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More Questions Regarding Children At School And WiFi Radiation From Wireless Internet

Firstly our products are made using our unique Orgonium technology and is not toxic Orgonite like previous products on the market, including Tesla plates (which I never found to work and could never feel any good energy any coming from them, being energy sensitive person).  For an explanion of why our products are different and the difference between Orgonium and Orgonite see: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles.

My daughter doesn't know where the modem is when you say you should put it on a modem.  So, is it all right just put it in front of the screen or so?  We're thinking of putting the shield in her pencil case, and put the case near the screen so that others won't notice?

I would highly recommend your daughter wear an Orgone Energy Pendant for her best protection.  She could place a WiFi Radiation Shield on her computer, by sticking it onto the top the the computer if it is a Laptop, or on the front of the computer if it is a Desktop, however, carrying one around in her school bag may and pulling it out to put on top of a school computer she is wear may not be sufficient, and she may be likely to forget it when she finishes.  She does not need to know where the WiFi Modem is (placing a simple WiFi Radiation Shield on the modem would do the trick but the other issue is all the noxious energies from every ones' mobile phones around school classrooms!).

She is also constantly exposed to the Wireless and Mobile Phone signals all through the school, even when she is not using a computer, so the best option would be she wear an Orgone Energy Pendant.  She could carry a WiFi Radiation Shield with her, however it only gives her ten metres of personal space protection, whereas wearing an Orgone Energy Pendant will strengthen up her Aura and give her 20 metres of personal space protection, and if she wears it all the time, she will be further protected as if she is carrying something around in her bag, she may put it down or leave it somewhere and not be within 10 metres of it.

She may also prefer to wear an Orgone Energy Wrist Band if that is allowed in her school.  To see these go to:   http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-wrist-band 

You tell me to persuade the school to buy your harmonizer, but they absolutely ignored me when I wrote about the danger of WiFi.  IT teacher was so proud of it and looked at me as if I were an absolute talking another language.

Yes I have already made this suggestion to many other parents sending my similar questions asking for solutions for their children.  Placing a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer in your child's school would be the best solution for all concerned.Also, how the harmonizer works, now you tell me that it doesn't consume any electricity from the socket?

Does that mean that you don't put the switch on?

You must plug a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer it into a powerpoint and leave it switched on permanently.  It works by harmonizing the electrical wiring that it contacts, which then magnifies its ability to provide protection from all noxious energies thereby harmonizing and neutralizing them with Negative Ions (the health giving ones).  It does not use any electricity whatsoever. 

Can you tell me more about your Orgone Energy Blankets?

Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance are the natural energy frequencies that occur in nature, where nature has not been disturbed.  Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance produces negative ions (the good ions), which is why we always feel better when spending time in nature such as in a forest or on the beach, or even in the garden.

Positive ions (the bad ions) are the ions we want to avoid, and the the ions that occur in cities and built up areas.  Positive ions are produced by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, cell phones, florescent lights, computers, electronic equipment and many other noxious energies. These are the 'bad ions' that we want to avoid or eliminate, which is why we recommend placing Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance generators in homes, offices and workplaces.

When someone is unwell with Cancer, Heart Disease or any other illness, this is because the person has accumulated too much positive ions in their body from excessive stress, poor diet, living in cities or not letting go of negative emotions.  To assist in bringing the negative ions back into balance into the body, we recommend they to wrap themselves in an Orgone Energy Blanket, to bring the negative ions back into their body and speed up their recovery and healing process.  Therefore, you would certainly be safe to use one of our Orgone Energy blankets even with a stent in your heart.

Our Orgone Energy Blankets consist of only one single layer and are made of Polar Fleece fabric, making them light and portable.  Therefore, there is no steel wool or any other heavy materials in our Orgone Energy Blankets as per the old technology.  Our Orgone Energy Blankets are then light infused with our unique Orgonium technology.   I have attached some further information regarding this technology, compared to most other Orgone technology that is one the market.  You can also find this information at http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles

We were making them our of Queen Size Wool blankets, but people found them too heavy and bulky to handle, as well as itchy, and they were also expensive for us to send overseas.  So upon doing further research, we found that Polar Fleece actually worked the best, and was so much lighter and portable for people to take with them.  They can also be placed into a normal washing machine when washing them is required, however, they do need to be hung flat on a clothes line to dry to prevent accumulation, as we do not recommend they be dried in a clothes dryer.

