Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Amazing Energy Of Human Gut Flora Probiotics

Do Progurt Probiotics Work?

The results of Progurt probiotics speak for themselves. I have been using this product for myself since January 2009, and as a Kinesiologist specialising in treating people with severe allergies and chronic health issues, I have seen amazing results and have been able to turn some extremely chronic cases around with many of my clients who have had long term chronic health issues and severe allergies.

Progurt probiotic sachets cannot be compared to any other strains of probiotics on the market today. Progurt probiotics are the only product on the market that contains all 420 strains of healthy beneficial gut flora, unlike other probiotics that only contain perhaps 6 or 7 strains at the best.

 Most other probiotics are from bovine (cows), sheep gut flora or are fermented stains. No other product on the market contains all of the 420 strains of Human gut flora that we need daily?

Progurt probiotic sachets contain 1 trillion CFU with broad spectrum coverage that you will not find in any other probiotic anywhere. For example one litre of Progurt is the equivalent of 1,000 probiotic capsules. One bowl of Progurt is the equivalent of 100 probiotic capsules. As you can see, you cannot compare this product to anything else.

How Effective Is Progurt?

I have taken probiotics for years, and Progurt probiotic sachets are the first one that I have taken that makes me feel great right way, and if I am away for the weekend and do not take it, I really notice the difference right away. I have never experienced this with any other probiotic that has made me feel great nor have I noticed any difference with others that I have taken over the years.

Progurt is so very helpful as it will assist in recolonizing your gut with good Flora, so that the Candida or other pathogens have less space to grow. Progurt also will assist you to absorb your vitamins and minerals properly, and will complete restore your digestive system.

What Is Progurt Made With?

Progurt is made just like yoghurt, and must always made from UHT milk (cow's, sheep or goats) and the flora in Progurt predigests the milk and converts it into something that is easily digested by anyone (even invalids, the elderly and the extremely allergic) and into something that is totally organic.

People with dairy allergies will not have reactions to Progurt  In fact, it will assist in sorting out all of your allergies, and will go a long way towards resolving your health issues. Even if you are perfectly healthy, you can still eat Progurt every day to maintain an optimum level of health.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,