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The World’s Most Powerful Zapper - The Ultimate Zapper

What Zapper Works The Best?

The Ultimate Zapper was developed in 1996 inspired by Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Hulda Clark, who are the great inventors in electro-medicine. Unsolicited scientific evidence recently arrived from an electronics expert, who has proven that the Ultimate Zapper's energy wave frequency is unique, making the Ultimate Zapper the most effective of any zapper in the world. There has also been a breakthrough that makes the The Ultimate Zapper 40% more powerful than the original Ultimate Zapper.

I tried your zapper for several months. It is by far the most effective, out of the three other brands that I have used. Geir B., 24th November 2006

Twenty Nine Zappers Where Compared In Five Charts Using Eleven Features

The Ultimate Zapper came up as number one for effectiveness and added features, when it was compared with other zappers on the market. The Ultimate Zapper has been endorsed by Curezone who reported superior results in a quarter of the time it took other zappers to produce some results. The Ultimate Zapper comes with a lifetime warranty for its effectiveness.

The Incredible Power Of Healing

Every one of us has parasites as we ingest them every day with our food and water consumption. According to pathologists and the World Health Organisation (WHO), parasites are our number one health problem. In a study done by Dr Thiel zapping is shown that it can kill many parasites, pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Studies have shown that using the Ultimate Zapper daily, it can even kill off Cancer cells.

When people have tried other zappers, they have not had the results they expected. When they switch to the Ultimate Zapper, they are so impressed and say "that there no comparison". The Ultimate Zapper’s healing abilities has been well documented by the many testimonials received from happy users. The Ultimate Zapper also features blood electrification (similar to the Beck zapper) and electroporation (increases cellular permeability).

Testimonials: Cancer – H.I.V. – Malaria – Lyme Disease

I love my Ultimate Zapper. I witnessed its amazing healing power for killing blood parasites, as seen under a dark field microscope. I had Cancer and had one year to live. I said no to Chemotherapy and Radiation. I used Dr Hulda Clark's information. and zapped regularly using the Ultimate Zapper. I feel great. Jack I., 18 December 2007.

My H.I.V. positive friend purchased an Ultimate Zapper. In six months -- without any medication whatsoever -- his blood samples showed a viral load of less than 500 (down from 50,000). His doctor only wants to see him once a year now. He is very happy. Richard B., 12 April. 2007

Dr Ben G. in Zambia treats all his Malaria patients with the Ultimate Zapper. All blood tests have come back from the laboratory "malaria negative" after just days of zapping with the Ultimate Zapper. Dr Ben G. 27 September 2008.

Actress Karen Allen (check out her site) was completely free of Lyme Disease after zapping for only four hours with the Ultimate Zapper, which was recommended by her doctor.

One Minute Zapping

The Ultimate Zapper is so powerful that the best way to start is with one (1) minute per day. Incredibly, many people say they need only 15 seconds to feel it the benefits of using the Ultimate Zapper.


I received your wonderful Ultimate Zapper product yesterday. I have had another zapper for some four to five years. After using the Ultimate Zapper for one (1) minute of zapping, I found it far superior to two (2) hours with my other zapper. Your Ultimate Zapper is truly a superior product. Geoffrey S. 9 September 2006

How Do I Decide Which Is The Best Zapper?

Compare the Ultimate Zapper's unique eleven-feature formula to 28 other zappers that are available currently on the market. See the scientific support about the Ultimate Zappers powerful duty cycle. Have a look at the Curezone Study showing the Ultimate Zapper’s fastest and effective results. See the list of illnesses that the Ultimate Zapper has treated read the testimonials, and the information about Blood Electrification and the Darkfield Microscopy report about healing terminal Cancer.

Read how the Electroporation of the Ultimate Zapper revitalizes cells, and how the Ultimate Zapper increased the expansion of the aura, that aids healing. There are also many endorsements by electrical engineers, healers and dowsers who say The Ultimate Zapper is number one. Two independent electronic experts also say that the Ultimate Zapper is number one when compared to other zappers on the market. The New Model SE Ultimate Zapper is 40% more powerful than the original Ultimate Zapper that it replaces. No other Zapper manufacturer can offer such compelling evidence.

The Unique Eleven Feature Formula Of The Quantum Ultimate Zapper

1. Near 100% Duty Cycle

2. Stabilised Wave lengths

3. Consistent High Voltage

4. Pure Square Wave

5. Constant High Conductivity

6. Stainless Steel Footpads (Optional)

7. Low Frequency

8. Superior Harmonics

9. Blood Electrification

10. Electroporation

11. Aura Expansion

The Two Extra Bonus Features

1. Tooth Zappicator

2. Food Zappicator

The Features

1. 90% Duty Cycle

The top of the Duty Cycle is on the therapeutic side. The Ultimate Zapper's duty cycle is almost twice as long as all other Zapper’s. This duty cycle penetrates far deeper and has far superior healing powers. The studies done on the Ultimate Zapper show that treatment time is reduce by 64% with 90% Duty Cycle.

Further studies have shown that the high Duty Cycle times voltage greatly improves the results from the Ultimate Zapper. The Ultimate Zapper is near 100% Duty Cycle X 10.5 volts, penetrates much deeper than a 50% Duty Cycle times a discharging 9-volt battery.

The unique harmonic structure of the Ultimate Zapper's wave is one of the key features to the Ultimate Zapper’s superior effectiveness. due to its deeper energetic penetration. An oscilloscope view of the Ultimate Zapper’s harmonics, from an electronics expert with a scientific explanation, is why wave is superior to all other zappers.

The synergy of eight features -- near 100% Duty Cycle, constant high voltage, stabilized wave, constant high conductivity, footpads, low frequency, and superior harmonics -- gives deeper penetration than any other zapper to kill pathogens, parasites, bacteria, fungi other viruses, that other zappers cannot reach.

2. Stabilised Wave

The Ultimate Zapper has a stabilised wave. This means it stays square with body contact. Unstabilised waves become round on contact and produce inferior results. Stabilisation technology is expensive.

3. Constant High Voltage

Dr Hulda Clark says it takes nine volts to activate white blood cells to remove toxins. The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter gives you a constant 10.5 volts for far superior results. Nine volt zappers need a new battery every week to stay above five volts.

4. Pure Square Wave

Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness. The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter gives a constant output of 10.5 volts that creates a distortion-free wave with full therapeutic power.

5. Constant High Conductivity

The New Model SE Ultimate Zapper is 40% more powerful than the original Ultimate Zapper. It produces constant high conductivity due to the synergy of three key features.

1. Lead-free components and silver alloy solder give 40% higher conductivity. Lead has a low conductivity, whilst Silver has the higher conductivity of any element.

2. The AC adapter gives constant conductivity versus discharging nine volt batteries.

3. Stainless steel handholds and footpads give constant conductivity versus copper that gives diminishing conductivity as it oxidizes.

The New Model SE Ultimate Zapper is a "green energy" product with all lead-free components making it RoHS Compliant for USA and the European Union.

6. Stainless Steel Footpads (These Are Optional)

80% of our customers order the stainless steel Footpads to go with their Ultimate Zapper unit. These stainless steel Footpads increase effectiveness by 63% to 77% when used with handholds at the same time. Dr Hulda Clark says that Footpads "help greatly". They also allow for zapping pets, for hands-free zapping and they convert to a superior Food Zappicator.

7. Low Frequency

Dr Hulda Clark invented the Zapper in 1993. She showed how the Zapper kills parasites, pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses with a square wave and came up with a frequency that kills pathogens at all frequencies. The Ultimate Zapper kills all pathogens more effectively than any other zapper with the synergy of these eight beneficial features including a low frequency. Dr Hulda Clark used a high frequency for research continuity, but she told many visitors the lower frequency was more effective. See the book “The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr Hulda Clark for more information on these frequencies.

8. Superior Harmonics

Dr. Clark stated that frequencies are vital and greatly improving results by magnifying the effect of the primary wave. Electronics expert Dr Richard Lloyd tested all the major zappers on the market, and proved that the Ultimate Zapper produced better harmonics than any other zapper, thanks to its unique square wave.

The Most Powerful Zapper Wave In The World

We recently received unsolicited scientific proof from an electronics expert Mr P. Giovanni from Italy. He has been the second electronics expert to verify that the Ultimate Zapper creates a square wave with therapeutic power, which is far superior to all other zappers on the market today. A picture is worth 1,000 words. The two oscilloscope photos he sent us, shows the harmonics of the Ultimate Zapper compared to all the other zappers available.

Other zappers only have odd harmonics. The photos above show that the new Model SE Ultimate Zapper is the only one that creates both odd and even harmonics, maintaining full therapeutic power through the entire frequency spectrum. Its unique wave kills all pathogens at all frequencies, and is by far the most therapeutically powerful Zapper wave in the world.

9. Blood Electrification

Blood electrification is patented for killing H.I.V. The Ultimate Zapper purifies the blood like the Robert Beck blood purifiers.


My mother used an Ultimate Zapper for her Lyme Disease with wonderful results (blood tests came back negative). She started feeling better within a few days of using the Ultimate Zapper. Her doctor has recommended that she continues zapping and follow-up tests. Maia C. 17 November 2006

10. Electroporation

The Ultimate Zapper's government-approved electroporation increases blood oxygenation and increases cell permeability (makes cell walls temporarily more porous), enabling rapid infusion of nutrients, herbs and medicines into cells.


My doctor recommended that I use the Ultimate Zapper, along with the footpads. He tells his patients it increases cell permeability. Parasites had given me ulcer like symptoms for decades. Taking herbs and using the Ultimate Zapper really worked to eliminate my condition. Chris M. 19 February 2008

11. Aura Expansion

A professional dowser at a Vancouver trade show stated "The Ultimate Zapper increases the human aura by up to three times. It is a very healing instrument." The The Ultimate Zapper protects against harmful ambient frequencies, strengthens the electromagnetic field and promotes healing.

Many "incurable" diseases caused by amalgam fillings, which are made up with 50% mercury. Dental mercury causes neurological illnesses, intestinal fungal conditions, thyroid problems, heart disease and many other conditions. Mercury creates diseased tissue that attracts parasites and eventually leads to Cancer cells forming. The Ultimate Zapper is vital to recovery from these heavy metals, as it is important to revitalize the immune system.

For further information on this it is highly recommended that you read: “It’s All In Your Head” by Hal Huggins and “The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr Hulda Clark

MS Testimonial

I wanted to let you know that my wife just returned from a private holistic hospital in Mexico where she had her fillings and root canals removed... along with detoxification and healthy food. All her MS symptoms where gone a week later. The place was run by a doctor specializing in cellular science. Your website was the first place we saw any info to link mercury to MS. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Dave and Carol F. 4 October 2009

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,