Friday, October 28, 2011

What Is The Difference Between Orgone Pendants And Aircraft Harmonizers?

Orgone Pendants provide you  with ten metres of personal space protection as do all our WiFi Cell Phone Radiation Harmonizers, where ever you go.

The Aircraft Harmonizer provide you you 30 metres of personal space protection as it is more powerful, as it is designed to harmonize an entire aircraft from wing tip to wing to and from nose to tail.

The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator Will Protect An Entire Plane

Which Is Better To Use For Air Travel And For Day To Day Errands?

For travelling in aircraft, the most effective Orgone Generator to carry with you is our Aircraft Harmonizer, which is basically a mini Orgone Generator.

You would be best to wear your Orgone Pendant when going about your day to day activities, depending of the level of protection you require.  However, if you are energy sensitive, then you may wish carry an Aircraft Harmonizer around with you everywhere, to provide you with greater protection. We carry ours with us everywhere we go.

What Weight Is The Aircraft Harmonizer

It is approximately 30 grams in weigh.  All these Orgone products are handmade and can vary slight in weight and dimensions, therefore the dimensions, weight and size of all our products are at the bottom of each product description page or each of our Orgone Products.

Orgonium Orgone Pendants Are Positive On Each Side Providing The Best Protection Possible 

Do I have to wear the Orgone Pendant to get its maximum benefit or can I just put it in my bag?

You would get far more benefit from wearing your Orgone Pendant as it is designed to heal your aura and seal it, and it also provides you with a lot of protection.

You would get no or very little benefit from your Orgone Pendant if it was in a bag, as it would not be able to do it’s job especially if your bag is more than 10 metres away from you.  You would the be better off to carry an  Aircraft Harmonizer  instead.

You would get far more benefit from it if it was even in a pocket, than in a bag, as other items in the bag may possible stop your Orgone Pendant from working. Your Orgone Pendant needs to be within your energy fields for it do to its best work.

How Do These Orgone Pendants Different to Qlink And Tesla Pendants And What Kind Of Technology Does Your Product Use?

The Q Link takes stress away from one organ, whilst it places stress on all the other organs, so they are not as good as the manufacturer claims.

We have had Kinesiology clients come to us in severe pain with their entire upper body locked up from wearing such a pendant for only a few days. It took an entire 1½ hours session to unjam their muscles and take them out of the severe pain they were in.

Tesla pendants, depending on which model have a harmful polarity which also places stress on various organs depending on where it is placed on the body.

Whereas our Orgone Products do not do this as they are made with our leading edge Orgonium Orgone Energy technology.

Cell Phone Radiation Shield / WifFi Radiation Shield / Computer Radiation Shield

What Is The Best Place To Put Phone Computer WiFi Harmonizer? Where Do You Stick Them?

We have now streamlined these into one product which can be used as an Adhesive / Stick on product, or it can be placed inside the batter compartment of the device you wish to have harmonized.

You will find an detailed explanations of how to use our Phone Computer WiFi Harmonizers on our Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Do I Place My WiFi Computer Phone Radiation Shield?

Radiation Shielding For All Electronic Devices

You can place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your wireless internet dongle or on the modem itself to harmonize this.

You may also place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your Laptop or notebook computer as this item can be use as a Laptop Radiation Shield and as a Computer Radiation Shield, especially if you are using them where there are Wireless internet connections such as in WiFi cafes or in the office. This way you are being totally protected from the noxious EMF's that these devices emit.

Laptop Radiation Shield | WiFi Radiation Shield | Cell Phone EMF Shield 

The Danger Of Sitting In Wireless Beams

If you are taking your Laptop out a lot, and using it with portable or mobile wireless devices, then it would be more effective to place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your laptop computer. The same would apply if you have Wireless Internet in your office or workplace, or any sort of wireless technology.

That way, when you are using WiFi with lots of others around you using it at the same time, this also harmonizes all the beams that are going in and around you, providing you with the best protection. These Wi-Fi beams will affect your health contributing to feeling tired, lethargic and fatigued.

You can place your Laptop Radiation Shield on the back of your Laptop screen, as this will also harmonize the effects of the radiation coming off of your Laptop Screen while you are using it as well, assisting in reducing fatigue and sleeplessness, caused by looking at the screen for long periods of time or late in the evening.

Otherwise you can place it beneath the battery and then transfer it to your new computer each time you upgrade.  It does not matter where you actually place your Laptop or Computer Radiation Shield on your computer, as it will turn your entire computer in a Radiation shield.

These days even all Primary Schools have WiFi technology, emitting noxious energies through the entire school, affecting may children. Placing a Laptop or Computer Radiation Shield on your child's computer will keep your child safe, especially when they are in a 10 meter radius of their computer.

They can also be placed on cell phones, mobile phones, iPhones and Smart phones as they are also Phone Radiation Shields too.

Radiation Shielding For Small Electronic Devices 

Options For Protecting Large Spaces

The best radiation protecdtion solution for any home, school, office or work space that has Wireless technology connected, would to plug a Geoclense Orgone Generator into a power socket, which will harmonizer the entire building(s) and the land surrounding it, keeping every safe from harm.

We Provide Geoclense Orgone Generators To Protect Entire Buildings

We have one plugged into an office very tall office tower that had many floors. We did these tests on the entire building to find all every floor of this building has been complete protected from all forms of hazardous positive ion energies, from just one Geoclense Orgone Generator being plugged into one office on one floor.

This building has a twin tower.  Had the twin tower been on the same property title, the Geoclense Orgone Generator would have protected the entire second building too but it was on a different property title.

The Team

Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Differences Between Geoclenses And Dome Generators

What Is The Difference Between Geoclense and Dome Orgone Generator?

You would require two Orgone Energy Schumann Waves Dome Generators to do what the Geoclense Orgone Generator does but the Geoclense Orgone Generator is way more powerful

The Orgone Schumann Waves Dome Generator are more suitable for an area localisation such as in an offices, clinic rooms, small flats and apartments that don’t need outside land harmonized and are better for small areas.

Geoclense Orgone Generator

Would Schumann Waves Generators Get Rid Of EMF And Harmful Energy?

Note you cannot ever get rid of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or other harmful energy.

What we offer is highly protective products that harmonize and neutralize these harmful energy forms using Negative Ion Resonance.  This removes the harmful effects from the physiology of your body, your heart and your nervous system so that they no longer cause you harm.

Dome Schumann Orgone Generators

What Is The Best Placement Of My Geoclense And My Schumann Waves Dome Generators And What Size Area Do They Harmonize?

Ask the question of your Geoclense Orgone Generator or your Schumann Waves Dome Generator about where they wish to be placed.

Your own innate Awareness will give you their answers.  Usually we recommend you place them where you feel the energy is the worst, or where the most harmful forms of energy are in your home such as your Smart Meter, your Digital TV, your refrigerator or your home office.

It really does not matter where you plug your Geoclense Orgone Generator in. As long as it is plugged into an active live power point anywhere on a property, it will then cover your entire property to your boundary fences.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do I Choose Which Protection Products Are Best?

What About Stretzer Filters – Do They Work Like The Geocleanse Orgone Generators?

Stretzer filters are very old and antiquated technology, and they do not like the Geoclense Orgone Generator.

The biggest issue with Stretzer filters, is that one was needed in every room. They are also prone to catching on fire. Stretzer Filters do work by harmonization, however, at extremely weak levels. Geocleanse Orgone Generators are not restricted in this way, and completely harmonizes any property size with only one Geocleanse Orgone Generator being required.

Can The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Protect My Family From Digital Televisions?

Plasma and LCD televisions create a dangerous amount of Radio Frequency beams in front of the screen, anywhere from 200 to 400 meters, which we have measured and are continually seeing in all our readings. Please note that is only if these televisions that are tuned to Digital channels, which they mainly are these days.

If they are tuned to an analogue channel, there is no danger of an electromagnetic frequency or radio frequency beam extending any further than one metre I(three feet) from the front of the screen. So far the Geocleanse Orgone Generator has proven to be the most protective to harmonize and neutralize harmful digital television radiation.

All this harmful radiation can be harmonized and neutralized with the Geocleanse Orgone Generator. Then for location area protection, place Dome Orgone Schumann Generators beside your Digital Televisions.

Does The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Protect Us From Microwave Oven Leakage?

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator does harmonize microwave oven leakage. In fact, all microwave ovens leak microwaves, as the mesh on the microwave oven door, which is designed to shield you but does not provide 100% protection. We are even surprised that people would continue to use Microwave Ovens these days, knowing how dangerous they are

*** Microwave ovens are a huge health hazard and should be operated with caution. If you do not have a Geoclense Orgone Generator operating in a building, it would be highly recommended to get one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Is The Geoclense Orgone Generator At Its Full Potential?

Energy Healing And The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

Your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is at its full potential as soon as you plug it into a live power point and switch the power point on. If you are energy sensitive you will feel this right away.

However, you body needs to recalibrate to the new Negative Ion (health) frequencies and this can take anything from a few days to several months, and may do a lot of energy healing on you when you first install one.

We find sometimes, if you body does go into an increased healing process, it usually takes 90-120 days for the body to heal itself and then add another 30 days for every year you body has not been well. Sometimes it can take quite some time for the body to heal if there have been underlying health issues.

The build up of dis-ease in the body is due to an over accumulation of Positive Ions (unhealthy Ions), hence the body has to re-calibrate the Negative Ions (the healthy ones) until it brings itself back into balance again.

Ionic Orgone Energy Healing Wand

The Ionic Orgone Wand For Energy Healing

The major Systemic health issues that will stop people from getting well and make people more prone to sensitivity to Positive Ions or harmful energies.  These can be caused by Mercury and heavy metal toxicity in the body, which can lead to Candida yeast infections, bacterial and viral infections, and the other issues especially if you have an overload of Parasites in their bodies.

Before Cleaning Aura With Ionic Energy Healing Wand

The Ionic Orgone Energy Wand will assist with clearing these energies from your Aura in order to speed up the energy healing process. See:

AFTER Clearing Aura With Ionic Energy Healing Wand

I live in a high rise building on the 10th floor with a total 18 floors. Will my Geoclense cover the entire buildings? 

The higher you are above the ground, the worse the effect of harmful energy is on your body, which is another reason why a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer would be more helpful for providing much required energy healing living at this level.

If the building is on one property title or deed, then every apartment in the building would be covered.  However, if your apartment or house is on a separate title then only that apartment or house will be covered. It does not make any difference which floor you live on.

Your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer will harmonize and neutralize all forms of harmful energy no matter what level or height you are at, and will protect the entire building.

For further information about Orgone Energy and how it works, please read further information on this blog, and you will find more in depth information at:

So Which Orgone Device Is Best For My Needs?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does the Geoclense Cover My Entire Home?

How Does My Geoclense Protect My Entire House When Each Section Is Wired Separately?

In USA, different parts of your house are wired to different circuits or different fuses. However, they are all connected up together via your power circuitry board, therefore they are all connecting up via the Earthing or Ground stake. It is the fact correct that these are all connected that allows your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to work.

It is the fact that these are of all connections that assist your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to work. Once your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator contacts the electrical wiring in your home, office or workplace, it uses the electrical wiring to expand the healthy protective Negative Ion field, which then harmonizes and neutralizes all of the harmful Positive Ions or noxious energies in and around your home, and surrounding yard, garden and property.

USA, United Kingdom and Europa Geoclenses

Once your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator contacts your electrical wiring in your home, office or workplace, it uses this to expand the Negative Ion resonance to complete harmonize and neutralize all noxious energies in and around your property.

For further in depth information read:

Does My Geoclense Plug In EMF Blocker Use Electricity?

This powerful Negative Ion Generator reduces resistance in your wiring when electricity is travelling along your wiring, therefore less electricity is required, due to the lowered resistance, therefore less electricity is lost during this process. It does not actually use any electricity whatsoever.

As your electrical wiring also in contact with your Grounding or Earth stake, this means that the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all noxious energies coming from underground, including extraordinary Geopathic Stress which has been more prevalent recently, as well as electromagnetic radiation which as also been extremely prevalent in recent times.

How Much Space Can Will The Geoclense Orgone Generator Cover Then?

One of our neighbours who is a farmer has a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and we did some research on his farm to find out much of his property his Geoclense was covering. 

When we testing his property with Dowsing were surprised to find out that his Geoclense Negative Ion Generator covered 600 acres of his 611 acre property, even though his farm is on three separate property titles.  We have found them to cover even larger farms than this such as one for 18,000 acres!