Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Orgone Products Would Best Suit My Needs?

I have Orgonite honey cakes in my yard for protection from chem-trails. Is it best to get rid of these?

Yes get rid of the Orgonite as it is toxic, and, it is not doing anything, in fact it is adding to the EMF problems there.

Do I need a Dome Orgone Generator in my yard for protection?

If you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in anywhere on your property, it harmonize and neutralize your entire home and the land around it, including your entire yard.

Dome Orgone Generator and Geoclense Plug-in Home Harmonizer

Do the Dome Orgone Generators work when snow covered? Do they have to be set on concrete? 

If you were to place one of our Dome Orgone Generators in your yard, it is best to placed it on a hard surface, such as concrete or a flat slab or flat granite would be even better, for it to perform at its best.

It will still totally work, even if it was under snow.  The Dome Orgone Generator works much better than the old style Pyramid Orgone Generators as they product a better energy field, and are far more effective.

Old Style Orgone Pyramid - Our Dome Orgone Generators Work Far Better!

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize all sewer pipes and underground water veins, as well all utility cables and all overhead power lines.

Can I add a ring collar around the top of my Orgone Ener-Bottle for easy grabbing and to hook my keys on to it or will this harm it?

Yes you can do this, as this will not affect it.  No matter what you do with your Orgone Ener-Bottle, it will still continue to function fully and very effectively.

I will be abandoning my current whole house protector from envirohealthtech as my Geoclense Orgone Generator, works better. My building is a duplex and each half of the building has it's own electrical circuits.  Will the entire building be protected?

The Environhealthtech product is only working for the electrical system, and does not covering anything near what our Geoclense Orgone Generator covers, nor any of the other Geopathic stress. 

The Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover both duplexes and your surrounding garden area to the boundary of your property deed, covering both properties.

To see the full list of what our highly effective Orgone Products cover go to:

When I install Geocleanse Orgone Generator in my half of my duplex house, will my neighbor also get the benefits or do they need one installed for their side? 

Yes, your neighbour will also get a lot of benefit from your Geoclense Orgone Generator due to both of your houses standing on the one property title so you will both be protected.

I'm concerned about protection from chem-trails aluminum and barium dust and frequencies, and my neighbor has computers with wireless everything. Will I be protected from all this too? 

Yes as long as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is always operating in you  house.   And when you go out you will be protect as long as your are wearing either your Orgone Pendant or Orgone Energy Wrist Ener-Band

I wear my Orgone Energy Pendant 24/7 except in shower, and I have one of your Food and Water Energizers, then I have a Dome Orgone Generator on top of refrigerator?  Do I need a Dome Orgone Generator for my 1st floor office?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover everything inside and outside of your house, including all the floors you have, so you would not need a further Dome Orgone Generator to cover your office.

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