot of our lower socio-economic housing areas are more often placed in areas of severe Geopathic Stress and Fault Lines, although these do not discriminate, as even some of our better socio-economic areas have been built over major fault zone areas.

Schumann Frequencies Are The Energy Of Earth Resonate At AT 7.83Hz
Neutralize Geopathic Stress, Fault Lines And Earth Magnetic Radiation

How Can Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies Help?

Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies cure or harmonize the Geopathic Stress and Fault zones neighbourhood.  Geopathic Stress can be neutralized or harmonized with tools such as Orgone Energy and Schumann Generators which resonate these natural frequencies into affected areas.

Geoclense Orgone Generators or other “cures” such as these raise the vibrational rate of these magnetic grids and fault zones to a “life giving” energy, improving the physical vibration, and putting the oxygen back into your home and work environment.

Other household dangers such as electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electrical appliances are totally harmonized and neutralized with the Schumann Generators, Orgone Energy products and other tools, providing an energetic state rich with healthy life-giving “Negative Ions” naturally found in nature.   This returns Geopathic Stress, Fault Lines and magnetic radiation affecting your space back to how it would naturally be in nature.

Geocleanse Orgone Generator Harmonizer And Neutralizer Showing Water Before And After Exposure
And The Human Aura Before And after Exposure To Orgone Energy And Schumann Frequencies

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