Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iron On Clothing And Sports Garment EMF Protector

Renee Added Iron On EMF Protectors To Her Clothing Range With Great Success!

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector is an Orgone Generator which is ironed onto the inside the back any garment.  Renee Walsh from Chakrohm Clothing Range, has had amazing success using adding the Orgone Iron-on EMF Protectors to her entire clothing range (read her testimonial above).

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector gently energizes the garment  with beneficial negative ions, which in turn raises the vibration resonance the wearer's auric field and chakra system.  This then reduces the stress placed upon the nervous system created by hazardous energy fields.

By energizing the garment with these Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector, the wearer is less affected from noxious energies such as:
Aura WITH Iron-On EMF Protector

*  Electromagnetic Radiation from electrical appliances

*  Smart Phones, iPhones and Cordless Phones

 *  WiFi Wireless Internet devices and routers

*  Radio Frequencies and Earth Magnetic Radiation

*  Geopathic Stress and all forms of energies

The Orgone Iron-on EMF Protectors are designed as an alternative to Orgone Pendants, where wearing an Orgone Pendant may not be practical such as in a industrial, work, swimming or sporting environments.

Aura WITHOUT Iron-On EMF Protector

The  Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector will increase :

+  Strength

+  Flexibility

+  Endurance

+  Energy levels

+  Intuition, skill and creativity

Iron these Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector onto all the clothing you where while you are engaged in any type of physical activity, sporting event, swimming or working out at the gym.  Iron one onto your swim wear, gym clothing, sporting team uniforms and even your work clothing or work uniform keep you protected from harmful energy where you are working.

The  Orgone Iron-on EMF Protector is approximately 30mm in diameter and can be ironed onto any fabric.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,  (Kinesiologist)
Orgone Energy Australia