Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Ways Can I Heal Faster By Correcting My Jaw?

I plan on getting the book for the RESET as I find it so fascinating how its related to adrenals, and mine really unhappy, will it help with this?

Yes the sooner you start doing the TMJ treatment on yourself, the faster you will recover. You jaw is out of balance because your Adrenals are unhappy.

The main muscles that relate to your jaw are the Sartorius muscles which directly related to your Adrenals in Chinese Medicine.


My dentist wants me to do orthodontics due to the clicking in my jaws.  I have read in Kinesiology philosophy is related to emotions. I truly, believe a lot of my issues are related to trapped emotions.

Yes you are absolutely correct there. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are often the cause of much illness, disease and Health issues.

In the meantime, save money by purchasing a soft Sports Mouth Guard from a Sporting Goods store to use at night to take the tension of your Jaw. This will assist you to break the habit and will be cheaper than the one your Dentist will make for you.

The RESET Jaw Correction Technique assists you to release deep-seated emotional stress:

The Kinergetics system of Kinesiology has some of the best TMJ Corrections of any Healing Modality that I know of and have worked with and I have trained in a few of them. Kinergetics identifies your emotional imbalances and clears them effective.

The RESET Jaw Correction Technique will help you immensely and speed up your recovery. The sooner you get this the better!

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner