Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Orgone Products Would Best Suit My Needs?

I have Orgonite honey cakes in my yard for protection from chem-trails. Is it best to get rid of these?

Yes get rid of the Orgonite as it is toxic, and, it is not doing anything, in fact it is adding to the EMF problems there.

Do I need a Dome Orgone Generator in my yard for protection?

If you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in anywhere on your property, it harmonize and neutralize your entire home and the land around it, including your entire yard.

Dome Orgone Generator and Geoclense Plug-in Home Harmonizer

Do the Dome Orgone Generators work when snow covered? Do they have to be set on concrete? 

If you were to place one of our Dome Orgone Generators in your yard, it is best to placed it on a hard surface, such as concrete or a flat slab or flat granite would be even better, for it to perform at its best.

It will still totally work, even if it was under snow.  The Dome Orgone Generator works much better than the old style Pyramid Orgone Generators as they product a better energy field, and are far more effective.

Old Style Orgone Pyramid - Our Dome Orgone Generators Work Far Better!

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize all sewer pipes and underground water veins, as well all utility cables and all overhead power lines.

Can I add a ring collar around the top of my Orgone Ener-Bottle for easy grabbing and to hook my keys on to it or will this harm it?

Yes you can do this, as this will not affect it.  No matter what you do with your Orgone Ener-Bottle, it will still continue to function fully and very effectively.

I will be abandoning my current whole house protector from envirohealthtech as my Geoclense Orgone Generator, works better. My building is a duplex and each half of the building has it's own electrical circuits.  Will the entire building be protected?

The Environhealthtech product is only working for the electrical system, and does not covering anything near what our Geoclense Orgone Generator covers, nor any of the other Geopathic stress. 

The Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover both duplexes and your surrounding garden area to the boundary of your property deed, covering both properties.

To see the full list of what our highly effective Orgone Products cover go to:

When I install Geocleanse Orgone Generator in my half of my duplex house, will my neighbor also get the benefits or do they need one installed for their side? 

Yes, your neighbour will also get a lot of benefit from your Geoclense Orgone Generator due to both of your houses standing on the one property title so you will both be protected.

I'm concerned about protection from chem-trails aluminum and barium dust and frequencies, and my neighbor has computers with wireless everything. Will I be protected from all this too? 

Yes as long as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is always operating in you  house.   And when you go out you will be protect as long as your are wearing either your Orgone Pendant or Orgone Energy Wrist Ener-Band

I wear my Orgone Energy Pendant 24/7 except in shower, and I have one of your Food and Water Energizers, then I have a Dome Orgone Generator on top of refrigerator?  Do I need a Dome Orgone Generator for my 1st floor office?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover everything inside and outside of your house, including all the floors you have, so you would not need a further Dome Orgone Generator to cover your office.

The Team
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prize Winning Orgone Reviews From Our "Write A Review" Competition

Geoclense Orgone Generator
The Best Thing Money Can Buy!
Having had numerous issues with my nervous system being completely over-loaded for years and not sleeping well, I noticed over the past few months that I was also becoming increasingly sensitive to using the computer or watching the digital TV (which I'd watch only once a week for my favourite show - otherwise it's mostly switched off). I can only describe the results of watching the TV or using the computer like feeling an electrical energy pulsing through my body and overwhelming my senses. If I watched the TV late at night or needed to use the computer, my system would be completely bombarded and over-stimulated and I'd find that I couldn't get to sleep until 2-3am, and I could feel that electrical current pulsing through me, travelling up and down my body - using my nervous system as an electrical highway. (Not exactly a relaxing feeling, especially when trying to sleep.)

Just recently I mentioned it was an ongoing problem to my Chiropractor and Kinesiologist, as well as being concerned about the installation of the so-called "smart" meter and its radiation frequency - so she tested me up for electromagnetic stress. The electromagnetic energy build up in the house had become massive - from everything like the sustainable light globes we'd installed feeling we were doing the "right thing", (which zapped my energy and made me feel sick) right down to the appliances we run, everything was affecting my energy. 

So my Chiropractor told me about Gerard Bini and Orgone. I'd heard of Gerard Bini before from some other friends who'd experienced some energy issues too, and had a remote reading and had been impressed with Gerard's accuracy and the Orgone products. So I thought, yep, I'll check this out and so I spent many hours reading about the products on the website and feeling that anything is better than continually feeling zapped, wired-up and unable to sleep - going from extreme lethargy and feeling dizzy throughout the day to being "amped" or "wired" at night when I was trying to sleep. Look at the terminology - it gave me a bit of a clue.
I absolutely had nothing to lose. And after my sister had also bought the Geocleanse and a pendant and raved about it, I was convinced that this was my best option.   So I ordered the Geocleanse (and other products) just days before Christmas and had it express posted to me. 

Oh yeah, when I opened the parcel, it felt good. I've read on the site other people saying the same thing and thought to myself - "yeah for sure" but I immediately felt the good energy these Orgone products emit. I'm really happy with my purchase, the house feels cleaner energetically - I also bought an Orgone Pendant and a Radiation Shield for my mobile phone - and they both are as equally brilliant - I can use the computer and watch a bit of TV at night without being drained & without having my system overwhelmed like before. And not that I'm a huge mobile phone user but it had been really frying my brain when I used it, so the Mobile Phone Radiation Shield coupled with my Orgone Pendant and I feel fine to use it without any side effects (and not that I chat on it for any longer than usual but I don't have my head feeling fried afterwards now). Oh and to top it all off, I'm sleeping better too!! 

