Sunday, April 29, 2012

Car Harmonizers Now Have Two USB Ports

New Car Harmonizer Orgone Generator

The Car Orgone Generator needs to be plugged into a 12 volt DC (cigarette lighter) socket in your vehicle, boat or caravan, and once your ignition is turned and your Car Orgone Generator can connect to the electrical circuitry of the vehicle, it works the same way as our Geocleanse Orgone Generator for your home.

Car Harmonizer with USB Ports for GPS Devices and Charging

Our new Car Orgone Generator now comes with two USB ports, so that you can now charge up your iPhone, iPod or other devices without the need for a double adaptor in your car,or plug in your GPS navigator. Now you can keep your Car Orgone Generator plugged in and charge your other devices at the same time, keep your entire vehicle protected.

When your Car Orgone Generator has been installed and your vehicle ignition is on, your Car Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize:

  • All electromagnetic radiation (EMR) 
  • Very Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (VLF) 
  • The petrol and petrol tank 
  • Motion Sickness especially when sitting over the fuel lines under the back passenger seat 
  • All exhaust gases as well as the car fumes that surround you when on the road 
  • Radio Frequencies from Mobile Phone / Cell Phone towers 
  • All Earth Magnetic Radiation, Geopathic Stress and Fault Lines 
  • All Malevolent, Paranormal energies 
  • All the electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances and wiring in the vehicle 
  • All underground water veins and sewers whilst travelling in your vehicle 
  • All Microwave beams and fields from electrical appliances such as iPhones and Smart Phones
  • Your GPS Navigator system 
  • All the Wi-Fi Wireless Internet modems 
  • All emotional distress imprints from buildings and vehicles around you 
  • Are all Death imprints, Entity attachments and Ghosts 
  • All Satellite beams 
  • All noxious radiation from Digital televisions 
  • Any artificial heating and cooling in the vehicle 
  • Any moulds, fungi or dampness in your vehicle are being harmonizes and neutralized 

Protect Your Entire Vehicle

The Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves generated by your Car Orgone Generator, has the highest known output of Orgone or “Negative Ion” frequencies available and acts pretty much in the same way as our Geoclense Orgone Generator for your home, with a few extra features as listed above. Our Car Orgone Generator is also effective in your boat, truck or recreational vehicles, as well as calming animals during transportation.

You can test your Car Orgone Generator is working, by using dowsing rods, a pendulum or Kinesiology. You will need to test it while it is connected to the electrical circuitry of the car to show the size of the actual field around the Car Orgone Generator. You can ask the same or similar questions to the suggestions we have at:

Order your Car Orgone Generator to protect your family and your loved ones from noxious energies and prevent travel sickness, by going to:

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How Do I Combat Harmful Smart Meter Radiation

How To Stop Smart Meter Radiation From Making You Sick

We have had so many people call us to ask what they can do about the new Smart Meter they have recently had installed on their home, and very commonly is on the wall of the Master Bedroom where most people sleep.

The best protection is the Geoclense Orgone Generator which is an effective Orgone Device that harmonizes and neutralizes noxious energies produced by noxious Smart Meter radiation.

Protect yourself and your family from Smart Meter radiation by ordering your Geoclense Orgone Generator today by going to:

Geoclense Plus Dome Orgone Generators Best Protect You From Smart Meter Radiation

 And The Best Additional Protection Against Smart Meter Radiation

Due to Smart Meters emitting such harmful energy, it is best to add a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to your Smart Meter.

As well as a Geoclense Orgone Generator installed in the building Dome Orgone Schumann Generator are specific area protections which will defend you against the harm of Smart Meter radation by specifically harmonizing and neutralizing this particularly bad form of electropollution and the harmful EMF spikes that are emitted from Smart Meters ever few seconds, as per: 

Watch this short clip by Dr Deagle about Smart Meters and Electropollution

Yours sincerely,
Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.(Kinesiology)
Orgone Energy Australia