Friday, December 3, 2010

How Can I Protect My Son From Laptop, WiFi And Phone Radiation?

What Is The Best Solution For My Son's Constant Wireless Usage?

Another Mother has contacted us, concerned about her son's constant use of his iPhone, his Laptop Computer and their in-home Wireless (WiFi) internet connection, asking us for a solution to this. Here are some of the solutions we provide.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Protect Your Entire Home From Harmful Energies

The first solution for protecting all users of your home Wireless internet connection would be to install a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator in your home.

What about when my son is away from home?

The second solution for when you son is away from home is to carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator with to which will provide your son with total protection wherever he goes.  This is especially important if he is using his iPhone, WiFi or  computers at school or in public places, where there may be many phone and wireless signals going all over the place.

The world’s most effective Mini Orgone Generator - the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator and Personal Space Protector, which is highly effective as a iPhone Radiation Protector, as well as providing protection from wireless and computer radiation.

These provide total protection whilst flying in Aircraft, or travelling on trains and buses providing complete protection from all Electromagnetic Radiation. These also reduce fatigue, tiredness and jetlag!

An Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator will provide with 30 metres of protection, and will do a lot to improve his overall health and well-being by sealing and protecting his Aura and energy field protecting his brain and his general health as well. If you would like to see our Independent Research, showing how this Orgone Products seal and protect the aura, and balance our Chakras see

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator For Protection Everywhere You Go

What about my son's Phone?

The third solution for your son is to place a Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector on his iPhone, as he most likely carries this around with him all the time. This would provide him with 10 metres of Personal Space Protection. This would also give him some protection whilst using a Laptop. We would also recommend that he place one of these Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector onto his Laptop.

If he has an iPhone then he would need to place his Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector between his actual iPhone and its a protective cover on the back of his iPhone. That way, he can transfer it to the new phone when he updates. We have recently discovered that iPhones and other similar devices with Digital screens, actually emit toxic Digital energies similar to that of Digital televisions, and we have now upgraded all of these Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protectors provide protection against harmful digital radiation.

Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors

These Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protectors can be used differently, depending on whether you have a battery cover you can slide your Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector in to, or you can even peel it off the protective backing and stick it to the outside of an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. The Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector is that these can be placed on Wireless Internet Modems, dongles, laptop computers, desktop computers, etc. Cut them in half if you need to.

If your son is constantly using his iPhone, or constantly sitting in wireless radiation beams in the classroom at school, or at WiFi cafes, then a Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Protector placed on his iPhone and his Laptop computer will give him 100% protection from the electromagnetic radiation, whether it is from his iPhone, his Laptop Computer or from other peoples' WiFi beams around him.

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