Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quantum Pendants Provide You With Total EMF Protection

Personal Body EMF Protection

Quantum Pendants provide you with EMF protection, as well as protection from all forms of harmful energy, including all of these: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

All Quantum Pendants provide you with 10 metres of personal space protection. Quantum Orgone Pendants are made from biocompatible resin, which is an amazing substance for holding the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies and are designed to be worn 24/7. 

More recently we designed the Harmony Wear range of Orgone Pendants, as our research showed us that Glass and Shell has the same abilities to hold the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies well too.

Glass Quantum Pendant - Great As A Pendulum For Dowsing

Please see below further information about our Quantum Orgone Pendants, including what some of our happy customers say about them, at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/emr-protection-pendants

Quantum Pendants Improve Sleep And Dreaming

The best protection for people who do not sleep well, would be to have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged into your home and switched on at all times, as there may be other energies that are affecting her. This will greatly improve her sleep. See our Orgone Reviews and Testimonials at Orgone Reviews and Testimonials

Quantum Pendants Are Great For Energy Healing

It is highly recommended that you wear these Quantum Pendants, if you do not sleep well, as at all times to strengthen and heal your Aura as well as you physical body, and to protect you when you are away from the home, and away from the Geoclense Orgone Generator. For more information on our Orgone Energy Protection Pendants, please see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/emr-protection-pendants

Quantum Pendants Can Be Worn Day And Night 

You can wear your Quantum Pendant every day and you can wear your Quantum Pendant whilst you sleep for extra protection, if you wish. Many people with Sleep Disorders find they actually sleep much better when they wear their Quantum Pendant, or place it near their bed.

You do not need to take a break from wearing these Quantum Pendants at all, as your Quantum Pendant will constantly work to keep your Aura sealed and protected at all times, as well as do healing and repair work of your energy fields, while at the same time improving your health, well-being and energy levels.

Some people prefer to take their Quantum Pendants off whilst showering, bathing or swimming, but this is not necessary, although they may last longer if you do this.

Shell Harmony Wear Quantum Pendant 

Cleaning Your Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendant

You do not need to clear harmful energy from these Quantum Pendant on a regular basis or ever. Our Quantum Pendants do not ever accumulate noxious energies, as they work by providing a protective energy frequency of Negative Ions around you, which is a solid state and will not ever change.

These amazing Quantum Pendants work by providing a 10 metre stand-along dome of Negative Ion Energy Protection around you whilst wearing one.

Quantum Pendants seal your Aura, balance and harmonize your Chakras, which in turn will heal your physical body.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Car Orgone Generators Provide Everyone In Your Vehicle With Protection

How Can I Protect Everyone In My Vehicle  From Harmful Energies?

The Car Orgone Generator is designed to plug into the DC or 12 volt point in your car, truck, bus or recreational vehicle. Some refer to this as the cigarette lighter point so that it can protect your entire vehicle with Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies, harmonizing all forms of harmful energies.

If you have a mobile phone, cell phone or electronic device that uses a USB port such as your iPod, then you can the USB cable into your Car Orgone Generator to charge your device. The Car Orgone Generator now comes with two USB ports, so that you can charge your iPhone, GPS or other electrical device in your vehicle while you are travelling in you.

CarOrgone Generators Have 2 USB Ports To Charge Your Electronic Devices

What If I Still Have An Old Style Phone?

If you still have the old style mobile phone or cell phone phone that does not use a USB port, and has the old style cable that needs to be plugged into your 12 volt DC point to be charged, and you still want the benefits of your Car Orgone Generator whilst driving.  All you will require is a 12 volt or DC point Double Adaptor from an electronics store. 

This way, you can still charge your old style mobile phone or cell phone, and use your Car Orgone Generator at the same time. The reason you would want to do this, is that your Car Orgone Generator reduces stress on all occupants of your vehicle, as well as reducing travel sickness.

EMF Is Dangerous Therefore Never Use Your Mobile Phone Or Cell Phone While You Are Charging It

Can I Use My Phone While I Am Charging It?

Please note that it is not safe to use your Cell Phone or Mobile phone when it is charging or while it is plugged into our Car Orgone Generator with the ignition on, as this is very dangerous. Lots of phones have exploded whilst people have done this.

