Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dome Orgone Generators Versus Geocleanse Orgone Generators

Why Is The Difference Between A Geoclense And The Orgone Domes?

You would require two Orgone Energy Domes to do what one Geoclense Orgone Generator would do, as long as they are placed strategically, however, they would not be as effective as one Geoclense Orgone Generator which works differently.

 If you are affected by a great deal of harmful energy where you live, especially if you live in an apartment building, or in a city, then the Geoclense Orgone Generator would provide far greater protection due to all the Digital televisions, Smart Meters and WiFi which are so hazardous these days.

Geoclense Orgone Generator

Is An Orgone Pyramid Just As Protective?

You can still use your old style Orgonium Orgone Pyramid by placing it in any area that you feels needs more clearing, or take it to work to protect your there.  See further information on this blog as to why Orgone Pyramids are not as effective as Dome Orgone Generators

The other option would be to get one Orgone Energy Dome and use it with your Orgone Energy Pyramid, however we are no longer making Orgone Energy Pyramids, as the Orgone Energy Domes are way more effective producing a better energy dome or sphere of protection that an Orgone Pyramid ever could.

Dome Orgone Generators Are Far Superior To Old Style Orgone Pyramids

Would Agrihotra Provide The Same Protection?

We are familiar with Agrihotra but as far as we are aware it is more for cleansing the mind, body and spirit, and is a very useful practice. However, Agrihotra may actually remove harmful energy affecting your property, as they are a constant source of bombardment, and need to constantly harmonized and neutralized.

What Are Death Imprints?

Death imprints are what is left behind on a spot where someone has died. 

These Orgonium Orgone Products actually remove the effects of negative energies. It is not unusual to have had people pass away in homes that have been around for a long time. The Geoclense Orgone Generators designed to remove these Death Imprints.

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