Monday, August 17, 2015

Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting And How To Remove These

How many different frequencies are generated and at what range? And do these apply to all these Protection Products, such as the Orgone Pendants, the Geoclense Orgone Generators, the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators, Aircraft Harmonizers and Large Orgone Energy Plates?

There are two – Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies.

All the Orgonium Orgone Products are all infused with the same infusion of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances to create healthy beneficial Negative Ion Resonance.

Why does the dome generator cause me to sleep longer than usual? I read that it improves sleep, but shouldn't it take a shorter amount of sleep time to recharge?

This usually occurs when your body requires energy healing or you been sleep deprived for a long time, as many people are.

It may occur when you have underlying health issues that you may not be aware of, such as adrenal stress, and your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator is working on healing you. You will find that you will sleep less after some time.

Most people in our modern world are actually sleep deprived and do not know it.

 Geoclense Electromagnetic Radiation Harmonizer And Neutralizer

I read that one Geoclense is sufficient but there is a case in the blog where two Geoclenses were recommended. I would like to know why a second Geoclense recommended? Or is One Geoclense still all that is needed for this case?

We did not recommend a second Geoclense was required - the customer choose this of his own accord, as he got such great results with the first one.

As it turns out, we found out that particular person's entire suburb was severely affected by Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting that we have put remote programming on the clear.

We did advise the customer that a second Geoclense Negative Ion Generator would not make any difference nor improve his situation. He has found that this is the case and now he keeps it out in his car, as due to his Systemic Health issues (which he refused to address).

He now claims that two Geoclense Negative Ion Generators too strong for him particularly.  However, he has to fix his Systemic Health issues, and unfortunately, we cannot make him do this as it is his choice if he wished to stay unwell.  This would be why the Geoclense is too strong from him, as it is doing more energy healing than his body can support currently.

We have now resolved this situation for this customer, as we removed the Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting from his suburb.

You said that this is not worldwide Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting. You are correct that Entities have always been around and are everywhere where humans exist. So why am I affected by this?

Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting can appear anywhere. We did not state that these were all over the planet affecting every fraction of the Earth’s surface. These appear at random and are not absolutely everywhere!

We have a thorough understanding of why people have reactions to entities, electromagnetic radiation and harmful energy - often these are due to systemic health issues, from our many years of clinical and field experience.

Our Technical Advisor is very energy sensitive as I am, as we are both have the same ability due to being born on the same day.  Between us we have fine-tuned these Protection Products into what they are today.

You state that you will work with customers to resolve any issues that they have with their Protection Products.  Is this correct?

This is clearly displayed on our Terms and Conditions page, as some issues have to be resolved in other ways, from our many years of experience of working in this field.  It is only when a customer has issues that we kindly offer to resolve this, as offering refunds leaves customers unsatisfied and still with their problems!

We offer all our customers support and are well known for our high level of Customer Service, and we answer all the questions our customers send us.  See what many customers say about us at:

We do not know of many other websites that offer complete customer care, as we do. As per the many testimonials and customer reviews on our website, customers have verified and sent up unprompted testimonials that verify that these Orgonium Protection Products do what we claim they do, as they are 100% guaranteed to do this. See

 Orgone Energy  Australia

You claim to have the best Orgone devices available, therefore customer support is just as important as quality of product.  After you answered my questions, I had gained some confidence to continue using it.  Can I find out more?

We provide an incredible amount of articles on our blogs, and have several frequently answered questions page, offering a lot of information about these high efficacy Protection Products for you to read.  

If you subscribe to the feed on your computer, you can find the answers ever faster. We did not ask you to read entire blogs – just search for what you want by typing in a key word or two.

Suppressing the effects of your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator would have stopped it from providing the Energy Healing it is doing for you. That would not have resolve the issue that occurred.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia