Thursday, December 22, 2011

Differences Between Dome Schumann Generators And Aircraft Travel Harmonizers?

The Dome Schumann Generator and Aircraft Travel Harmonizer are designed to do different things

The Schumann Orgone Generator Domes operate best when they placed on a hard flat surface, as they magnify their abilities to create a greater sphere of protection.  Although they can also be carry on board aircraft and used in the same way as an Aircraft Travel Harmonizer.

The Dome Orgone Schumann Generator covers up to 80 to 100 metres depending how hard the surface it that it is placed on.

An Schumann Orgone Generator Dome is larger than an Aircraft Travel Harmonizer. The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator covers an area of 30 metres, which is ideal to carry with you wherever you go in your purse, backpack or computer case, and would easily harmonize a small office, one room or a clinic room.

Dome Orgone Schumann Generators

Both of these Orgone products will harmonize and neutralize all harmful energies in an entire commercial aircraft

The biggest differences are their size and dimensions. You will find all information relating to all of our products weight, size and dimensions at the bottom of each product description.

All Orgone product dimensions, weight and size of all our products are at the bottom of each Full Product Description page of each of the product links above. Click on the Blue Heading of each item to open the Full Product Descriptions.

The Aircraft Travel Harmonizer is smaller, lighter to carry and is designed to work even if packed in your luggage, and does not need a hard surface to magnify its energies.

The Aircraft Tavel Harmonizer will provide you with total protection everywhere you go such as Digital TV radiation, Wi-Fi, radio frequencies, shopping centres, phone radiation, and all forms of harmful energy. If you carry an Aircraft Travel Harmonizer with you in your handbag, it will protect you everywhere you go from all forms of h armful energy 30 metres around you.
Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator

Plane Travel Is Far Less Stressful

You will find flying on planes far easier when carrying an Aircraft Travel Harmonizer arriving less stress, with less jet lag.

If you are energy sensitive, then taking the Schumann Orgone Generator Dome with you will provide you with greater protection in hotels or places where you are staying, as you can place it one on your bedside table for better protection at night, and also whilst travelling in vehicles.

The Schumann Orgone Generator Dome will be a little heavier to carry around with you all the time, but would not be that noticeable, therefore the choice is entirely yours as it will work exactly the same was as the Aircraft Travel Harmonizer.