Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Car Orgone Generators Provide Everyone In Your Vehicle With Protection

How Can I Protect Everyone In My Vehicle  From Harmful Energies?

The Car Orgone Generator is designed to plug into the DC or 12 volt point in your car, truck, bus or recreational vehicle. Some refer to this as the cigarette lighter point so that it can protect your entire vehicle with Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies, harmonizing all forms of harmful energies.

If you have a mobile phone, cell phone or electronic device that uses a USB port such as your iPod, then you can the USB cable into your Car Orgone Generator to charge your device. The Car Orgone Generator now comes with two USB ports, so that you can charge your iPhone, GPS or other electrical device in your vehicle while you are travelling in you.

CarOrgone Generators Have 2 USB Ports To Charge Your Electronic Devices

What If I Still Have An Old Style Phone?

If you still have the old style mobile phone or cell phone phone that does not use a USB port, and has the old style cable that needs to be plugged into your 12 volt DC point to be charged, and you still want the benefits of your Car Orgone Generator whilst driving.  All you will require is a 12 volt or DC point Double Adaptor from an electronics store. 

This way, you can still charge your old style mobile phone or cell phone, and use your Car Orgone Generator at the same time. The reason you would want to do this, is that your Car Orgone Generator reduces stress on all occupants of your vehicle, as well as reducing travel sickness.

EMF Is Dangerous Therefore Never Use Your Mobile Phone Or Cell Phone While You Are Charging It

Can I Use My Phone While I Am Charging It?

Please note that it is not safe to use your Cell Phone or Mobile phone when it is charging or while it is plugged into our Car Orgone Generator with the ignition on, as this is very dangerous. Lots of phones have exploded whilst people have done this.

Always unplug your cell phone or mobile phone if you need to make or take calls it while it is charging, otherwise all the electromagnetic radiation going into your phone to charge it is going into you head, making this a very dangerous situation.

If you have your Car Orgone Generator operating while your vehicle's ignition is on, then everyone using their cell phone, mobile phone or electronic device in your vehicle will be protected by the Car Orgone Generator.

Phone Radiation Shields Protect You From Brain Tumours and DNA Damage 

Use a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield when not in your vehicle so that you are still protected where ever you go.

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