Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do I Choose Which Protection Products Are Best?

What About Stretzer Filters – Do They Work Like The Geocleanse Orgone Generators?

Stretzer filters are very old and antiquated technology, and they do not like the Geoclense Orgone Generator.

The biggest issue with Stretzer filters, is that one was needed in every room. They are also prone to catching on fire. Stretzer Filters do work by harmonization, however, at extremely weak levels. Geocleanse Orgone Generators are not restricted in this way, and completely harmonizes any property size with only one Geocleanse Orgone Generator being required.

Can The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Protect My Family From Digital Televisions?

Plasma and LCD televisions create a dangerous amount of Radio Frequency beams in front of the screen, anywhere from 200 to 400 meters, which we have measured and are continually seeing in all our readings. Please note that is only if these televisions that are tuned to Digital channels, which they mainly are these days.

If they are tuned to an analogue channel, there is no danger of an electromagnetic frequency or radio frequency beam extending any further than one metre I(three feet) from the front of the screen. So far the Geocleanse Orgone Generator has proven to be the most protective to harmonize and neutralize harmful digital television radiation.

All this harmful radiation can be harmonized and neutralized with the Geocleanse Orgone Generator. Then for location area protection, place Dome Orgone Schumann Generators beside your Digital Televisions.

Does The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Protect Us From Microwave Oven Leakage?

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator does harmonize microwave oven leakage. In fact, all microwave ovens leak microwaves, as the mesh on the microwave oven door, which is designed to shield you but does not provide 100% protection. We are even surprised that people would continue to use Microwave Ovens these days, knowing how dangerous they are

*** Microwave ovens are a huge health hazard and should be operated with caution. If you do not have a Geoclense Orgone Generator operating in a building, it would be highly recommended to get one.