Friday, October 28, 2011

What Is The Difference Between Orgone Pendants And Aircraft Harmonizers?

Orgone Pendants provide you  with ten metres of personal space protection as do all our WiFi Cell Phone Radiation Harmonizers, where ever you go.

The Aircraft Harmonizer provide you you 30 metres of personal space protection as it is more powerful, as it is designed to harmonize an entire aircraft from wing tip to wing to and from nose to tail.

The Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator Will Protect An Entire Plane

Which Is Better To Use For Air Travel And For Day To Day Errands?

For travelling in aircraft, the most effective Orgone Generator to carry with you is our Aircraft Harmonizer, which is basically a mini Orgone Generator.

You would be best to wear your Orgone Pendant when going about your day to day activities, depending of the level of protection you require.  However, if you are energy sensitive, then you may wish carry an Aircraft Harmonizer around with you everywhere, to provide you with greater protection. We carry ours with us everywhere we go.

What Weight Is The Aircraft Harmonizer

It is approximately 30 grams in weigh.  All these Orgone products are handmade and can vary slight in weight and dimensions, therefore the dimensions, weight and size of all our products are at the bottom of each product description page or each of our Orgone Products.

Orgonium Orgone Pendants Are Positive On Each Side Providing The Best Protection Possible 

Do I have to wear the Orgone Pendant to get its maximum benefit or can I just put it in my bag?

You would get far more benefit from wearing your Orgone Pendant as it is designed to heal your aura and seal it, and it also provides you with a lot of protection.

You would get no or very little benefit from your Orgone Pendant if it was in a bag, as it would not be able to do it’s job especially if your bag is more than 10 metres away from you.  You would the be better off to carry an  Aircraft Harmonizer  instead.

You would get far more benefit from it if it was even in a pocket, than in a bag, as other items in the bag may possible stop your Orgone Pendant from working. Your Orgone Pendant needs to be within your energy fields for it do to its best work.

How Do These Orgone Pendants Different to Qlink And Tesla Pendants And What Kind Of Technology Does Your Product Use?

The Q Link takes stress away from one organ, whilst it places stress on all the other organs, so they are not as good as the manufacturer claims.

We have had Kinesiology clients come to us in severe pain with their entire upper body locked up from wearing such a pendant for only a few days. It took an entire 1½ hours session to unjam their muscles and take them out of the severe pain they were in.

Tesla pendants, depending on which model have a harmful polarity which also places stress on various organs depending on where it is placed on the body.

Whereas our Orgone Products do not do this as they are made with our leading edge Orgonium Orgone Energy technology.

Cell Phone Radiation Shield / WifFi Radiation Shield / Computer Radiation Shield

What Is The Best Place To Put Phone Computer WiFi Harmonizer? Where Do You Stick Them?

We have now streamlined these into one product which can be used as an Adhesive / Stick on product, or it can be placed inside the batter compartment of the device you wish to have harmonized.

You will find an detailed explanations of how to use our Phone Computer WiFi Harmonizers on our Frequently Asked Questions page at: