Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Effectiveness Of Geocleanse Orgone Generators

The Geocleanse Orgone Energy Generator

There is no limit to the effectiveness of the Geocleanse Orgone Generator, as it can balance all known forms of harmful energy, earth radiation and all forms of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and all these other forms of harmful energies listed here:

Cell Phone Transmission towers 10km away will not interfere because they are too far away to be causing you any issues whatsoever. If they were less than 100 metres away, then there would be an energetic issue, however the Geocleanse Orgone Generator would 100% balance the radiation from these highly noxious phone towers.

Geocleanse Orgone Generator For Canada And USA

What Is The Difference Between A Geocleanse And Orgone Energy Domes?

Many people ask us what is the difference between the Geocleanse Orgone Generator and the Dome Orgone Energy Generator?

Basically, you would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geocleanse Orgone Generator would do.  However, they would not be as effective as a Geoclense Orgone Generator as they do not cover an entire property to the boundary of your property title, whereas the Dome Orgone Energy Generator only covers the energy field that they reach to depending on how hard the surface is that they are placed on.

Dome Orgone Energy Generator

How Are Orgone Energy Domes Best Used?

 Orgone Energy Domes are better for specific situations such as a Clinic Room, Meditation Rooms and small offices. They are great for targeting specific forms of harmful energy such as smart meters, digital TV's, phone towers, fault lines and other specifically noxious energies.

Orgone Energy Domes work much like the old style Orgone Chi Pyramids, however, they are way more effective than Orgone Chi Pyramids, as they put out a better Sphere of energy that is much smoother.

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