Our Orgone Energy Blankets have been tested and compared with other Orgone Blankets on the market which cost hundreds of dollars more.  We have had several Kinesiologists verify that our Orgone Energy Blankets test up far superior to the more other expensive models on the market, and they have found that our Orgone Energy Blankets work far more efficiently when in use, balancing the body better.

In fact, we have many Natural Therapists using our Orgone Energy Blankets in their practices.">Our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products produce a harmonious energy field or bubble around each item.  This can vary from 10 metres up to 200 metres, depending on the product (see details of our Geoclense EMR  Harmonizer below).  This energy field is a negative ion energy field.  The longer you are in a negative ion energy field, the better you will feel, as this energy field will strengthen your body, allowing healing to take place, will balance your chakras and seal you aura, as well as provide protection from paranormal energy frequencies, electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, electrical appliances, and any other noxious energies that produce positive ions which are harmful to us.

I genuinely hope they work fine as you say and there'd be no need for that, but we never know until we use it.  I get a headache just by using a computer at a local library which stupidly installed WiFi so that people can bring their laptop to work within the building.  I'd be there for one hour, but I get a headache in first 10 minutes or so.  I can use myself to see if your products really work.

We do not have a money back policy nor have we ever been requested this, as our products are guarantee to work 100%, if not, we will work out what is going on by doing a Remote Reading of your property and advising you of the cures required, and will work to clear any residual energies that are causing issues.

I am a Kinesiologist and have been in Practice since 1992, and have a wealth of experience in this aspect, therefore between us our team can assist in getting things right for you..

What about Chemtrails - do your products cover these?

I see them from my place but they never go over here due to my Geoclense EMR Harmonizer constantly being on, therefore they will not land or come near the Negative Ions constantly being generated by my Geoclense EMR Harmonizer.

In fact, one of my neighbours has 611 acres, and we found that his Geoclense EMR Harmonizer covered 600 acres of his property. The only reason it didn't do the final back corner, was this this area had particularly nasty energy there (even his cows wouldn't go near it!!!), and we had to put a Schumann Generator in this back corner to cure the problem. Everything has been fine ever since and now even his cows go down there and I don't feel sick just driving past it! Now he sleeps really well, as he was unable to sleep hardly at all before.

Does it make any difference
what color my Orgone Energy Pendant, is?  You can choice any colour you like. Some people think certain colours do certain things, but the colour choice is because some people prefer some colours and not others.   Some people preferred the coloured ones, and some prefer the ones with no color - the white ones.

I think they have similar product like your harmonizer using Tesla's technology?  That is out of date and old technology, and as stated above, it does not work well.

There are many companies that offer a similar product, usually from around USD$750 plus, but we get many complaints from people who have bought these, and upon testing them our Technical Advisor has not found one of them to work efficiently, and often they do the reverse of what they claim to do. We have also found that the people making these are not energy sensitive, and cannot feel the noxious energies Organite produces.

Do you happen to know if your products(and your Orgone Energy Pendants) is/are better than theirs or not, and the reason?

Read our articles at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles to see why our Orgonium Orgone Energy products are more effective than others on the market.   

Do you have any product like their water kit, which alter tap water into like spring water?  If yes, can it get rid of fluoride as well as all those nano-aluminium, barium strontium etc from chemtrails that they are spraying over our water sources?

Our Bring Alive Food | Water Energizer lowers the surface tension of the cells making your food store longer (I keep one in the fridge) and tastier when consumed. As the same time, it is still capable of harmonizing EMR, EMF and Geopathic Stress as well.

All you need to do is stand all your water on the Orgone Energy Water Energizer before drinking it. To filter out pollutants and heavy metals, put your water through a Brita Water filter first.  I stand my Brita Water Filter on my Water Energizer permanently. I drink filtered rainwater that has been placed on my Orgone Energy Water Energizer and everyone always comments on how great the water tastes here and how much better it hydrates them.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, 
Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner
Beating Chronic Fatigue And RESET Jaw TMJ Treatment

Friday, December 3, 2010

How Can I Protect My Son From Laptop, WiFi And Phone Radiation?

What Is The Best Solution For My Son's Constant Wireless Usage?

Another Mother has contacted us, concerned about her son's constant use of his iPhone, his Laptop Computer and their in-home Wireless (WiFi) internet connection, asking us for a solution to this. Here are some of the solutions we provide.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Protect Your Entire Home From Harmful Energies

The first solution for protecting all users of your home Wireless internet connection would be to install a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator in your home.

