Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Digital Alarm Clocks Stop Deep Stage Sleep So Do 400 Meter Crossings

Do Digital Alarm Clocks Affect Sleep?

It is actually Digital alarm clocks that cause us a lot of health issues, especially if you sleep in a bedroom that is next to an Ensuite bathroom. This sets up a powerful magnetic force field with the water in your plumbing which you end up sleeping in. This is a harmful Positive Ion field. We have also found that Digital alarm clocks that actually cause snoring.

Snoring Stopped When Phone Protector Was Placed On A Digital Alarm Clock

Harmful Energy And How It Affects You

A 400 Meter Grid Crossing is a particularly nasty harmful Positive Ion grid crossing, which most Mobile phone companies love to place their phone towers on! They must they know that these are particularly harmful. The 400 Meter Grid Crossing has only been newly discovered recently, although the phone tower companies have obviously know of these for quite some time.

When you have one over your home this is particularly harmful, and even your pets will stay away from this energy, as they will not enter the harmful Positive Ion force field that these create. If fact, if your property has been part of a Prisoner of War camp or use in some other negative way, this would leave some awful energy there and negative emotional imprinting. The best solution to clear all of this is a Geoclense Orgone Generator which completely harmonizes and neutralizes all this and more.

The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

Sleeping Over a 400 Meter Grid Crossing

I stayed at the home of some friends, whom it turned out had a 400 Meter Grid Crossing right over their home. I barely slept there all night for two nights due to my extreme energy sensitivity, and my friend's wife had been sleeping badly since they moved into that house 7 years ago.

I requested a Remote Reading on their property to find out what was going on there, turned out there was a 400 Meter Grid Crossing right over their property. Now that they have a Geoclense Orgone Generator their sleep is no longer disturbed, although they say they still sleep even better when they are away from home.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Is The Best Way To Test My Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

Why a Negative Ion counter may not actually work, nor be effective when testing "Negative Ion Resonance".

Our Technical Advisor states that a Lechter Antenna (see image below) is a better way to test Negative Ion resonance.  He also states that Ion meters are calibrated to measure needle Negative Ion generators, nor Negative Ion Resonance Generators.

As the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is not a needle Negative Ion generator, it is an ionic resonance device which produces a negative ion resonance, which is what a needle generator also produces to some extent. The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator produces negative ion resonance that balances the harmful effects of radiation, and not the actual negative ions.

Independent Geoclense Research from Switzerland

When using the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and measuring with the Lecher Antenna, our overseas independent tester can have conīŦrmed very impressive frequencies.

To see the independent results from one of our customers in Switzerland which is on our website at:

Science Does Not Have Technology To Measure EVERYTHING

Science is not able explain this very well because they do not understand fully the principles of a Resonance field. Also, negative ions can float around so sometimes you may not even get a reading with a needle generator as we have found when with our Air Ion testing.  To perform the tests properly you require an Ion Tester that is grounded and you also need to know when to read the negative ion because they tend to fluctuate dramatically. 

Using An Ion Tester  

We have been able to successfully get readings of around 2000 ions with the Geoclense Orgone Generator with a non grounding type negative ion tester, although the readings did fluctuate dramatically which is a problem using Ion testers.

Before And After Orgone Exposure On GDV Bio Resonance Device

The best way to test is to use a Lecher Antenna or Bio Resonance device testing (which is what our Independent research report is based on) to demonstrate the effect of removing organ stress caused by harmful positive ions created by an electromagnetic fields and other forms of harmful energy

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia