Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Neutralizing Radioactive Radon Gas And Its Harmful Effects

I am looking for a device that protects me and my pets from radon gas. Do you have such a product?

All of these high efficacy Orgonium Protection Products will protect you from Radon Radioactive Gas, we per our list of harmful energies at: that our Orgone Products protect you from.

The Geoclense is the most effective Orgone product that actually neutralizes and harmonizes the radon radioactive gas.

Have you found this to work?  

We have trialed the Geoclense on a property known to have radon radioactive gas at Koonwara on Australia where it worked very well. Our Technical Advisor tested it again this morning with the Bioresonance connected to reading the property with Google Earth maps remotely, and it is still working well.

The woman who lives on the property had a Thyroid problem due to the radon radioactive gas, and now her Thyroid problem has gone, proving that the Geoclense is continually working well in this situation.

The Geoclense also harmonizes the radiation from Uranium, as it does Nuclear Radiation. We have written several blog posts regard this too, including removing the imprinting of Nuclear Radiation from vehicles.

See: and

We have now received the Geoclense and plugged it in. Our radon meter still shows the same levels of radon gas, it has not changed. Will it take some time before the Geoclense will transform the radon gas? I assume our radon meter will reflect the change? How can you see the changes on Google Earth, by the way? How is this working?

Our Technical Advisor states:

"No the radon gas is now rendered as harmless. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is definitely harmonizing and neutralizing the resonance from the radon and is protecting you. You will still get readings of its presence due to it still being in the air. Again the equipment to read the radon isn't giving any energetic qualities, just like a Gauss meter cannot determine the quality of the field."

Radon radioactive gas will always still show on the reader when you test it! However, it is now being rendered as "ineffective" due to the Negative Ions cancelling out the Positive Ions, and is therefore being completely harmonized and neutralized by your Orgone Products.

You feel better now that it is is plugged in. Right? Then you are getting results from the Radon gas being neutralized.

To understand this better, please read the information on this page, and also feel free to test it yourself using the correct questions and a Pendulum, Dowsing Rods or Kinesiology as you are testing this incorrectly:

You have to ask the correct questions such as: Is the Radon Radioactive Gas still affecting me? Is it affecting my body, my physiography? etc as per the examples on this page for correctly testing this. The same occurs for Electromagnetic Radiation Readers and Radio Frequency reader.

Just like EMF meters the Radon meter will still read that Radon is present, however, this is the incorrect way of testing that it is being harmonized and neutralized - hence you are misunderstanding and misinterpreting the results!!!

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Healing