Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are Wearing Crystals And Sleeping On Magnets Safe?

Magnets, Just Like Crystals, Have A Positive And Negative Polarity

Many people ask us if wearing or sleeping on magnets is safe or beneficial. In fact, having magnets on your body or sleeping on them may actually switch off many of your organs, glands and chakras, due to their polarity.

It would be far more beneficial and energy balancing for your body to sleep on a beneficial Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Blanket than to sleep on magnets, as Orgone Blankets do not a positive or negative side, nor polarity.

Crystals Are Negative On the Sides and Positive At Their Tips Just Like Each Side Of A Magnet

How Do Magnets An Crystals Work?

Magnets work exactly like crystals, as they have a positive side and a negative side. If you have the negative side of a magnet or a crystal over a muscle, organ, gland, acupuncture point, for example, this will switch each of these off. Hence reduce the level of your health and well-being.

A good example of this is wearing a crystal on a chain around your neck, sitting right on top of your Thymus Gland which is very important for your Immune system, and that crystal around your neck may be doing just that, stopping it from functioning properly. This is the reason we do not use crystals, coils or aluminium filings in our Orgone Products.

Crystals can produce a negative polarity or resonate negative energies back to you, interfering with your energy fields. Crystals actually accumulate negative energies or harmful positive ions.

Orgonium Orgone Products Do Not Contain Crystals Or Magnets

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel a great deal pain and discomfort in your body whilst wearing crystals on your body, or sleeping on top of magnets.

The Orgonium Orgone Pendants that we produce have no polarity nor a negative side, as we have engineered these Quantum Orgone Pendants so that they have two positive sides.  Therefore they only strengthen you and your energy fields as shown below.

How Happens When I Wear Crystals Or Sleep On Magnets?

As Kinesiologists, we have spent many sessions putting clients back together who have been wearing Orgonite Pendants with negative sides, crystals or sleeping on top of magnets.  These caused a lot of muscles in people's bodies to become over-facilitated or jammed up, and these people were in a lot pain. 

Once they were aware that the Orgonite Pendant that they thought were healing them, nor were the crystals nor the magnets they were sleeping on, and the removed the source, they felt a lot better. Sometimes this took several Kinesiology sessions to get the person back into balance again.

Your Aura Before And After Wearing An Orgonium Orgone Pendant

Benefits Of Wearing Safe Orgonium Orgone Products

Because these highly effective Orgone Pendants have two positive sides, there is absolutely no risk of these Orgone Pendants switching your glands, organs or merdian points off. In fact, these Orgone Pendants heal your body, balance your Chakras and strengthen your Aura.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Orgonium Orgone Technology And Orgonite

What Is Orgonite And Is It Safe?

Over the years, we have been sent many bad testimonials and complaints come in from customers who have been severely and adversely affected by Orginite.

An Orginite Pyramid - Do You Feel Sick Just Looking At It?

To find out why, please read the explanation on the difference between Orgonium Orgone Energy products and Orgonite, if you are not aware of the differences:

People Making These Orgone Devices Cannot Feel What They Do

Unfortunately, many of the people who are making Orginite are not "energy sensitive" enough to feel the harm that it does, as we are. 

 Originally we were also making Orginite products but they were making us feel unwell, tired, fatigued, drained and stressed. Upon doing further research into the Orginite products we were making, we found that they initially generated healthy Negative Ions.

We found that over a period of time they accumulated unhealthy Positive Ions, which then caused them to become unhealthy Positive Ion Generators which is why they are making so many people ill.

Safe Orgonium Orgone Devices - Feel The Difference By Just Looking At Them!

We have included some Testimonials from customers about Orginite below and you will find some of these testimonials on our website at:

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dome Orgone Generators Versus Geocleanse Orgone Generators

Why Is The Difference Between A Geoclense And The Orgone Domes?

You would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geoclense Orgone Generator would do, as long as they are placed strategically, however, they would not be as effective as one Geoclense Orgone Generator which works differently.

 If you are affected by a great deal of harmful energy where you live, especially if you live in an apartment building, or in a city, then the Geoclense Orgone Generator would provide far greater protection due to all the Digital televisions, Smart Meters and WiFi which are so hazardous these days.

Geoclense Orgone Generator

Is An Orgone Pyramid Just As Protective?

You can still use your old style Orgonium Orgone Pyramid by placing it in any area that you feels needs more clearing, or take it to work to protect your there.  See further information on this blog as to why Orgone Pyramids are not as effective as Dome Orgone Generators

The other option would be to get one Orgone Energy Dome and use it with your Orgone Energy Pyramid, however we are no longer making Orgone Energy Pyramids, as the Orgone Energy Domes are way more effective producing a better energy dome or sphere of protection that an Orgone Pyramid ever could.

Dome Orgone Generators Are Far Superior To Old Style Orgone Pyramids

Would Agrihotra Provide The Same Protection?

We are familiar with Agrihotra but as far as we are aware it is more for cleansing the mind, body and spirit, and is a very useful practice. However, Agrihotra may actually remove harmful energy affecting your property, as they are a constant source of bombardment, and need to constantly harmonized and neutralized.

What Are Death Imprints?

Death imprints are what is left behind on a spot where someone has died. 

These Orgonium Orgone Products actually remove the effects of negative energies. It is not unusual to have had people pass away in homes that have been around for a long time. The Geoclense Orgone Generators designed to remove these Death Imprints.

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