Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where Is The Best Place To Plug My Orgone Geocleanse In?

My condo is 1500sq ft so where do I plug my Geocleanse in?

Wherever you choose where it won't get unplugged by someone else, such as behind a desk or some other furniture or even in a cupboard.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will cover the entire property to the boundary fences, especially if it is on one property Deed or Title.  If this is so, it will protect everyone else in the entire building and entire property!

Does Geocleanse get updated and how? Can I take it to Canada when I go to see my family?Basically can I travel with it in US and Canada?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will come with the latest energy infusion to cover all new forms of harmful energy.  

We recommend that you update the Memory of your Geoclense Orgone Generator every two to three years.
Powerful Energy Healing Orgone Products

This morning I was hyperactive, sweating, talking fast, had decreased appetite (which I like) as I was cleaning my house and multi tasking (some mild head pressure) but I feel good. Is this normal, will it change? Is The Geocleanse is too strong?

That is great to hear you are getting things done and improving your health and wellness.

These Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are very power energy healing products, and as shown on our Research page, these high efficacy Orgone Products do a lot of healing on your body by sealing your aura, clearing your energy fields and balancing your chakras.

As you have resolved your Systemic Health, then what you are experiencing is your Orgone Products have done a lot of healing, and as they are specifically designed to clear the energy of Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida from your aura and energy fields.

We have many very sensitive customers who have Geoclense Orgone Generators, therefore is not too strong.

The Geoclense Orgone Generator Protects Your Entire Home From Harmful Energy

Can I tape my Orgone Plate onto the shower head while water running?

Yes you may do this if it is not an inconvenience to do this every time you use your shower, or you can place it on the floor beside your shower, or even inside your shower tray.

Note that your Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged in and operating in your home, therefore it will totally harmonize and neutralize all the water on your property including black water, grey water and sewerage, as well as all your tap water, drinking water, and even your food and drinks in your refrigerator.

I  would like to do affirmation for positive results with my mortgage issues.  What is the best way to do this and for how long?

Write these as though it is in the present time and you have what you want already, here and now. Such as:

"My Mortgage is always paid on time", or "My Mortgage is paid off quickly, easily and effortlessly", or "My Mortgage is paid in full".

Leave whatever you choose to write on top of your Orgone Energy Plate until you get your desired results, or until you feel the desire to change these or improve them. You may want to update this regularly, change this as your circumstances improves or your situation differs.

You can read our blog post about how to do this and read this Review on our Orgone Reviews page at the link in this Review:

Orgone Energy Plate

Using Orgone Energy To Generate And Create You Desires

I use a PEMF sleep machine and it works wonders as the pulsed magnetic field is set to delta waves (based on Dr Robert Becker's work)? Are there any interference or contraindications with Orgone?

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will completely harmonize and neutralize this device or any others you may be using, especially if they emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and Orgone is Negative Ions naturally found in nature.

There are absolutely no contra-indications with the Geoclense Orgone Generator with any energy healing, or any electrical devices or healing devices whatsoever. In fact, it will do the opposite as stated above.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can I Use My Geoclense Anywhere Or Is It Programmed To My Address?

My Geoclense is not programmed right, but I can use it in two addresses, or travel with it?

Yes this is correct.   If we were to program your Geoclense  to one address, this would restrict you to use it there only, and you would not be able to take it with you when you travel, therefore it would not protect you anywhere else.

Then you would not be happy with us when you moved to a new home or wanted to take it with you on vacation, as you would not be able to use it anywhere else, and it would be useless when you move to a new address.

Please note that it is not a device that will protect you whilst in transit, as it works once it is plugged in, as advised in our previous message.  The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator does this.

You can use your Geoclense at as many and at an unlimited amount of address as you wish, if you want to continually move it about. There is no restriction here or any limitation in this respect.

The only programming we do for this product is if you wish to have it cover a School or University. There is however, a limitation on this separate product on how many additional Second Address Programs you wish to purchase for your Geoclense which is limited two addresses only. Note this is a completely separate product to your Geoclense.

Therefore, you are asking questions about two entirely different products here. The only programming that is done is when you purchase the Addition Optional Second Address Program, which is an Additional Option Extra that you can purchase for your Geoclense!

These are programmed into a Memory Card and are attached to the back of your Geoclense, if you choose to purchase these.

The Second Address Program is limited to two addresses. Your Geoclense which can be used at an unlimited and infinite amount of address if you wish.

If these things aren't programmed, how can they be limited to two addresses or a school or anything?

Once again, you are actually asking about an entirely different product here, being the Second Address Program that we offer to add to your Geoclense for Schools and Universities, as they often do not allow you to plug Geoclenses in at their locations, as they are not aware of the dangers of harmful energy.   Please refer to the answers above.

Only the Second Address Program for Schools and Universities is limited to two addresses, as we cannot program more addresses than this into one Geoclense, as Radionics does not work in that way.

If my Geoclense was programmed only two addresses, then how can it work elsewhere when I plug it in at another location when travelling and have it work at that address?

Your Geoclense is most definitely NOT programmed to work any one specific address. You may use it at any address and any location on the entire Planet.

We do not every do any programming of any Geoclense we post to our customers, unless the separate additional Optional Extra item call Second Address Program is chosen.  The Second Address Program is a completely separate product which is an Optional Extra that you can choose to purchase. See:

We have completely different products to protect you whilst actually in transit travel such as the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generators, as your Geoclense usually remains at one location as at at your home or place of work, unless you are on holiday and choose to take it with you.  Note that your Geoclense will not provide you protection while you are in transit as it only works plugged in.  

If it works when I travel and I can plug it elsewhere, what is the programming about then?

We have not ever stated anywhere that the Geoclense works whilst you are actually travelling. You may take it with you when you travel, and it will work where you plug it in at your destination.

Wherever I plug the Geoclense in is where it works right, regardless how many different addresses that is at?

Yes that your Geoclense work anywhere it is plugged in, anywhere on the entire planet.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia