Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orgone Generators And Their Amazing Benefits

What is the function of an Orgone Generator?

The basic function of the Orgone Generator is to recycle stagnant negative energy, also known as dead Orgone Energy, into healthy and pure Orgone - otherwise known as Life Force or Chi Energy.

Orgone Generators combine energetic materials, such as a select aromatic oils and essences to generator negative, health-giving beneficial ions which increase the oxygen in the atmosphere. They are configured in either pyramid or tetrahedron shapes which in themselves create an increase in etheric energy and promote “negative ions”.

This Energy Regenerating quality can be used to refresh your energy, or the energy of a room, an office or an entire house. Just place your Orgone Generator in your favourite room and you feel the improved energy.

What sort of harmful energy does an Orgone Generator cover?

Geopathic stress is neutralised by placing an Orgone Generator at either end of all Noxious Earth Energy lines such as Hartman Lines and Curry Lines. Orgone Energy Generators, when placed over a local Geopathic Grid, will induce the spread of Schumann Wave energy, which is life force energy that resonates at the heartbeat of the Earth.

An Orgone Generator is a tool that can be used to reduce the effects of Electromagnetic (EMR) Smog or Dead Orgone Energy in your home or office created by computers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.

They are especially helpful to people who are sensitive to Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radio Frequencies emissions broadcast by communications towers.

Other benefits of Orgone Generators are:

• Better driving alertness and endurance and with a less of a tendency of being drained after a lengthy journey

• Healthier vegetable or herb gardens when placed amount them to promote healthier plant life

• As a meditation tool to promote lucidness heightened energetic feeling by placing your fingers or your hands on the sides of your Orgone Generator whilst meditating

• Better quality and more sound sleep, better ability to recall dreams, and wake feeling more refreshed in the morning

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