Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does the Geoclense Cover My Entire Home?

How Does My Geoclense Protect My Entire House When Each Section Is Wired Separately?

In USA, different parts of your house are wired to different circuits or different fuses. However, they are all connected up together via your power circuitry board, therefore they are all connecting up via the Earthing or Ground stake. It is the fact correct that these are all connected that allows your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to work.

It is the fact that these are of all connections that assist your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator to work. Once your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator contacts the electrical wiring in your home, office or workplace, it uses the electrical wiring to expand the healthy protective Negative Ion field, which then harmonizes and neutralizes all of the harmful Positive Ions or noxious energies in and around your home, and surrounding yard, garden and property.

USA, United Kingdom and Europa Geoclenses

Once your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator contacts your electrical wiring in your home, office or workplace, it uses this to expand the Negative Ion resonance to complete harmonize and neutralize all noxious energies in and around your property.

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Does My Geoclense Plug In EMF Blocker Use Electricity?

This powerful Negative Ion Generator reduces resistance in your wiring when electricity is travelling along your wiring, therefore less electricity is required, due to the lowered resistance, therefore less electricity is lost during this process. It does not actually use any electricity whatsoever.

As your electrical wiring also in contact with your Grounding or Earth stake, this means that the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all noxious energies coming from underground, including extraordinary Geopathic Stress which has been more prevalent recently, as well as electromagnetic radiation which as also been extremely prevalent in recent times.

How Much Space Can Will The Geoclense Orgone Generator Cover Then?

One of our neighbours who is a farmer has a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and we did some research on his farm to find out much of his property his Geoclense was covering. 

When we testing his property with Dowsing were surprised to find out that his Geoclense Negative Ion Generator covered 600 acres of his 611 acre property, even though his farm is on three separate property titles.  We have found them to cover even larger farms than this such as one for 18,000 acres!