Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Which Is The Best Orgone Device And What Protection Does It Provide?

The best Orgone product to completely harmonize and neutralize your home would be our Geoclense Orgone Generator
Each individual product description has a full explanation of what each Orgone Energy Schumann generators does.  You can open product descriptions by double clicking on the blue Product Heading from the Summary Page.
Some people are more energy sensitive than most.  For example, someone with extreme electromagnetic fields (EMF) sensitivity is better off with an Aircraft Cabin Orgone Generator give them 30 metres of personal space protection, than an Quantum Orgone Pendant giving them 10 metres of personal space protection.  Anyone within the vicinity of the range that our Orgone Products cover this provides is protected, such as everyone on an entire aircraft.
All our current stock has the latest Orgonium technology energy infusion to date.  We keep our customers informed if we do an upgraded, due to many new harmful energies we have to combat and programme into our Orgonium Orgone Energy infusion.  
We update this information on our website regularly, and inform customers in our monthly newsletters if there has been an urgent change that is having serious affects on people.  You would mainly need to do a Memory Card Upgrade for your Geoclense Orgone Generator and for the Orgone Generators and Schumann Generators you have.  Memory card upgrades are not necessary for any other items.

Mobile Phone Radiation Shields provide you with 10 metres of personal space protection.  However, they are specifically designed to cover mobile phone radiation.  
Quantum Orgone Pendants can be used as Mobile Phone Radiation Shields, however, you must remember to be wearing your Orgone Pendant at all times to cover you whilst using your Mobile Phone.  
Our Quantum Orgone Pendant technology is different and actually provides you with more protection than what a Mobile Phone Radiation Shield, due to our new "Stand Alone" or S.A.N.I.T. technology that is programmed into our Quantum Orgone Pendants.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Kinesiologist Orgone Energy Healing