Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Is Schumann Resonance And How Does It Work?

I would like to energize the food in my refrigerator without having to do so with each item individually. Can I do this? 

Yes you can do this by placing one large Food and Water Energizer plate inside your refrigerator to give you the most benefit from it.  When you place it on a very hard surface, you will maximize its potential. It works better this way, as it needs to be on a hard surface to generate the most energy.

You would not need to energize anything individually as placing a large Food and Water Energizer inside your refrigerator would harmonize all the food there as well as your entire kitchen, and would energize all of you water within it's energy field.

If you get the Orgone Energy Rain Maker, it automatically comes with Downloadable instructions on how to also use it as an Orgone Energy Rainmaker.

I also have a one foot Orgone Pyramid with a one point amethyst on top made with copper coils.  After from reading all your information on Orgonite, should I view this as another energy to correct ? 

Right, yes this is a very good description of Orgonite - which may not be doing you much good. For further information about this, kindly read:

We originally made our products with Orgonite technology. However, we are very ''energy sensitive'' we could feel something was wrong, so upon doing further and proper research, we then developed the leading edge Orgonium Orgone Energy technology. 

I would like to purchase your Food And Water Energizer Plate and store it in my fridge. From my understanding of your description, it has a radius of 100 metres which is more than enough for my one bedroom apartment.

As you are in an apartment, that has way more harmful energy than a standard house are you are more closely affected by all your neighbour's digital televisions, WiFi Routers and iPhones in much closer vicinity, then we would highly recommend more powerful protection such as a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, as you have way more negative energies to deal with there.

The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer

Otherwise would the best option would be to purchase a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer which would cover your entire apartment as well as the land it stands on (and probably will do all your neighbours apartments too!).

The best place to put one of our Food And Water Energizer Plate would be to place it on a hard surface such as your refrigerator, as well as a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer to deal with your entire property, the land surrounding it and all your neighbour's apartments.  These are Schumann Generators as well as Orgone Generators too.

You may place your Food And Water Energizer inside of your refrigerator if you wish, but it would not be necessary as it would work just as well on top.

The efficiency of your refrigerator would be improve and not compromised, as it will use electricity more efficiently with one of our products placed on it.

However, if you are wanting something to assist you to sleep better, then we would recommend that the Geoclense EMR Harmonizer would be best in your situation for this purpose, plus they will keep you protected when you leave your home.  Especially as you may be sleeping next to your neighbour's WiFi router left on all night, on the other side of your bedroom wall, or in all the Digital Imprints from when your neighbours turn their television off at night.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Do I Have To Move House Because I Have Of Geopathic Stress?

What Can I Do About Geopathic Stress And Harmful Energies?

You do not actually have to move from your home or place of residence if you have Geopathic Stress, Death Imprints or Spirit Lines affecting it, as there is a simple solution to correcting this problem.  All you have to do is install a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, which is simply plugged in live power point or electrical circuit and left there all the time.

The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer will completely harmonize and neutralise all noxious energies in your home including of these harmful energies and more, included in this list:

Geoclense EMR Harmonizer Is Made For Many Countries


There are two types of Imprints. There are Personal Imprints, which are a mild noxious energy field,. And then there are Malevolent Imprints, which has a much heavier noxious field. 

Imprints can be removed utilizing a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer or an Orgone Energy Schumann Generator, along with “stating intent” and using specific affirmations to clear and dissolve them.

There may also be Death Imprints which contain harmful Positive Ions and Birth Imprints which contain beneficial Negative Ions.  These are cleared by the Geoclense EMR Harmonizer in a day or two.

Schumann Frequency Generators harmonize and neutralize Geopathic Stress

Spirit Lines

A Spirit Line is a harmful energy line and an imprint that indicates that someone has passed away either in the house or nearby. Open Spirit Lines often allow ghosts and other spirit forms to continue to energy your home, office or buildings, until the Spirit Line is closed to stop more spirit forms from entering. 

The imprint is the actual place that the person passed and the spirit line emanates out from the Solar Plexus from the Imprint. Spirit Lines and their Imprints can be dissolved with Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator activation but it should be done with respect to the spirit that has left the imprint.

We have an explanation of Spirit Lines on our Frequently Asked Questions Page on our website at:

Health Issues Will Cause Reactions To These

If you are reacting badly to the Geopathic Stress and harmful energies which is being caused by health issues, we strongly recommend you get these addressed.  It is underlying health issues that are making you more sensitive to these form of energy, as your body cannot heal when it is under this amount of stress.  For more information see:

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia