Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Raising The Energy Frequencies Around You

Geopathic Stress is a form of stress traditionally sourced from planet Earth, such as earth magnetic grid lines and fault lines, and these can impact on our health and well-being. 

With the progression of technology over the last 150 years, there are now many new forms of man-made excessive Geopathic stress, impacting on our health and well-being like never before. We now have many different types of Geopathic stress including those in the list shown below.

Tree showing effects of Geopathic Stress

So what can we do to protect ourselves from these potentially dangerous forms of geopathic stress? The best solution is our ever popular Geoclense EMRHarmonizer to protect you at home or at your workplace, to raise the energy frequencies around you.

Many people are now experiencing the benefits of this effective solution, that has been proven to authentically work by removing the harmful resonance created by each form of Geopathic Stress.

There are many other devices out there competing against our products, some even exceeding USD$1000, but many have been found to be ineffective, and even dangerous using outdated technologies.  

Devices for harmonizing Geopathic Stress

Orgonium is more efficient, protects you from more forms of harmful energy, and comes at a very low price in comparison to what it does.

Types Of Geopathic Stress

1. Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
2. Electromagnetic Radiation
3. Underground Flowing Water
4. Sewerage and Grey Water
5. Seismic Fault Lines
6. WiFi Fields and Beams
7. Paranormal Interferences
8. Mould and Fungus
9. HAARP Beams
10. Personal Beams
11. Digital TVs
12. Aircraft, Train, Bus and Motor Vehicle Travel

Cleaning Crystals With Orgone

Crystals Accumulate Harmful Positive Ions And Other Negative Energy

The crystals that you have are most likely contaminated from negative energy fields, and they need to be cleansed to bring back their natural vibration. 

Many of the cleansing processes that we have been taught, such as placing them under running water or outside under a Full Moon are ineffective in cleaning your crystals. 

The most effective way to cleanse them is by placing them onto either an Orgone Energy Generator Plate  as shown above.

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