Friday, January 28, 2011

So Why Is Orgonite May Not Be So Good?

We often get asked what is the issue is with Orgonite?

We were using Organite or Orgonite technology starting some 15 years ago.  However, as we are extremely energy sensitive, we could feel that something was not quite right, and that those original Orgonite products were not doing everything that we expected them to do, nor did Orgonite do what it claimed to do.

Orgonite Pyramid

As we felt something was amiss, and were constantly saying that we did not feel right or felt worse when we had these products around our homes and workplace, we then did more Research into what was happening and why.

Orgonite did initially generate Negative Ions (health giving and beneficial) but then after a period of accumulation, it would then emit Positive Ions (harmful and disease causing). This shocked us so we wanted to find out why?

Upon doing further research and refinement of our Orgone products, and our constantly saying we were still being affected by various forms of energies that the Orgonite was not covering, we started to realize that this old technology was no longer able to combat the effects of new types of noxious energies we are constant being exposed to.

This is when we came up with our new Orgonium leading edge technology, which we found creates no accumulation of Positive Ions whatsoever.  Orgonium only constistently generates Negative Ions (the good ones), even giving these Orgone Energy Geneators a double-sided positives.

Orgonium Orgone Energy Products

What About Digital Radiation?

Every time we discovered a new noxious low-frequency EMF, such as Digital Television for example, that were not being harmonized or neutralized, we did more research and came up with new ways to combat these new noxious energies.   In fact, these WiFi And Cell Phone Radiation shields now even combat the noxious Digital Radiation that comes off the new Digital iPhones everyone is currently getting.

We have come to the realization of, that most people who are making Organite are simply just not "energy sensitivity" like we are, therefore they cannot feel whether their products are doing harm to others or not.  Otherwise, they do not do enough research nor test them for long enough.

Testing Orgonite With Kinesiology

As a Kinesiologist with more than 20 years experience, I have had to put many clients back together again (often taking several hours), who have bought and had been wearing Organite Pendants, that actually jammed up all the muscles in their entire upper body, causing them excruciating pain.

These Kinesiology clients over the years, have been quite upset when I advise them to take the Organite Pendant off as that has been what has created their pain!   Back in those days I was not aware of any of what Organite was nor what it could do.

 All I had to go by, was what the client's biofeedback (their indicator muscle) was telling me (test done with Applied Kinesiology state that Kinesiology has been proved to be 98.9% accurate), and the information their body readings were giving me.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia

Is Your Smart Phone Or iPhone Doing You Damage?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Distressed Father Concerned About Teenage Daughter Always On Her iPhone

How can I protect my daughter from iPhone Radiation?

Our first suggestion would be to have she wear one of our Orgone Energy Pendant as that will give her protection where ever she goes, especially if she is using her phone at school or in public places where there are many phone signals all over the place.

She can choose any from our entire range which you will find at:

Direct iPhone Radiation Protection

The second solution is to purchase a WiFi Harmonizer Cell Phone Radiation Shield which is adhesive and can be placed on her actual iPhone. As your daughter is constantly using her iPhone Phone, this would also be contributing to her health issues and one of our WiFi Harmonizer Cell Phone Radiation Shields placed on her phone will give her 100% protection her from the noxious radiation her iPhone emit.

For more information, please see:

Protect your entire home from WiFi Radation

You may not be aware that if you have a Wireless Internet Modem (WiFi) or a Digital Television in your home, that the energy from these is extremely noxious, and this may be what is also causing her quite a few health issues.

If this is the case, you will need to have a Geoclense Orgone EMR Harmonizer plugged in the harmonize and neutalize your entire home and property. There is further information on our Geoclense Orgone EMR Harmonizer below or go to:

The Geoclense Orgone EMR Harmonizer will automatically neutralize and harmonize all of these noxious energies, once plugged in and switch on continuously, protecting you and your loved ones.

Do something to harmonize these noxious energies - order yours today!

The Team,
Orgone Energy Australia
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orgone Generators And Their Amazing Benefits

What is the function of an Orgone Generator?

The basic function of the Orgone Generator is to recycle stagnant negative energy, also known as dead Orgone Energy, into healthy and pure Orgone - otherwise known as Life Force or Chi Energy.

Orgone Generators combine energetic materials, such as a select aromatic oils and essences to generator negative, health-giving beneficial ions which increase the oxygen in the atmosphere. They are configured in either pyramid or tetrahedron shapes which in themselves create an increase in etheric energy and promote “negative ions”.

This Energy Regenerating quality can be used to refresh your energy, or the energy of a room, an office or an entire house. Just place your Orgone Generator in your favourite room and you feel the improved energy.

What sort of harmful energy does an Orgone Generator cover?

Geopathic stress is neutralised by placing an Orgone Generator at either end of all Noxious Earth Energy lines such as Hartman Lines and Curry Lines. Orgone Energy Generators, when placed over a local Geopathic Grid, will induce the spread of Schumann Wave energy, which is life force energy that resonates at the heartbeat of the Earth.

An Orgone Generator is a tool that can be used to reduce the effects of Electromagnetic (EMR) Smog or Dead Orgone Energy in your home or office created by computers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.

They are especially helpful to people who are sensitive to Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radio Frequencies emissions broadcast by communications towers.

Other benefits of Orgone Generators are:

• Better driving alertness and endurance and with a less of a tendency of being drained after a lengthy journey

• Healthier vegetable or herb gardens when placed amount them to promote healthier plant life

• As a meditation tool to promote lucidness heightened energetic feeling by placing your fingers or your hands on the sides of your Orgone Generator whilst meditating

• Better quality and more sound sleep, better ability to recall dreams, and wake feeling more refreshed in the morning

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia