Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer Orgone Generator For Jetlag

Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer

So you have your home, office or workplace covered by your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer.

Now you want protect yourself from all that harmful energy when you go out and about, and when you are travel in an aircraft cabin, whilst you are travelling on the train to work where everyone is using their Smart Phones making the entire train carriage noxious, or when you are shopping in a Shopping Centre, which is full of all sorts of noxious energies.

By popular demand, and after lots of research into the development of our new product, we have now developed an energy harmonizer that converts all the overwhelming ‘Positive Ion’ harmful energy experienced in these sorts of environments, into healthy ‘Negative Ions’, which you can carry with you everywhere you go!

Try Our New Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer

The Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer allows you to breathe easier whilst travelling, so that you arrive feeling refreshed without feeling physically ill, fatigued or with jet lag.

I personall tested this product myself recently when I flew to New Zealand in May 2010 to attend a Funeral. I was certainly impressed with this product. I flew back into Melbourne at 11:00pm (1:00am New Zealand time) and I wasn’t even tired, despite the fact I had been up since 3am that day. I was even still reading my book when the plane landed. I used to find it difficult to concentrate a book, or even work on flights in the past, and often felt complete drained when I got off at the other end. I even felt refreshed to enjoy the two hour drive home from the airport.

Pink Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer

Our product field testing using Biofeedback, during the development of our Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer found that all stresses on our nervous and meridian systems were completely removed, and that healthy ‘Negative Ion’ resonance, enabling passengers to experience a very relaxed and nausea-free flight, thus reducing the effects of Jet Lag.

The Orgone Energy Aircraft Travel Harmonizer utilizes a new state of the art resonance technology called Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies.  These Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies enable the Orgonium or other material medium in our products to activates Negative Ions, harmonizing resonance to a predetermined field of effect without having to be in contact with a hard activating surface or being plugged into the electrical system.

Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies literally sanitizes all dirty or harmful energies in the air, returning it to healthy fresh air, as if being next to a natural water fall, rich with healthy Negative Ions.

Quantum Leap With Orgonium Technologies

These high efficacy Orgone Energy products are made with unique Orgonium technology, which is a quantum leap in the field of protection products.

Specifically, now all of the Radiation EMF Protectors and Orgone Energy Pendants have been upgraded to become stand alone devices, using our new “Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies” meaning their range is no longer impeded by soft bodily tissue or furnishings.

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