Monday, July 12, 2010

Difference Between Orgone Chi Pyramids And Orgone Generator Domes

Orgone Pyramids Versus Orgone Generator Domes

There is a vast distinction between our Orgone Chi Pyramids and our Orgone Generator Domes.

In producing our Orgone Chi Pyramids, for best results we need to be aligned our Orgone Generator Pyramids to true North when we manufacture them, otherwise the harmonization effect is slightly misaligned. Whereas with our Orgone Generator Domes, they do not need to be aligned to true North to achieve optimum results in frequency and field of effect.

Comparative tests between our Orgone Chi Pyramids and the Orgone Generator Domes, show that the Orgone Generator Dome has a far greater effective field of protection, with infinite Negative Ion resonance and ability to 100% harmonize all noxious energy and electromagnetic radiation fields, to a much greater capacity.

Is it not necessary for someone to possess Geomancy skills and knowledge, in order to obtain any benefits from our Orgone Energy Generators in their homes, offices or work place making these products available to everyone The best way to place these Orgone Generators, is by using your own intuition as to where to place them. Most people have some ability to discern or feel energies. 

One can instantly feel the healthy Negative Ion resonances produced by our new Orgone Generator Domes, when they put in place in their homes, office buildings or workplace. For this reason, we are finding people are coming back to us to order more and more of them.

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia