Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Test Your Car EMR Harmonizer Is Working Effectively

The Car EMR Harmonizer has to be plugged into a 12 volt DC (cigarette lighter) socket in your car, and the ignition needs to be turned on so that the Car Harmonizer can connect to the electrical circuitry of the vehicle to harmonize it, in order for it to work correctly.

To Test the Car EMR Harmonizer's Effectiveness

To test our Car EMR Harmonizer, or any other Orgone Energy products for that matter, using dowsing rods, a pendulum or Kinesiology, you will need to test it while it is plugged in and is connected to the electrical circuitry of the car. Once you plug the Car Harmonizer into the car cigarette socket and test it with the ignition of your car on, you will see totally different results then when the ignition is turned off. Dowsing for size of the field around the Car EMR Harmonizer before it is plugged in and switch on is not the correct way to measure its output.

When the Car EMR Harmonizer has been correctly installed, ask these questions whilst testing with Dowsing, Divining or Kinesiology as follows:

• Is the electromagnetic radiation being harmonized?

• Is the petrol and petrol tank harmonized?

• Are the exhaust gases being harmonized?

• Are the Radio Frequencies from Mobile Phone towers being harmonized?

• Are the Earth Magnetic Radiation being harmonized?

• Is all the Geopathic Stress and Fault Lines being harmonized?

• Are all Malevolent and Paranormal energies being harmonized?

• What is the Schumann Resonance being produced by the Car Harmonizer?

• What resonance of Orgone Energy is being produced by the Car Harmonizer?

• Is the EMR from electrical appliances and wiring in the vehicle harmonized?

• Is all underground water veins and sewers harmonized whilst in the vehicle?

• Are all Microwave beams & fields from electrical appliances such as Mobile Phones and Cordless Phones being harmonized?

• Are all the WiFi Wireless Internet modem emissions been harmonized whilst travelling in the vehicle?

• Is all emotional distress imprints from buildings and vehicles around been harmonized whist travelling?

• Are all Death imprints, Spirit Lines, Entity attachments and Ghost activity being harmonized?

• Are all Satellite beams being harmonized whilst travelling in the vehicle?

• Is all noxious radiation from Digital televisions being harmonized whilst travelling in the vehicle?

• Is any artificial heating and cooling in the vehicle being harmonized from positive ions to negative ions?

• Is it harmonizing any moulds, fungi or rising damp in your car?

Do These Orgone Products Produce Orgonite?

The energy resonance from our Car EMR Harmonizer has the highest known output of Orgone or Negative Ion frequencies available and acts pretty much in the same way as our Geoclense EMR Harmonizer, only in your car. Unless you have been trained to determine the output of our products and have checked all that they cover all of the above, you may not be getting incorrect answers from your Dowsing rods, pendulum or Kinesiology testing.

These products do not produce Orgonite (which is toxic) as are most other Orgone products that you may be familiar with. These quality Orgone Energy Protection products have been produced with our unique Orgonium technology to produce more effective results.

Other alternatives you can use to test the effect of Orgone Products on the body is with a heart rate monitor or taking your pulse and drive around for 20 minutes without the Car EMR Harmonizer plugged in, rechecking your pulse at the end of the journey. Then, take your pulse again, drive around for 20 minutes with the Car EMR Harmonizer plugged in, then recheck you pulse again. You will find your resting pulse rate will be lower whilst driving with the Car Harmonizer plugged in than without.

The safest way to conduct the above tests with the Car EMR Harmonizer installed whilst travelling, is to have someone else driving, while you are doing this.   Do NOT do this whilst driving at the same time.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.