Always unplug your cell phone or mobile phone if you need to make or take calls it while it is charging, otherwise all the electromagnetic radiation going into your phone to charge it is going into you head, making this a very dangerous situation.

If you have your Car Orgone Generator operating while your vehicle's ignition is on, then everyone using their cell phone, mobile phone or electronic device in your vehicle will be protected by the Car Orgone Generator.

Phone Radiation Shields Protect You From Brain Tumours and DNA Damage 

Use a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield when not in your vehicle so that you are still protected where ever you go.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Are Food Scanners In Supermarkets And Health Food Stores Safe?

Can I Protect My Food From Food Scanners?

We recently had a customer ask us if it is safe to have all our our food scanned in the Supermarket or in the Health Food store, or do Food Scanners emit harmful energy and EMF.

Yes food scanners are harmful to foods but in a sneaky way, and emit a large electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiation. Is this a deliberate attempt to interfere with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as all of our food, and to reduce their vitality level and affect our health and wellness?

The best way around this (if the Check Out operator won't key your articles in manually!) is to place all your bought and packaged food, as well as all your fruit and vegetables on top of your Food and Water Ionizer Plate

Large and Small Food And Water Ionization Plates

What is the best way to remove EMF from Food Scanners?

When you place all your food and drinks on your Food and Water Ionizer Plate, you will remove the harmful energy and the noxious imprints which these food scanners place onto our food, which are basically vitality sabotages, along which the food has been subjected to irradiation, gassing to ripen bananas and kerosene to wash your carrots, etc.

Your Geocleanse Orgone Generator will also harmonize and energize all water and food in your entire home, so it is your choice if you wish to also increase the efficiency of the water you drink or the food you eat by placing it upon a Bring Alive Food & Water Ionizer. You may wish to place all your skin care products and make-up on your Food and Water Ionizer as well.

Ionizer Plates Can Be Used Clean Crystals

What about the EMF from my refrigerator?  Can I remove this too?

Once way to get the most benefit from your Food and Water Ionizer on top of your refrigerator (or even inside it!), so that it will harmonize and neutralize the effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of your refrigerator, keeping you food much fresher for longer.

 Did you know your refrigerator has the most amount of harmful EMF than any other electrical appliance in your home, due to the size of the extremely large electromagnetic field it resonates?

Before And After Research With Water Rejuvenation Plates

All of these highly efficacy Orgonium Orgone Energy products are constant Negative Ion resonance generators; hence they will not ever accumulate harmful Positive Ions as Orgonite products do. Therefore you will not ever require to be "clean or clear" these Orgone Generators in any way, shape or form whatsoever. Some people mistaken Orgone Products as harmful Positive Ion Accumulators, such as crystals that need to be cleaned.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Effectiveness Of Geocleanse Orgone Generators

The Geocleanse Orgone Energy Generator

There is no limit to the effectiveness of the Geocleanse Orgone Generator, as it can balance all known forms of harmful energy, earth radiation and all forms of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and all these other forms of harmful energies listed here:  http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

Cell Phone Transmission towers 10km away will not interfere because they are too far away to be causing you any issues whatsoever. If they were less than 100 metres away, then there would be an energetic issue, however the Geocleanse Orgone Generator would 100% balance the radiation from these highly noxious phone towers.

Geocleanse Orgone Generator For Canada And USA

What Is The Difference Between A Geocleanse And Orgone Energy Domes?

Many people ask us what is the difference between the Geocleanse Orgone Generator and the Dome Orgone Energy Generator?

Basically, you would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geocleanse Orgone Generator would do.  However, they would not be as effective as a Geoclense Orgone Generator as they do not cover an entire property to the boundary of your property title, whereas the Dome Orgone Energy Generator only covers the energy field that they reach to depending on how hard the surface is that they are placed on.

Dome Orgone Energy Generator

How Are Orgone Energy Domes Best Used?

 Orgone Energy Domes are better for specific situations such as a Clinic Room, Meditation Rooms and small offices. They are great for targeting specific forms of harmful energy such as smart meters, digital TV's, phone towers, fault lines and other specifically noxious energies.

Orgone Energy Domes work much like the old style Orgone Chi Pyramids, however, they are way more effective than Orgone Chi Pyramids, as they put out a better Sphere of energy that is much smoother.

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