Friday, July 16, 2010

I Am Testing Orgonite With Kinesiology And Get Negative Results

Testing Orgonite With Kinesiology

You are quite correct with the results you are getting with your Kinesiology testing, and this is because Orgonite is toxic as it produces harmful Positive Ions.

The reason producers of Orgone Energy products do not realize that Orgonite is toxic is that they are either not "energy sensitive", as we are, therefore they cannot feel that their products are not working; they are not testing their products with the correct medium, such as Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine Pulse Testing, Biofeedback Machines, Aura Photography or with a Heart Rate Monitor; or they have not put a huge amount of time and research into their products to actually test that they work on goingly. If they did do proper research with the right tools, then they would realise that their Orgonite products initially feel good for a short time, and then they start producing Positive Ions.

We are in the process of putting our own Research reports together, but as we have been and a large number of Trade Shows recently, we have not had a chance to put these together, due to the increasing popularity of our products at these shows. These are available upon request.

As a fellow Kinesiology Practitioner (with some 20+ years of experience), I have had many clients come to me over the years in severe pain, with all the muscles in their body "jammed" up, only to find the culprit is an Orgone Pendant they purchased was toxic Orgonite and was the cause of all their pain. This has taken some time to correct and to put their muscles back into balance again.

We have had many customers contact us after purchasing Orgonite products, which they have had in their homes for quite some time, and have rendered them totally "Disabled" to the point they have got quite ill from them, and have had to stop work and live on a Disability Pensions. Once they get rid of the Organite and replace it with our Orgonium products, they recover and are able to go back to work.

So far our products are the only ones on the market that do what we claim they do, give us constant feedback from happy customers even after a long period of time using them see

We guarantee people get results from our products, and if something is still not right, we arrange to do an Assessment of their home, office or workplace free of charge to find out what the issue is and advise them on how to correct it.

We have many Kinesiologists who have our products in their clinics, as they have tested these products and know they work, an therefore make them available to their clients.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Advanced Specialised Kinesiologist