Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Difference Between An Orgone Generator Plate And A Dome Schmann Generator

All of our  Orgone Generator plates are also Schumann Generators as well as Orgone Generators as our technology infuses both Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies into all of these high quality radiation protection products.

Water Energizer Orgone Generator Plates 

The difference is that the Food And Water Energizers are flat so that you can place food, water, wine and other items directly by standing them on top off these for a few minutes to energize them.

The Dome Schumann Orgone Generator are dome shaped and when placed on a hard flat surface magnify their abilities in smooth dome like sphere, which is highly effective, which we have found from our recent research to be far more effect than the old style Orgone Pyramids.

You can still Energize Food, Water and other items with these.  Simply place them all beside each other on a very had surface.

You can also place your Orgone Generator Plates on hard flat surfaces as this will also magnify their energies, however you won’t get the powerful dome shaped sphere you would get with our Orgone Schumann Generator Domes.

Is There A Difference Between The Large Orgone Generator Plate And The Small Orgone Generator Plate?

The difference is the size, weight and dimensions of our large and small Orgone Generator plates. One is large and one is small.

You will find all information relating the size, weight and dimensions of all of our Orgone Products weight, size and dimensions at the bottom of each product description.

Dome Orgone Energy Schumann Generator

Can I Use Either Schumann Waves Dome Generator Or An Orgone Generator Plate To Energise Skin Care Products And For How Long? 

Yes, you can use your Orgone Schumann Dome Generator or your Orgone Generator Plates to energizer skincare products and other items as mentioned above.  This takes approximately one to fives minutes, depending one the size and the density of the items you are energizing.

Or you can place your Orgone Schumann Generator Dome or your Orgone Generator Plate on a hard surface such as the top of your refrigerator. Place the items you wish to energize beside your Orgone Schumann Generator Dome that you wish to have energized for five minutes and they will be energized.

If you keep your Orgone Schumann Dome or large Orgone Generator plate permanently on the top of your refrigerator permanently, then your food will be automatically energized as you bring them out to use them.

Are These Safe To Use With Crystals And With Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Yes because Salt Lamps are virtually ineffective because of the Positive Ions (unhealthy ions) caused by the lamp inside, which in turn neutralises the Negative Ion (healthy ones) from the crystal.

You need to either place one of our small Orgone Schumann Orgone Plate beneath all Salt Lamps, or if a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is used then the lamp cannot produce Positive (unhealthy) Ions but only Negative (healthy) Ions.

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