Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can Orgone Devices Heal Me?

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

These highly effective Orgone Energy products can do a huge amount of healing, especially in the first 90-120 days, as this is how long your body takes to rebuild your bloodstream. In fact, Orgone Devices are the most powerful energy healing products available.

Some people may experience agitation, emotional purging, restless and/or detoxification in the first few days of using our highly effective Energy Healing Orgone products. This affects everyone in completely different ways.

Before And After Aura Images Show Energy Healing Effects Of Orgone Products After Only 24 Hours Exposure

What About Healing Candida And Mercury Toxicity?

This can particularly occur when you have systemic health issues such as when you have Amalgam fillings in your teeth leaching Mercury and Heavy Metals into your body, parasites and / or Candida Yeast infections.

These Orgonium Orgone Products are infused with energies to clear Mercury, heavy metal toxicity and Candida out of your aura and energy fields.  Then it is up to you to get your body cleaned up!

Dome Orgone Generator Made From Biocompatible Non-Toxic Resin Suitable For Anyone With Allergies Or Extreme Chemical Sensitivities

What Are Orgone Products Made Of?

These powerful Orgone Products are made from Biocompatible Resin is not affected in any way, shape or form by heating, dropping, chipping, cracking or by water. Often defects or faults actually improve the way Orgone Products work, as effectively, nothing in nature is perfect either!

The bio-compatible resin which make these highly protective Orgone Chi Accumulators is totally non-toxic, does not have any smell to it, nor does it emit any toxic odours, therefore our Orgone Devices are totally safe for anyone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Porphyria, systemic health issues and allergies.

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