Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Is Orgonite Superior Or Is It???

Take this test and see for yourself!

If you are Energy Sensitive you can feel the difference by just looking at images of Orgone Devices to feel if they work well, produce a lovely feeling of Orgone Energy and if they are going to do the job they are required to do.

For this test to work the best, ONLY have one image in view on your screen at a time by scrolling up or down so that you see only ONE image at a time:

Look at the first Image of an Orgonium Orgone Schumann Dome and notice how you feel.
Then have a look at the Orgonite Pyramid (further down the page) and see if you feel the same way, or if something else happens?

You will notice that you feel a difference looking at the image of the Orgonium Orgone Schumann Dome, which makes you feel nice, warm and energized to look at. Wouldn't you agree?

Test The Orgonite Pyramid Image And See If You Get The Same Feeling

Then do the comparison by looking at this image of an Orgonite Pyramid.

What happened? Did it makes you feel like someone gave you a hard kick in the stomach, nausea, dizzy, unwell and generally not a nice feeling at all.


Orgonite Pyramid 

If you can feel the difference, then you are "Energy Sensitive" enough to tune into Orgone Products, or any other energy healing products for that matter, and determine yourself if they are any good, if they work or not.

For a further explanation of the difference between Orgonite and Orgonium Orgone Energy technology please see this article:

Please refer to other postings on this blog, explaining why our Dome Orgone Generators are more superior to old style and Orgone Chi Pyramids, which are out-of-date technology.

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