Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Is The Best Device For Testing Orgone Products And EMR?

Current methods of detecting Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) using detectors indicates the amount of radiation being emitted. You stated that toxic radiation cannot be removed,but is harmonized and neutralized to the boundaries of their effectiveness. What is the best way to measure this using a method called Dowsing? 

There are many ways to test our highly effective Orgonium Orgone Products, and for testing harmful energies, with dowsing being one method.  As there is no effective device on the market that can measure all the different types of harmful energy that that we are exposed to daily, including all the new forms of harmful energy we are constantly being exposed to, we recommend dowsing as a way to measure this.

One our Orgone Energy website under the Testing Harmful Energies page, these are best tested Medically through Biofeedback (Kinesiology), Biofeedback machines used by Naturopaths or similar health professionals, with Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse points testing, with Divining or Dowsing rods or a Pendulum, with a Heart Rate Monitor or even simply by taking your pulse before, and then after putting these powerful Orgone Products in place.

Food And Water Orgone Energy Plates

Orgonium Orgone Products are devices that emit energy that can cancel out the harmful effects of toxic radiation in an area within its effective range.  They do this with their ability to harmonize their toxic effects on humans, animals and plants alike.

Using a method called Dowsing, you can identify and measure in that specified area of toxic radiation, where EMF Meters and other EMR measuring devices cannot give an accurate reading of an area as they are only measuring one form of harmful energy - EMF, EMR or whatever they are designed to measure.

You can also measure the effectiveness of any Radiation Protection or Orgone Products and find out how well they are actually working.

So Dowsing method can determine if that area can become toxic free. To sci-fi fans, it is like a protective force field and as long you are within that field, you are safe but once you step out of it, you become subjected to whatever is beyond this protected field. Is this correct?

Yes this is correct.  The powerful Orgonium Orgone Products do not actually cancel out the harmful energies – they harmonize and neutralize them, providing a protective field that is safe.

Therefore when you do put these Orgonium Orgone Products in place, and use something that would measure EMF or EMR, for example, you would find that the measuring device will still read that it is EMF or EMR there.  What most people find difficult to understand is that even though all the harmful forms of energy are been totally harmonizer and neutralized, and are no longer having harmful effects on the physiology of your body, that it does not mean they have gone away.

Many people are shocked and surprised when they pull their meters out to measure this, after they have put their Orgone Products in place, that the EMF and EMR are still present, and does not just disappear or go away.  This is because you are measure these the wrong way!

Testing Harmful Energies Can Be Done With Kinesiology, Dowsing Or Divining

However, when you test them by asking the correct questions with the right measuring device, as per the questions providing on our Testing Harmful Energies page of our website using Divining Rods, Dowsing, a Pendulum or Kinesiology, you will find that the impact on the physiology of the body or the stress has been removed. 

You will find that these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Products provide you with a protective energy field, which harmonizes and neutralizes all forms hazardous energy within the range of the field they cover.

This is an energy field of powerful Negative Ion resonance, and these powerful Negative Ions neutralize or cancel out harmful Positive Ions, which is created by Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance.

Schumann Resonance Or Schumann Waves

The Schumann Resonance Generators enhancing the protective area promoting positive feelings of well-being, and do not compromise keeping that protected area safe.  This has profound effects on food and water, and can keep foods fresh for longer periods of time. Is this correct?

Yes.  All of of these high efficacy Orgone Energy products are also infused with Schumann frequencies which are in harmony with our Chakra Energy system.  Therefore all of these Orgonium Orgone products automatically energize water, drinks and food in and around your home.

If I am correct in my interpretation of what you referenced, then my question is the lifespan of the products.  How long do they last?

The Orgonium Orgone Products will last your entire lifetime and that of your next generation and beyond! They will not ever stop working at any point in time, and are designed to last for your entire lifetime, and much, much longer.

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