Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best Orgone Generators, Water Energizers And Ionizers

One Gallon (2 Litres) Of Water Is Energized In 30 Seconds, And Will Stay Charged For 12 Hours 

These highly effective Orgone Energy Food And Water Ionizers lower the surface tension of the cells making your food store longer and tastier when consumed.

Please refer to the Dyne Surface Tension of Water on these Orgonium Water Ionizer Orgone Energy Plates:

If your Orgone Energy Food And Water Ionizers in your fridge, your food will stay fresher, last longer, be tastier when consumed and you will absorb more nutrients from your food.

At the same time, your Orgone Energy Food And Water Ionizers is still capable of harmonizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF) and Geopathic Stress, at the same time.


Water Ionizers Now Come In Baby Bottles

We now have Orgone Energy Baby Bottles that energize water and milk before consumption, increasing hydration and absorption of nutrients.

We do not recommend that you ever microwave your baby's food or fluids, as this turns all the nutrients to an "inorganic" status and your baby will not be able to absorb any nutrients from anything that has been microwaved, as you baby will end up malnourished, and this may lead to health problems.

As our baby's body is do not recognize nutrients in their "inorganic" state, it is like a lump of "glug" going through the body, which the body does not know how to process. If you continue to microwave your baby's food, eczema and allergies will occur as will food tolerances.##

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