Monday, May 26, 2014

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator Prevents Nausea On Train

How The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator Provide Protection

Is it sufficient to have my Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator in a side pocket of a leather handbag in Shopping Centres to work on the energies there?

Yes, the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator will cover an entire aircraft from wing tip to wing tip and nose to tail, and so even if it is packed into your Checked In luggage on the plane, it will still protect you.

I carry my Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator permanently in my handbag and it is with me wherever I go, especially in Shopping Centres, and now I never feel totally drained after going into any such places.

Therefore carry your Aircraft Harmonizer in the side pocket of your handbag will provide you with 30 metres of personal space protection wherever you are. As long as you are within 30 metres of your Aircraft Harmonizer, you are totally protected.

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generators

I unexpectedly had to come back from Hervey Bay recently on the Tilt- Train. To my surprise I actually felt nauseous on this trip. Three hours into the trip I decided to try taking the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator out, and hold it in the palm of my hand . The nausea and light headedness went away so I completed the rest of the trip this way with no problems!  Why was that?

Unfortunately, trains are full of electromagnetic fields and radiation, there are always many people using their iPhones and their WiFi internet connections on such vehicles. When someone is using their iPhone or WiFi inside a train carriage, just like being in a car, this turns the entire Train Carriage into a Mobile Phone aerial which you are then sitting inside of.

So it sounds like you are also prone to travel or motion sickness? Our findings as Kinesiologists, is that people who are more prone to motion sickness have systemic health issues such Mercury and heavy metal toxicity. It is the toxic heavy metals in our bodies that most likely cause us to have motion sickness and make us feel nauseous.

That is fantastic that holding your Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator was of great assistance for you at this time of need, and enabled you to continue with ease for the rest of your journey. It may be that at such times, you are better of holding it directly in your hands as you did, until such time the Systemic health issues have been addressed, balanced and eliminated.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia