Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Washing And Using My Orgonium Orgone Energy Miracle Blanket

Amazing Energy Healing Orgone Blankets

1. I now wash my clothes at home with Ozone "PureWash" on Will washing my Orgone Blanket with Ozone hurt the Orgone Effects of my blanket?

Ozone is completely fine for washing your Orgone Blanket, however, we do NOT recommend that you use Bleach nor any kind of Fabric softner ever in any way shape or form, as these are extremely harmful on the environment and would cause damage to your Orgone Blanket.

Ozone is naturally found in nature and will not affect the Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance frequencies of your Orgone Blanket.

 2. Does my Orgone Blanket work best if touching your skin? Or does it work equally through your clothing?

Your Orgone Blanket will absolutely work through your clothing or anything else as it has a radius of 30 metres,  Therefore, Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonances will penetrate anything in this energy field, including solid walls.

It is you personal choice to have it placed directly on your skin over your clothing or even on top of your bedclothes if you wish, but this not necessary.

3. Any difference using the Orgone Blanket in bed if I lay on top of it?  Or should I put it over me? 

It does not matter.  Some people put their Orgone Blankets on their bed underneath their bottom sheet and sleep on top of it. This works particularly well for people who are extremely ill, or have chronic illness such as Cancer patients, and those with Heart Disease or Diabetes.

Some people prefer to place their Orgone Blanket over the top of their bed while they sleep, and some people wrap themselves up in their Orgone Blanket and then get into bed, especially if they are in a great deal of pain.

I personally find that after I have been wrapped in my Orgone Blanket for some time, or if I go to sleep wrapped up in it, there comes a point that I wake up and need to remove it once it has it has done it's job.  

Our Orgone Energy Blankets will not cause "excessive" heating.   Once your body becomes too warm whilst using an Orgone Energy Blanket, it is because your body has had all it requires at that time, and it is time to remove it. 

Note:  We use no metal in any of our highly effective Orgone Blankets whatsoever.   

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, AKA
Orgone Energy Australia