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Where Do I Place My WiFi Computer Phone Radiation Shield?

Radiation Shielding For All Electronic Devices

You can place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your wireless internet dongle or on the modem itself to harmonize this.

You may also place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your Laptop or notebook computer as this item can be use as a Laptop Radiation Shield and as a Computer Radiation Shield, especially if you are using them where there are Wireless internet connections such as in WiFi cafes or in the office. This way you are being totally protected from the noxious EMF's that these devices emit.

Laptop Radiation Shield | WiFi Radiation Shield | Cell Phone EMF Shield 

The Danger Of Sitting In Wireless Beams

If you are taking your Laptop out a lot, and using it with portable or mobile wireless devices, then it would be more effective to place your WiFi Radiation Shield on your laptop computer. The same would apply if you have Wireless Internet in your office or workplace, or any sort of wireless technology.

That way, when you are using WiFi with lots of others around you using it at the same time, this also harmonizes all the beams that are going in and around you, providing you with the best protection. These Wi-Fi beams will affect your health contributing to feeling tired, lethargic and fatigued.

You can place your Laptop Radiation Shield on the back of your Laptop screen, as this will also harmonize the effects of the radiation coming off of your Laptop Screen while you are using it as well, assisting in reducing fatigue and sleeplessness, caused by looking at the screen for long periods of time or late in the evening.

Otherwise you can place it beneath the battery and then transfer it to your new computer each time you upgrade.  It does not matter where you actually place your Laptop or Computer Radiation Shield on your computer, as it will turn your entire computer in a Radiation shield.

These days even all Primary Schools have WiFi technology, emitting noxious energies through the entire school, affecting may children. Placing a Laptop or Computer Radiation Shield on your child's computer will keep your child safe, especially when they are in a 10 meter radius of their computer.

They can also be placed on cell phones, mobile phones, iPhones and Smart phones as they are also Phone Radiation Shields too.

Radiation Shielding For Small Electronic Devices 

Options For Protecting Large Spaces

The best radiation protecdtion solution for any home, school, office or work space that has Wireless technology connected, would to plug a Geoclense Orgone Generator into a power socket, which will harmonizer the entire building(s) and the land surrounding it, keeping every safe from harm.

We Provide Geoclense Orgone Generators To Protect Entire Buildings

We have one plugged into an office very tall office tower that had many floors. We did these tests on the entire building to find all every floor of this building has been complete protected from all forms of hazardous positive ion energies, from just one Geoclense Orgone Generator being plugged into one office on one floor.

This building has a twin tower.  Had the twin tower been on the same property title, the Geoclense Orgone Generator would have protected the entire second building too but it was on a different property title.

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