If it sounds "too good to be true" I'd suggest you believe it, as it's been wonderful for our home and my energy levels have picked up incredibly and it's been only 3 weeks since my Orgone products purchase. And I also NEVER write reviews, but wanted to shout about how great these products REALLY are!! Thanks for your amazing work Gerard and Karen

Your prompt service and concern for our well-being was genuine and generous. I'll be definitely ordering additional products - that Bamboo Miracle Orgone Blanket sounds divine and a few other pieces will be on my next shopping list. Like I said, it's the best thing money can buy - peace of mind, a good night's sleep and over-all well-being. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Written by Pam, Geelong Australia on Sun 8 Jan 2012 3:28:49 AM GMT

Orgone Pendants
A Truly Impressed Customer
I ordered my Orgone products on the Monday; they arrived in the mail on Tuesday. How’s that for service? I plugged my Geoclense Orgone Generator in straight away, and I felt the energy as a breeze of beautiful air throughout my home. I placed my Orgone Pendant around my neck and I felt the energy all around me it was beautiful................I had spent $400 an Amega global pendant, that didn’t even come close to the effects of this amazing Orgonium Orgone Pendant! I seriously wasted my money there!.................Everyone on the planet should buy all these amazing Orgonium Orgone Energy products and start using them straight away! Everyone in my house had the best sleep they have ever had last night with our Geoclense Orgone Generator doing its amazing job!...................The planet should be thanking you guys for these amazing Orgonium Orgone Energy products, and people should be bowing at your feet! Well done! IM ACTUALLY STUNNED! Written by Karina, Coogee Bay, Sydney, Australia on Tue 31 Jan 2012 11:13:58 PM GMT
EMF Radiation Shield Inside Mobile Phone
Great Product!
Since buying the Mobile Phone Radiation Shield around a year ago, I have found that I no longer get a head ache when using my mobile phone. I found it so good, that I also got one for my mother’s phone a few weeks later. My Wife and I both use pendulums for dowsing and we can see how the negative energy from the phone changes to positive once we add in the Mobile Phone Radiation shield. I would recommend that anyone who has a Mobile Phone should try one of these Mobile Phone Radiation shields to see that benefits for themselves. Written by Paul Schilling on Tue 1 Nov 2011 4:24:35 PM GMT

Another Amazing New Travel Product!

We recently developed a very amazingly effective new product. Our highly effective Aircraft  Personal Space Harmonizer, harmonizes an entire aircraft from tail to tip, and wing span to wing span, even if it is in your check-in luggage. For more information about product, please go to:

How Else Can It Be Used?
Another option, especially if you are “energy sensitive” is to carry an Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizer around in your handbag or purse. That way if you forget your Orgone Pendant on before you leave home, you are always protected. I personally take mine with me where ever I go as it is always in my handbag! I find it especially useful when the hairdresser is blow-drying my hair!

How was it tested?
We personally trialed the Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizers last year with amazing results. In fact, I was absolutely amazing that I was able to actually read a book for an entire 3 1/2 hour flight. Being extremely energy sensitive myself, this is something I had not ever been able to do in the past.  

The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the aircraft affected my concentration so badly, that the most I was able to do on a plane, was flick through a magazine or watch a movie. Our highly effective Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizer has also been tested by many Geomancers who have been proven that it absolutely works!

What Makes Travelling On An Aircraft Such An Uncomfortable Experience?
Most of us have traveled on passenger jet aircraft, and we all know what an uncomfortable the experience usually is, despite the fact that the Airlines attempt to provide comfortable seating, and provide a few distractions that break the trip up such as movies, food and drinks.

So What Is It That Causes This discomfort For All Of Us?
Whether taking long haul flights to Europe or Asia, or short flights within your own country, aircraft travel is an uncomfortable experience, even on shorter trips. Travelling first class does not provide much more comfort either. The answer is an over abundance of ‘positive ions’ (the unhealthy ones), which in themselves are a form of Geopathic stress or noxious energy.

So Why Are ‘Positive Ions’ So Over Abundant In An Aircraft?
When we are in an aircraft, we are travelling in a hollow metal tube at a high speed through the atmosphere. As molecules of air and moisture pass over the surface of the aircraft, they create friction on this surface. This results in an over abundance of ‘positive ions’ on the inside of the plane, and the aircraft has to be heated, as when we are travelling at heights of around 36000 feet or 11000 meters. The air temperature outside is often -60 degrees Celsius. The heated air circulating around the inside of the aircraft comes directly from the jet engines, and is loaded with ‘positive ions’.

So How Do 'Positive Ions' Affect Us?
We are then breathing in the ‘positive ions’ which make us feel very uncomfortable, stressed and agitated. These ‘positive ions’ create direct stress on the internal organs of our body, particularly on our Heart and Nervous System. If we were to compare the environments of the home, car and an aircraft, an aircraft is by far the most energetically toxic of these environments for humans. So what can we do to improve the comfort of our experience on an aircraft when travelling?

The Solution?
Is to carry an Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizer in your luggage. In fact, it is so effective that our Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizer harmonizes and neutralizes all the hazardous Positive ions, bad energies and Geopathic stress of the entire cabin of a 747 aircraft. At first we thought an Orgone Pendant would be strong enough. but tests proved that the ‘positive ion’ activity was so excessively high, that travelling in an aircraft needed something stronger. So next time you are planning a holiday or have to travel for Business, arrive happy and refreshed by carrying an Aircraft EMR Personal Space Harmonizer in your hand luggage.

The Winners of our “Write A Review” Contest are:
1st Prize Alan Bacon, Canada
2nd Prize Pam Marshall, Australia
3rd Prize Elizabeth Hammond, Canada
4th Prize Paul Schilling, Ireland
5th Prize Karina Hazan, Australia

It really has been a tough one to Judge! All winners will be notified of their prizes personally. If you have had fabulous results using these amazing Orgone Products tell us in an email or Write A Review directly on our website.

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