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When Is The Geoclense Orgone Generator At Its Full Potential?

Energy Healing And The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

Your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is at its full potential as soon as you plug it into a live power point and switch the power point on. If you are energy sensitive you will feel this right away.

However, you body needs to recalibrate to the new Negative Ion (health) frequencies and this can take anything from a few days to several months, and may do a lot of energy healing on you when you first install one.

We find sometimes, if you body does go into an increased healing process, it usually takes 90-120 days for the body to heal itself and then add another 30 days for every year you body has not been well. Sometimes it can take quite some time for the body to heal if there have been underlying health issues.

The build up of dis-ease in the body is due to an over accumulation of Positive Ions (unhealthy Ions), hence the body has to re-calibrate the Negative Ions (the healthy ones) until it brings itself back into balance again.

Ionic Orgone Energy Healing Wand

The Ionic Orgone Wand For Energy Healing

The major Systemic health issues that will stop people from getting well and make people more prone to sensitivity to Positive Ions or harmful energies.  These can be caused by Mercury and heavy metal toxicity in the body, which can lead to Candida yeast infections, bacterial and viral infections, and the other issues especially if you have an overload of Parasites in their bodies.

Before Cleaning Aura With Ionic Energy Healing Wand

The Ionic Orgone Energy Wand will assist with clearing these energies from your Aura in order to speed up the energy healing process. See:

AFTER Clearing Aura With Ionic Energy Healing Wand

I live in a high rise building on the 10th floor with a total 18 floors. Will my Geoclense cover the entire buildings? 

The higher you are above the ground, the worse the effect of harmful energy is on your body, which is another reason why a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer would be more helpful for providing much required energy healing living at this level.

If the building is on one property title or deed, then every apartment in the building would be covered.  However, if your apartment or house is on a separate title then only that apartment or house will be covered. It does not make any difference which floor you live on.

Your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer will harmonize and neutralize all forms of harmful energy no matter what level or height you are at, and will protect the entire building.

For further information about Orgone Energy and how it works, please read further information on this blog, and you will find more in depth information at:

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