What about when my son is away from home?

The second solution for when you son is away from home is to carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator with to which will provide your son with total protection wherever he goes.  This is especially important if he is using his iPhone, WiFi or  computers at school or in public places, where there may be many phone and wireless signals going all over the place.

The world’s most effective Mini Orgone Generator - the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator and Personal Space Protector, which is highly effective as a iPhone Radiation Protector, as well as providing protection from wireless and computer radiation.

These provide total protection whilst flying in Aircraft, or travelling on trains and buses providing complete protection from all Electromagnetic Radiation. These also reduce fatigue, tiredness and jetlag! http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-generator-aircraft-harmonizer

An Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator will provide with 30 metres of protection, and will do a lot to improve his overall health and well-being by sealing and protecting his Aura and energy field protecting his brain and his general health as well. If you would like to see our Independent Research, showing how this Orgone Products seal and protect the aura, and balance our Chakras see http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-research

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator For Protection Everywhere You Go

What about my son's Phone?

The third solution for your son is to place a Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector on his iPhone, as he most likely carries this around with him all the time. This would provide him with 10 metres of Personal Space Protection. This would also give him some protection whilst using a Laptop. We would also recommend that he place one of these Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector onto his Laptop.

If he has an iPhone then he would need to place his Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector between his actual iPhone and its a protective cover on the back of his iPhone. That way, he can transfer it to the new phone when he updates. We have recently discovered that iPhones and other similar devices with Digital screens, actually emit toxic Digital energies similar to that of Digital televisions, and we have now upgraded all of these Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protectors provide protection against harmful digital radiation.

Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors

These Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protectors can be used differently, depending on whether you have a battery cover you can slide your Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector in to, or you can even peel it off the protective backing and stick it to the outside of an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. The Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector is that these can be placed on Wireless Internet Modems, dongles, laptop computers, desktop computers, etc. Cut them in half if you need to.

If your son is constantly using his iPhone, or constantly sitting in wireless radiation beams in the classroom at school, or at WiFi cafes, then a Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector placed on his iPhone and his Laptop computer will give him 100% protection from the electromagnetic radiation, whether it is from his iPhone, his Laptop Computer or from other peoples' WiFi beams around him.

Yours sincerely,
The Orgone Team
Orgone Energy Australia
Website: http://www.orgoneenergy.org
Latest Updates: https://www.orgoneenergy.org/blogs/news

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Why Are Our Orgonium Orgone Energy Blankets So Different?

Negative Ions Heal and Energize 

Orgonium Energy Blankets are infused with Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Frequencies, which generate Negative Ion frequencies with an energizing system, and uses modified light frequencies to change the molecular structure of the Orgone Energy Blanket material, and are made using our unique Orgonium Technology.

Schumann Resonance Frequencies Or Schumann Waves

As long as these Orgone Energy Blankets are not left folded up like normal blankets (they are best rolled up), they will not a accumulate noxious energies like the old traditional Orgone Blankets.  They are best left flat over a chair or on a bed, when not in use, otherwise hang them on the outdoor clothes line for a short time.

Superior Orgone Energy Blankets

This product is superior product to others according to independent tests by many Kinesiologist and Naturapaths using Biofeedback tools.  The Orgonium Orgone Energy Blanket are far more cost effective, and have the added benefit that they can be machine washed as often as you wish.  In fact, we have many Health Professionals using our Orgonium Orgone Energy Blankets.

However, we do not recommend drying the in an electric clothes dryer after you have washed your Orgone Energy Blanket.  They must be hung on a clothes line and dried in the sun, as if they are dried in an Electric  Clothes Dryer, this will cause accumulation from the Positive (bad) ions produced by the Electric Clothes Dryer.  If you are unable to hang it outside to dry, please hang it as flat as possible over a Clothes Airer to get it dry inside.

Orgone Energy Blankets And Their Benefits For Healing Your Aura

Improve your Energy And Well-Being

We know that you will have experienced the increase level of energy and well-being from using one of our Orgonium Orgone Energy Blanket, and will continue experiencing the incredible benefits for many years to come. 

If you have old Oronite Orgone Products in your home, we recommend removing them as they emit toxic Positive Ions and we also recommend that you install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer to harmonize the extra-ordinary geopathic stress your are being exposed to, that would be seriously affecting your general health and well-being.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia