Friday, July 9, 2010

What Emits The Worst Energy - Phone Towers Or Digital TV's?

The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is a solid state Negative Ion Generator which balances the positive ions, which is known as a harmful unhealthy energy that is naturally created when there is current passing through the electrical circuit, otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation or Geopathic Stress.

The Geoclense EMR Harmonizer cancels out all noxious energies emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit. As electromagnetic radiation is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Curry, Hartman, Benker and 400 metre Grids, Geopathic Stress is completely harmonized within the building with the Geoclense operating.

Geopathic Stress within a building puts our nervous system under extreme stress which then leads to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system. Oxygen levels within a building are also depleted with these noxious energies.

When a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is operating, this then removes the stress from our nervous and immune systems by harmonizing the dangerous Positive Ions and removing the bad energies by increasing the oxygen and photon levels by bringing them back into harmony. Within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer, and the well-being of the everyone is restored creating a healthier and happier home or workplace environment.

To activate the Geoclense EMR Harmonizer simply plug it into any power point and turn the switch on. These Orgone Devices does not actually use any power. It is completely portable and can be taken with you when travelling or away from home, as it is a compact in size that easily fits into your suitcase or briefcase. Geoclense EMR Harmonizer has the ability to harmonize and neutralize all sources of bad energy.

Did you know that your Digital Television is just as harmful than a Phone Tower close to your home or in your local neighbourhood?

Then add all your neighbours Digital TV's pointed at different directions towards you home or office, and you have something far, far more harmful than a Phone Tower in your neighbourhood, then add all the Smart Meters in your street.  Digital TV's leave a 200 to 400 metre digital imprint every time you turn them off.

A Geoclense EMR Harmonizer will neutralize of this, and keep you and your family save, once plugged in and switch on.

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