Monday, August 27, 2012

Orgonium Orgone Technology And Orgonite

What Is Orgonite And Is It Safe?

Over the years, we have been sent many bad testimonials and complaints come in from customers who have been severely and adversely affected by Orginite.

An Orginite Pyramid - Do You Feel Sick Just Looking At It?

To find out why, please read the explanation on the difference between Orgonium Orgone Energy products and Orgonite, if you are not aware of the differences:

People Making These Orgone Devices Cannot Feel What They Do

Unfortunately, many of the people who are making Orginite are not "energy sensitive" enough to feel the harm that it does, as we are. 

 Originally we were also making Orginite products but they were making us feel unwell, tired, fatigued, drained and stressed. Upon doing further research into the Orginite products we were making, we found that they initially generated healthy Negative Ions.

We found that over a period of time they accumulated unhealthy Positive Ions, which then caused them to become unhealthy Positive Ion Generators which is why they are making so many people ill.

Safe Orgonium Orgone Devices - Feel The Difference By Just Looking At Them!

We have included some Testimonials from customers about Orginite below and you will find some of these testimonials on our website at:

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